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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 6.1 part1

Ye Shuichuan handed him an apple and put the rest on the table, “It’s true. If I hadn’t gone to find you, you would’ve kept waiting. I’ve never seen you so stupid. Do you believe everything he says?”

Qi Le was surprised, “Did that pervert tell me that himself? Why?”

Ye Shuichuan rolled his eyes, “He and his friends were drinking in a bar, playing "Spin the Bottle" and taking on crazy dares. The bottle landed on him."

This answer was so fucking cruel..... Qi Le asked, “Then his friends dared him to ask me to watch the sunrise?”

“Yeah, and you actually ended up going. Can’t you use your brains? Do you think that Ning Xiao is the kind of person who would watch the sunrise?” Ye Shuichuan looked heartbroken, "You left after he finished talking to you, and you were so happy that you didn’t even stop to take your cellphone with you. I couldn’t contact you for two days in a row. When I found Ning Xiao, he had already forgotten what he said to you. Finally, it was his friend who recalled the incident.”

“...” Qi Le had lost the strength to even purse his lips. He silently comforted himself that he wasn’t the same person anyways, and there was no way he would take the initiative to get involved with Ning Xiao after he was discharged from the hospital. The most important thing was that he was straight and only liked girls. Whatever quarrels within the circle would soon have nothing to do with him. After thinking it through, he took a bite of the apple, “I just want to know how he coaxed me after everything was over?”

“He didn’t coax you,” Ye Shuichuan rolled his eyes again. “He threw you a pile of clothes to wash, and you were happy to go to work.”

Qi Le was at a loss, “Where were the three words?”

“Wash it clean.”

“...” Qi Le cursed, “Fucking hell!”

Yi Hang listened to every word and sighed ruefully, “You’re really so cheap ah.... Am I right?"

Before Ye Shuichuan could glare at him, Qi Le added casually, “I will definitely not wash his clothes in the future. But if it were you and your man asked you to wash, would you dare disobey?”

Yi Hang stared in a daze, tears streaming down his face immediately.

Qi Le threw him an apple, “Be good and eat.”

Yi Hang sniffled and lay in bed eating his apple pitifully.

Ye Shuichuan nodded to himself and felt that it wouldn’t be too bad for Xiaoyuan to stay with this nutjob. He felt relieved. He looked at Qi Le and said, “In all seriousness, I really hope you can remember who we are but still forget Ning Xiao, lest you change back to your old self.”

Qi Le estimated that he would probably live in this body until he died. He could finally face up to reality, “Come, come, tell me about the old me.”

“Ok, what do you want to know?”

“Tell me everything. Just say whatever comes to mind.”

Ye Shuichuan explained that the original owner was Zheng Xiaoyuan. His parents died in a car accident five years ago, leaving him a sizeable inheritance that had lasted until now. He was now studying in a university in C City, and he would be in his third year after summer vacation. Qi Le was surprised to hear that he hadn’t been cheated of his money although he was young. It was really a miracle. He asked, “Do I have a relative who is very good to me?”

“Mhmm, your aunt loves you very much. You lived with her before. Later, when the story about your love for Ning Xiao got around, you came out of the closet. This is what I heard from you. I think you must have had a big fight with your family because I didn’t see you visit them in the past two years.” Ye Shuichuan paused for a moment before briefly explaining, “Your family is in Z city. Ning Xiao’s family is in this city, but his mother had worked in Z city all this time, so he went to high school there. You were both in the same class and you fell in love with him in your sophomore year of high school. Afterwards, he came back to C city for university and you followed him."

Four bitter years of loving him ah...... Qi Le bit an apple and continued to listen.

Ning Xiao often went to gay bars for fun. The original owner naturally wanted to chase after him. After awhile, he got to know quite a lot of people and Ye Shuichuan was one of them. The original owner’s intention to pursue Ning Xiao was too obvious and he had never intended to hide his sexual orientation at all. All of that plus having set his heart on Ning Xiao, his relationship with his roommates got worse and worse. Finally, he simply moved out and lived with Ye Shuichuan. After a series of unrelenting efforts, he successfully lived with Ning Xiao three months ago.

Qi Le, “......”

Ye Shuichuan looked startled, “Xiaoyuan?”

Qi Le rubbed his face, “Alright, I’ll do a physical examination.”

“Why.......” Ye Shuichuan immediately understood, “Don’t worry, you didn’t do it with him.”

Qi Le was shocked and took ahold of his hand, “Really? You’re not lying to me, are you? I’ve looked in the mirror and I’m not any worse than his little boyfriend. Especially since I’ve lived with him for three months.... Do you think he is Liuxia Hui?”

“You’ve liked him for so long, if he was interested in you, you guys would’ve done it a long time ago. And there would’ve been a lot of gossip about it.” Ye Shuichuan pouted as he explained patiently, “You’re the kind of person who can’t hide anything from your expression, and in this circle, you’re....... how should I say this..... quite famous.”

“.......I know, because I’m easy.”

“Not all the time. Although, sometimes Laozi really feels like beating you to death.” Ye Shuichuan looked at him, “You’re good-looking, there are lots of people who want to fuck you, and there are even more people who just want to watch the show. That’s why Ning Xiao often hears about you from other people. Let me give you an example – if you’re the kind of person who hates pesky, long-winded people, and you’ve a suitor whom you don’t like and can’t wait kick aside, but he’s the kind of person who just won’t give up, till the point where your friends and even people whom you’ve just met and barely spoken to can’t help but say ’since he likes you so much, just fuck him already,’ ’when are you going to do him?’ or something along those lines, how would you feel?"

Qi Le didn’t even need to think about it, “I would definitely get more and more annoyed by him. If I really ended up sleeping with him, they would certainly ask me how it feels like fucking him, whether he’s good in bed and so on.... The topic would always revolve around him. I’m not an idiot.”

Ye Shuichuan nodded, “That’s why you guys have never done it. Besides, Ning Xiao has never been short of people who want to sleep with him. All the more he wouldn’t come looking for you."


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