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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 6.2 part2

Qi Le felt a little relieved and asked curiously, “Since he hates me, why did he allow me to move in? Was he hoping I would realize what a difficult person he was and move on?”

“No, the person who shared the apartment with Ning Xiao found someone and moved out to live together. Ning Xiao originally wanted to rent the other room as well so he could have some peace and quiet, but his flatmate told you about it before he moved out, so you quickly rented the room and signed the contract before Ning Xiao could. I remember you were crying for joy when that happened.”

“...” Qi Le said, “You don’t have to tell me that last sentence, thank you. How did that pervert react?”

“He didn’t care. He continued to do as he wished. Later on, when you volunteered to clean the house, cook and wash his clothes for him, he acquiesced. Anyways, since you had already offered.....” Ye Shuichuan pursed his lips, “How embarrassing.”

Qi Le patted his chest, “It’s still better than sleeping with him. At least Laozi doesn’t have to put up with the disgust of having had sex with him....... Wait a minute. You said he was never short of people interested in him. Did I know about this?”


Qi Le pointed to the bandage on his head, “Was I always beaten into such a sorry state each time?"

“No, you would just be sad. After all, you weren’t lovers yet. But this time it was that little bitch who slept with Ning Xiao,” Ye Shuichuan cussed angrily at the thought of that. “That bitch always calls you ’Xiaoyuan Ge,’ and has a really good relationship with you. You would also tell him everything that’s on your mind, basically treating him as a relative. But what about him? He actually slept with Ning Xiao behind your back!”

Qi Le could tell he was about to lose his temper and quickly comforted him, “It’s alright. I don’t remember anyways. A mature gentleman is more attractive. Since they’re in love with each other, then let them be together.”

Ye Shuichuan scoffed, “What love? Ning Xiao is just fooling around. He will definitely dump him within two weeks.”

“Oh, that’s up to them. It’s none of my business.” Qi Le sorted through information that he had just received. He and Ning Xiao were not lovers. When he was discharged from the hospital, he would move out from the apartment. From then on, they would have nothing to do with each other. That was really great!

Ye Shuichuan didn’t want to say anything else after seeing his reaction. Instead, he excitedly added, “By the way, the story of Ning Xiao kissing you, then being punched and chased out of the hospital has spread. Ning Xiao really lost face this time!”

Yi Hang’s eyes lit up as he looked over gleefully, “You were kissed too?”

“It was just a light touch,” Qi Le side eyed him. “Laozi gave him a good punch at the time. What about you?”

Yi Hang shut up immediately, grabbed an apple from the table, and continued to gnaw at it pitifully.

Qi Le looked at Ye Shuichuan, “Who was the one who spread it?”


Qi Le: “......”

Ye Shuichuan’s face was full of excitement, “You’re rarely that dashing. Of course I had to let them all know!”

“...” Qi Le asked, “Did anything happen after that?”

“There’s indeed a small matter. Now, there’s a bunch of people waiting to watch what happens. They want to see you beg Ning Xiao for forgiveness. They’ve started a bet. The bet is when you’ll go to Ning Xiao once you’ve recovered your memory. Most people bet on the same day itself; others say the next day. Anyways, the longest time isn’t more than three days.” Ye Shuichuan got angry, “Why didn’t they think that you’re dashing?! They’re obviously focusing on the wrong thing."

He had previously done so many stupid things to support their conjectures; most people would probably think that way ah......

Qi Le suddenly remembered a phrase, "I don’t fear a God-like opponent, but I’m afraid of a pig-like teammate." He seriously suspected that his infamy today wasn’t only a result of his own doing. Mr. Elite had said that there were no normal people around him, maybe, just possibly...... it was true? He pursed his lips, “What do you mean by ’started a bet?’”

“They often do that. The last time you were tricked into waiting for two days only to come back sick, they betted on whether you would give up completely after you got better. In the end, they betted that you wouldn’t, and left it unsettled.”


“Let me tell you this, Xiaoyuan, this time you better not let Laozi down!” Ye Shuichuan glared at him, “You can’t go and beg him for forgiveness. It’s too embarrassing!”

Qi Le was apathetic, “Don’t worry, as long as I don’t recover my memory, I won’t ask him. Oh, if they start a gamble that I’ll fall in love with him again after losing my memory, remember to bet that I won’t. At that time, we’ll divide it 60/40; I’ll take 60 you take 40."

Ye Shuichuan readily agreed, “Mmm, as long as you’re not as foolish as were before.”

Qi Le felt that this man would take his side. He thought of the contact on his phone he saw earlier and asked curiously, “I usually call you Ge?”

“Mhmm, in the circle, we mostly mostly use Gege and Didi.”

Qi Le understood the situation. The relationship between the Baby Face and Tranny was probably like that.

Ye Shuichuan stayed with him until evening. He had a dinner to attend and couldn’t eat with him. He took out Qi Le’s clothes from his bag and left. Qi Le sent him out the door, walked back to take off his soiled hospital gown, casually picked up a tank top and put it on. Then, he got the special care nurse to buy dinner and ate with Yi Hang. Yi Hang asked, “Are you really going to be discharged soon? What about me?”

“Spend quality time with your man.” Qi Le added, “I think, according to the current development, after you leave the hospital, it’ll be more than kissing.”

“...” Yi Hang strongly felt that his chrysanthemum wasn’t safe and immediately rolled around, “This isn’t real ah, ah, ah!” Before he finished speaking, he heard a familiar click coming from the door. He looked back in horror and subconsciously picked up a pack of motherwort.

Qi Le looked over as well and saw two nurses swarming into the ward with a man as they asked in fear and trepidation, “How is it, sir?”

The man held an Eight Trigram in his hand as he lowered his head to to look, “There are evil spirits. This room is thick with yin energy.” He stepped back and lingered at the door, muttering to himself.

“...” Qi Le twisted his head around, spoke in a very low voice, and gritted out accusingly, “What did Laozi say? They’re here to exorcise evil spirits. Fucking hell, you’ve even dragged Laozi down into this pit with you! You know that this isn’t a regular hospital, would they use logic and common sense?"

Yi Hang: “=口=”

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