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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 5.2 part2

The two men sat on their beds, chatting after they were done with breakfast. In the middle of their conversation, the special care nurse that Mr. Elite had requested for had arrived. But, Yi Hang found an excuse to send her away and continued the conversation. They had somehow passed the time in this manner till noon came round. Ye Shuichuan hadn’t come to visit yet so Qi Le took some money out of his wallet and and got the special care nurse to buy them food.

Just when the food arrived, his cellphone started ringing. When he saw the word "Ge" on the screen, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath and prepared to deal with the original owner’s older brother, “Hello?”

Ye Shuichuan asked from the other end of the line, “Xiaoyuan, have you eaten yet? Is there anything you’re craving?”

Fuck, he prepared himself for nothing..... Qi Le remained silent for three seconds before answering “I’m eating now, you don’t need to get anything.”

“Ok then, I’ll get you some fruit.”

Yi Hang saw him end the call with a dull expression on his face and raised an eyebrow, “The man from yesterday?”

“Mmm, watch yourself. Or else you’ll have to drink motherwort again.”

“Isn’t it all your fault? Why is Laozi so miserable.....” Yi Hang said, only hear a click. He froze, he wouldn’t be here so soon, would he? He looked up and shrank in fear, “Darling, don’t you have to go to work?”

Mr. Elite walked in, “Your sister forgot to take the medicine that she bought yesterday. I came to get it for her.”

It was just another excuse to trick him....

Qi Le kept his head lowered as he ate. Yi Hang was upset but didn’t dare show it so he could only sit in silence. A certain someone then looked for medicine in a dignified manner, “Who opened it?”

Yi Hang sat on the side, concentrating on his meal. Mr. Elite looked at him, “Xiao Hang, did you drink a packet of motherwort?”

Yi Hang suddenly choked and looked up innocently, “...... Me?”

Mr. Elite looked into his little eyes and stroked his face, “It’s okay. If you like it, I’ll leave you this box.”

“... No, you misunderstood.”

Qi Le stared fixedly at his own meal, thinking to himself that if it were him, he would’ve long fought to death with a certain someone. He calmly finished his lunch, and poured himself a cup of water. Right then, Ye Shuichuan walked through the door.

“I just met with the doctor. He said that he’ll need to observe you for another two days, and if there aren’t any problems, you can be discharged. Have you recalled anything?”


“Well, don’t push yourself. I’ll go wash the fruits.” Ye Shuichuan put his bag down, picked a few apples and went out. Qi Le and Yi Hang looked at Mr. Elite almost at the same time. The latter hadn’t paid any attention to them. He merely looked at the closed door and calmly concluded, “Nutjob.”

Qi Le calmly drank his water; Yi Hang wanted to cry out, fucking hell! What’s wrong with washing a few apples? Even that makes him a nutjob! Just where the hell did your three views disappear to?!

Qi Le was somewhat uneasy, “You said last night that there were no normal people around me. Can you give have an example?”

Mr. Elite looked at him, “Two men fight like it’s the end of the world one moment and the next they’re like best buddies, instantly reconciled. Is that normal?"

“It’s no biggie.” Qi Le guessed that this man was talking about Ye Shuichuan and Tranny. He couldn’t help but look down on the man, he couldn’t even handle such a small matter, just how was he anything like a successful elite man?

“You will understand what I mean later,” the man glanced at him and calmly changed the subject. “If someone hates you, hardly looks at you, and suddenly asks you to climb up a mountain and wait for him to watch the sunrise together, would you go?”

“No.” Qi Le didn’t even need to think before he replied, “He must be messing with me. I’m not stupid either..... uh, who are you talking about? Did he really go?"

“Mhmm, apparently, after waiting for two days on the mountain, his friend finally found him and dragged him back. He ended up being seriously ill. Isn’t he stupid?”

Qi Le’s forehead twitched as he thought to himself that the man must be talking about the original owner of this body. He guess that Mr. Elite must’ve said all of that in retaliation for looking down on him earlier. But then, he suddenly thought it was strange; Ning Xiao didn’t look like the kind to deliberately torture someone like that, why did he ask him out?

Yi Hang, not knowing the inside story, nodded in agreement and laughed like a dimwit, “What an idiot! Doesn’t he have a brain?”

Qi Le, “......”

“You’re so smart,” praised Mr. Elite, stroking him with satisfaction. “You know that person too. Guess who it is?”

Yi Hang finally felt that something was wrong. He looked at a certain someone who sat there in silence, then bowed his head while he played with his fingers. Mr Elite didn’t mind him ignoring himself. The answer was clear enough. He looked at Qi Le and asked, “Afterwards, the man named Ning Xiao managed to coax you with only three words.”

Qi Le recalled the original owner’s abnormal personality, ” Don’t tell me it’s ‘I love you’ or’ I’m sorry’?”


“Then what was it?”

Mr. Elite looked at the time, raised Yi Hang’s chin and gave a goodbye kiss, “I’m going to work.” He left immediately after, his figure soon disappearing.

Fuck! He actually left after stirring his curiosity! Qi Le was about to lose his shit when Yi Hang, on the side, suddenly came back to his senses and angrily tore his sheets, “Ah, ah, ah! That didn’t just happen! Fucking hell, that was my first kiss!”

Mr. Elite had already left so it was pointless for Qi Le to chase after him. He slowly cooled down only to see someone else still rolling in bed, biting the quilt as he threw the pillow back and forth. Qi Le was about to say a few words of comfort when he suddenly caught a glimpse of something from the corner of his eye and quickly yelled, “Shut up and take your medicine! “

“Screw the damn medicine!” Yi Hang shouted back but then he seemed to sense something and looked back in horror. He saw Ye Shuichuan standing at the door staring at him coldly. He choked, picked up a packet of motherwort with trembling hands, poured it into the cup and drank it all. Then he lay flat on his bed and pretended to be dead.

Ye Shuichuan circled around him, “I still find it so amazing!”

Qi Le quickly drew him to his side and stared fixedly at him, “Do you know what those three words are?”

Ye Shuichuan looked puzzled, “...Huh?”


P.S. Sorry I missed yesterday’s release. I’m down with a really high fever, so updates these next few days might not be on time. Bear with me as I drown myself in chicken soup and Advil. :blobsweats:

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