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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 56 part2

P.S. For Baozi, Lenette, Anon, Lorenzo and Xinue123, this is the last part of the extra chapters


“After that, I had no choice so I pulled out the electric baton. As a result, I got electrocuted again. Then…” The doctor paused slightly. “Let's not talk about him. Let's talk about you. If you have a ‘self-help’ personality within you, I may be able to help you recover!” His eyes were bright and excited. “I haven’t treated multiple personality disorder yet. I must succeed this time!”

Qi Le, “……”

Gu Bai had already arrived by his wife's side to remind him in time. Qi Le received the hint and suddenly looked up. When he saw that his father had arrived at the scene, he was surprised. “Why are you here?”

Father Qi didn't answer and looked at the doctor. He was watching after his son got off work only to see someone constantly circling around his son. At a glance, it was clear that the man had bad intentions. As a father, naturally, he wanted to protect his son. He asked, “Who is this?”

Qi Le blinked and said without a second thought. “My fan. He wants my autograph.”

Father Qi couldn’t help but pause. He saw a certain someone holding a small notebook and immediately looked at him with praise. “Not bad, kiddo. You're very discerning.”

“…” The doctor said, “Huh?”

Qi Le grabbed the small notebook and scribbled his signature. “All right, you can go now.”

“… I won't go.” The doctor answered with a serious expression, then looked at the strange man next to him. His intuition told him that the man was related to the patient, so he asked, “Uncle, who are you and what is your relationship with him?”

“I’m not…” Father Qi shut up and thought, as an elder, how could he allow the younger generation to take on this important task? Although his son wouldn't work here in the future, it was hard to be sure that he wouldn't meet people from this circle. Therefore, it was necessary to declare his ownership. Gu Bai was a student after all, how could he carry any weight? However, both he and his son had normal sexual orientation. If someone brought this up again in the future, he could say he was his adopted son. After he thought about it, he held his son in his arms and looked around, deliberately sounding vague. “Although he wasn't born in my family, he will die as one. What do you think our relationship is?”

The doctor froze. “Boyfriend?”

Father Qi snorted domineeringly and hugged his son. “Sweetie, let’s go!”

Qi Le panicked, looked at certain someone for help and asked in a low voice, “What… what's going on? Why do I feel like it's a little weird?”

“…” Gu Bai comforted, “Be good and bear with it.”

Shen Shu knew that there would be a show to watch as soon as he saw a certain someone rushing to the stage. He quickly informed Ye Shuichuan who came at once. He didn’t hear what the two men had said in a low voice but he heard the affectionate call from Father Qi. Then, he saw them huddled together and was shocked and angry. “Xiaoyuan, what’s going on? Aren’t you and Gu Bai…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Qi Le rushed forward to hold his hand and looked at him sincerely, “Ge, I’m going back, goodbye.”

Ye Shuichuan, “……”

“Um…… ge, I'll explain to you later. That’s all.” Qi Le left him and quickly pulled his father and his man to run.

“Wait!” The doctor immediately ran after Gu Bai’s car. Qi Le looked at him as he pursed his lips and suddenly had a flash of inspiration. He pulled him aside and whispered, “I want to tell you a secret. Actually…”

The doctor was shocked. “What?”

Qi Le looked at him silently. The doctor turned and ran away, his figure disappearing quickly. Father Qi watched him leave and was silent for a moment. “Son, why do I have the feeling that there's something wrong with this fan of yours?”

“…” Qi Le said, “Dad, you've discovered the truth. Let's go home.”

The people in the bar watched them leave. Ye Shuichuan was still shocked. It took a long time before he looked at Shen Shu and asked, “What do you think?”

Shen Shu drawled lazily, “What else can it be? A threesome.”

Ye Shuichuan nodded. “… I think so too.”

Ning Xiao was late today and missed the drama. He sat down to drink as usual.

Baby Face, who was sitting on the side, thought for a moment, then looked at him expressionlessly. “If you want to pursue Xiaoyuan ge, now you have a chance.”

Ning Xiao paused in shock. “What?”

“Xiaoyuan ge is getting more and more kinky. He's venturing into threesomes,” said Baby Face. “Go after him and try. Maybe he'll have an orgy with you, then you can have a taste of him.”

NingXiao's eyes grew cold as he stared at him. He asked, “What’s going on? Speak clearly!”

Father Qi was still busy with business matters. He found a part-time job for his son after asking about his major. Before he left, he held his son and rubbed his head. “Son, Dad will miss you.”

Qi Le threw himself into his arms. “Dad, I’ll miss you too.”

After the two took a long time displaying their affections, Father Qi took on the important task of informing Mother Qi and set foot on the flight leaving the city. Qi Le watched his figure disappear, then left with Gu Bai back to their apartment. Gu Bai hadn't "eaten" his wife these past few days and was close to dying of "thirst." When he opened the door, he pushed his wife against the door and kissed him warmly. Qi Le felt a quiver in his heart and responded by hooking his arms around Gu Bai's neck. At this moment, he heard his phone ring. He suddenly trembled. Subconsciously, he thought that his father had forgotten to take something back. He quickly let go of Gu Bai. Without even looking, he immediately picked up. “Hello?”

“Zheng Xiaoyuan!” Yi Hang was furious. “What did you say to that idiot doctor? ! He’s been running to my house like a madman these past few days!”

“…” Qi Le said in a low voice, “Do you know the owner? I found his phone and I don’t know who to return it to.” 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

“…Huh? He lost his phone? “

“Mmml, can you contact him?”

“I’ll try and call you back later.”

“Okay, goodbye.” Qi Le hung up immediately, turned it off and said to Gu Bai. “Turn yours off too. Hurry up.”

Gu Bai, “…”

Yi Hang took forever to ask around and when he finally called, the phone was turned off. He quietly thought about it and was convinced that Zheng Xiaoyuan’s phone had been stolen and he had been tricked. He felt that the world was too dark a place and went back to the study to look at the express delivery he got today. Since Lu Yanbin had a taste of him, he always asled him to relieve his desire for him. Several times, things almost went too far. With this thing, he didn’t have to worry.

Lu Yanbin came back and saw him staring at himself with dull eyes and a silly look. He immediately raised his eyebrows. “What's going on?”

“I have something for you!” Yi Hang took him to the study and pointed to the object in the room. “Look! It’s based on my face and figure. I’m giving this to you. You can use it from now on.”

Lu Yanbin calmly looked at the inflatable doll before him and remained motionless.

“Don’t underestimate it. This store does a really good job!” Yi Hang patiently explained that he was going to make his goddess first, but in order to save his chrysanthemum, he paid a little more and discussed with the manufacturer. They would make this first, then his goddess. He felt distressed when he thought about it. He walked over and ripped off the doll’s pants. “I recorded this when I was masturbating and sent the recording over. When you touch the sensor inside, it will make a noise.” He poked his finger into the doll’s chrysanthemum, touching the sensor, and soon heard someone lazily dragging his voice and howling, “Ahh… Aiyo… Ahh, ungh…. Mmm… Ahhh… Ungh, ahh~!”

Lu Yanbin, “……”

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