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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 60 part2

Xiao Ying’s gentle voice came from the other end. “Xiao Le... is that you?”

Qi Le opened his mouth and suddenly froze. Ning Xiao was beside him. Seeing his obvious and unabashed expression, he immediately knew something was wrong and watched him carefully.

Xiao Ying asked from the other end, “......Xiao Le?”

Qi Le recovered from his shock. “Mmm, it’s me.”

“It’s really you. I’m in your school now. Is it convenient for you? I’d like to talk to you.”

“Ah, okay.” Qi Le quietly walked out of class. “Where are you? I’ll go look for you.”

Ning Xiao watched him leave. He pondered for a bit and slowly followed him all the way to the school pond. From a distance, he saw that the man was sitting with a girl beside the pond chatting. He couldn’t help but wonder. If he remembered correctly, this girl was Xiao Ying, Qi Le’s ex-girlfriend. What could the two of them have to say?

Qi Le sat in silence, feeling extremely torn and was almost afraid to look at Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying looked at him and smiled. “Why don’t you ask how I know it’s you?”

“Oh, how?”

“Your mother came to me yesterday and told me the whole thing. She wanted me not to reject you so quickly," Xiao Ying explained. “I was really surprised at the time. I could hardly believe that the paranormal exists in this world. But I didn’t know how far you and Ah Bai have developed so I didn’t dare say too much. I could only drag it. I just finished speaking to with Ah Bai and know that you’re already together.”

Qi Le listened for a while and subconsciously said sorry after hearing her last sentence.

Xiao Ying smiled and shook her head. “What’s there for you to be sorry about? The one he likes is you, but I was too naive to think that he could change after you died,” she paused. “Forget it. I’ve gotten over it. I’m very happy that you are together.”

Qi Le looked at her and thought that this girl was really gentle. If she liked him... He blinked and guessed that he would probably still be with Gu Bai in the end. Their feelings were too deep for this person to compare.

“I thought, since you’re still alive, I couldn’t help but come to see you,” said Xiao Ying with a smile. “We’re still friends.”

“...Mmm.” Qi Le looked at the lotus flowers in the pond and spoke to her with a smile. With his parents, lover and friend, he felt more and more that his life was close to perfect.

Ning Xiao was standing nearby. It was wide open where they were. If he went any closer, he would definitely be found, so he had to stand there. He waited quietly. Soon, he saw Xiao Ying get up and leave. Zheng Xiaoyuan wanted to send her but the girl shook her head and said something. She walked over towards him and Ning Xiao froze. In order to prevent them from noticing him, he hid at the side and soon saw Xiao Ying walk over. She went to the girl who was sitting on a bench. “Okay, we’re done chatting. I’ll go shopping with you.”

“Why didn’t you beat him?” The girl with Xiao Ying was indignant. “Last time, he clearly heard our conversation and knew that you liked Gu Bai. We even cheered him on but he turned around and did such a thing.”

Xiao Ying frowned. “Don’t say that. They are free to fall in love. Besides, Ah Bai and I aren’t together.”

“Fine, let’s not talk about you. He’s Qi Le’s friend.” The girl sounded more and more angry. “How long has Qi Le been gone before he and Gu Bai got together? Gu Bai too. He used to love Qi Le so much. What the hell is he thinking now?”

Xiao Ying frowned again. “Don’t say anymore.”

As they talked and walked, they happened to pass by the place where Ning Xiao was. Ning Xiao listened to their conversation and an idea flashed through his mind very quickly. He couldn’t help asking, “Was Zheng Xiaoyuan wearing a cap and bandages the day he heard you talking?”

Xiao Ying paused slightly. “It’s you.”

Ning Xiao didn’t answer. He looked at the girl beside her. “Yes or no?”

The girl nodded and was just about to open her mouth when she was pulled away by Xiao Ying. She was surprised. “What’s wrong?”

“Let’s go shopping. I still have work to do.” Xiao Ying answered, stopping her from saying anything else, lest she revealed any clues.

Ning Xiao stood motionless and felt as if he had been doused with cold water from head to toe. Some time ago, Wan Lei had carefully analyzed the changes of the man with him. He hadn’t taken it to heart. Now to think about it, if the man didn’t have multiple personalities, what could it be? He remembered that transmigration had been denied because the person’s previous personality had returned. But what if what the drunk person meant when he said that his friend and lover had an affair behind his back was actually Xiao Ying and Gu Bai?

The man had lost his memory, changed his character, and suddenly got involved with Gu Bai. Gu Bai, who had just lost his lover, moved on so quickly and threatened that he wouldn’t let go of him for the rest of his life... In his head flashed the image of a bandaged man shouting “What an evil hospital!" He took a deep breath and a terrible thought suddenly surged.

Qi Le was in a better mood after his chat with Xiao Ying. He went home happily to chat with his mother. Mother Qi was afraid to stimulate him and didn’t dare to mention anything about him and Gu Bai. They chatted about something else and the atmosphere was pretty good. As noon approached, Mother Qi got up to cook. Qi Le sat quietly waiting for Gu Bai. Seeing him enter the apartment, he rushed over and said, “Xiao Ying came to look for me today.”

Gu Bai smiled and nodded. Naturally, he knew about it. He turned and went into their bedroom to put his books away. Qi Le followed him in, threw him down onto the bed and hugged him. The past two days, so many happy things had happened. He felt that his future was bright. Gu Bai caught him with a smile. “What are you thinking?”

Qi Le hugged him and rubbed against him. “Let’s go and buy a ring!”

Gu Bai froze, then tightened his arms. “Okay.”

Mother Qi was cooking when she suddenly heard the sound of banging from the door. She went to open the door. Father Qi rushed in. “Where’s our son? Where is he?”

The child he led in immediately raised his hand obediently. “Dad, I’m here.”

“I’m not talking about you.”

The child looked at him in surprise. “Am I not your son?”

“...Of course you are. Dad isn’t talking about you. Be good, don’t make trouble now.” Father Qi simply answered him, looked around, dropped him off and rushed into Gu Bai’s room.

Qi Le had already heard the sound. He had just moved away from Gu Bai’s embrace. Father Qi saw everything clearly and was shocked in that moment. He thought that this picture was too stimulating. Were they doing that in broad daylight?

Qi Le felt uncomfortable all over when his father looked at him. He shuffled over and said, “Dad... what are you... what are you doing here?”

Knowing that it was impossible to be hard on his son, Father Qi said earnestly. “Dad will preside over your wedding.”

Qi Le, “......”

Gu Bai, “...”

Qi Le asked, “Wh-wh-what?”

Father Qi grabbed his collar and threw him out. “Your mother is cooking. Go help her. I’ll speak to Xiao Bai.”

Qi Le knew that having handled his mum, his dad was a done deal as well. Since his mom had already agreed to them, his dad shouldn’t be too hard on Gu Bai, so he went away obediently. Father Qi shut the door, sat down by the bed, held a certain someone’s hand, and looked at him sincerely. “Xiao Bai, you’ve suffered for such a long time.”

Gu Bai had already calmed down and said earnestly, “It’s okay. It’s what I should do.”

Father Qi was very remorseful and spoke a bit before he heard Mother Qi’s voice coming from outside. Then, he went out of the room with Gu Bai to have lunch. Gu Bai continued to stay calm, seizing the opportunity to openly show his love with his. They couldn’t be any sweeter. Father Qi shuffled close to Mother Qi while washing the dishes. “Why do I feel like they’re rather suitable for each other? If Xiao Le stays like this, it’s good for him to be with Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai is definitely reliable.”

Mother Qi thought about it and said, “Yes. But we can’t delay drag him down for a lifetime.”

Father Qi thought so as well. He bowed his head and continued to wash the dishes.

Gu Bai felt that it was about time. Taking advantage of the fact that this period was the time they most doted on their son, he felt that it was time for a showdown. He took out his cellphone, called his parents, gave a brief explanation, and sent his wife to class in the afternoon.

Qi Le didn’t have classes at night but Gu Bai did, so he went back on his own. His parents were going out and threw his younger brother to his care and left. Qi Le looked at his younger brother and touched his head. “Call me ge.”

The child was particularly obedient. “Ge.”

“Ai,” Qi Le rubbed his head satisfactorily and suddenly asked out of interest, “Did mum and dad talk about Gu Bai and I? What did they say?”

The child thought for a bit. “They said that you’ve been hit and have psychological problems. They wanted you to see a doctor. They also said that it really wasn’t easy for Gu Bai gege to give in to you all the time.”

Qi Le, “=口=”

Hands trembling, Qi Le pulled out his cellphone to call Gu Bai to complain. Gu Bai listened patiently and comforted him. “It’s okay. They won’t think so after tonight.”

Qi Le paused slightly. “Why?”

“Just wait and see. Be good. It’s okay.”

Qi Le hung up the call with a grain of salt, holding his younger brother as he silently waited for their parents to come back.

At this moment, Father Qi and Mother Qi had an appointment with Father Gu and Mother Gu. Their hearts were uneasy. They were afraid that the two would know that Qi Le was pestering their son. In case of conflict, it would hurt the relationship. Mother Gu poured several cups of tea. “I heard Xiao Le and Xiao Bai are already together?”

Mother Qi was surprised on the inside. She nodded and was about to explain only to hear Mother Gu say sadly, “They’re finally together. You don’t know, Xiao Bai liked Xiao Le since junior high. In high school, he came clean with us and over the years, we’ve been watching. We know it’s been hard on him. Now he’s finally caught him.”

“So that’s how it is. I also think they are quite suitable, hahaha...” Father Qi father suddenly reacted. He stopped laughing. “...What did you just say?”

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