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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 52 part1

P.S. The next part has dubcon content, so if you’re uncomfortable, do skip it ❤️


Yi Hang’s eyes were wide open and his face was full of shock. After a few seconds of staring in a daze, he finally snapped out of it. He deeply regretted that he hadn’t taken into account Lu Yanbin’s “abnormal brain circuits” before doing this. He trembled and urged, “Bro, you need to calm down. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been naive enough to think that this could stop your beast-like desire. I.. I.. I’ll take it down now, right away. In fact, I was only joking with you...”

Lu Yanbin turned a deaf ear and continued to quietly unbutton his clothes. At this time, he was halfway done. His chest was on the slim side but toned and sexy. At one glance, he looked strong. He stared at him unblinkingly, his eyes deep. He was quiet and dangerous.

Yi Hang extended a weak paw. “Bro, did you hear what I said?” The person before you stood in front of the reclining chair. He shuffled to the side, trying to find a gap to escape.

Lu Yanbin faintly grunted, removed his shirt completely, threw it on the wool carpet beside him and began to unbuckle his belt. His stomach was toned and firm and he could see a six pack peeking out.

Yi Hang, “=口=”

Yi Hang quickly shrank and turned to run away. Lu Yanbin easily pulled on his back collar, pressed him on the sofa again, then moved his body to block his retreat, caressing his head at the same time. His belt had been unbuckled and his zipper pulled down, revealing part of his underwear. The object inside was completely hard and its outline was very obvious.

Yi Hang, “=口=! ! !"

Yi Hang felt as if he had been struck by lightning and his soul had split into half in that instant. He pointed at him and stammered, “You, you, you...”

Lu Yanbin grabbed his chin and planted a kiss on his face. He wanted to take off his pants, but on second thought he didn’t have the thing he needed, so he gave up for the moment and began to take off his wife’s clothes. Yi Hang belonged to the lazy geek type and only wore pajamas in the apartment. With one pull on the drawstring, his pants were stripped off just like that.

Yi Hang, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, blew up with a loud wail. He struggled and struggled again, until he finally succeeded in breaking free from a certain someone. Then, he got up and ran. Lu Yanbin was standing close to the door and stepped back to block his way. Yi Hang, who was in his underwear, shrank away from him and didn’t forcefully push through. Instead, he waited for him to come over so he could find a chance to run outside.

Lu Yanbin didn’t go after him. He bowed his head and temporarily buttoned up his trousers, then turned to leave, not forgetting to take away his wife’s pajamas, so that he wouldn’t have to take them off again when he came back.

Yi Hang, who was left behind in the study, took a second to react. His eyes lit up instantly as he secretly thought that his opportunity had arrived. He rushed out to open the door so he could leave. However, despite twisting the doorknob relentlessly, he still couldn’t get it to open. He immediately scratched the door angrily. “Fuck you! You’re so despicable! Let me out! Bro, I was really wrong ah, ah, ah!”

He circled back and forth in the room but suddenly stopped. Remembering that the box was still on the table, he turned over the ointment and tried to remove the stuff on his face, so that someone might let him go. Just as he was thinking that, he heard the door click open and looked up. A certain bastard had come back again with lubricant in one hand and a plastic bag full of condoms in the other.

Yi Hang, “...”

Yi Hang was getting off the mole on his chin when his hand shook and the ointment fell over. He quickly put it upright again to avoid getting the keyboard wet, looking up at a certain someone as he liver trembled with fear. Lu Yanbin closed the door and slowly walked slowly over. Yi Hang stood there, looked around behind the desk and found that there was no place to run. He was furious: “You said you wouldn’t force me, that you would only fuck me after you managed to win me over, but your words don’t fucking count!”

Lu Yanbin put the stuff on the table and calmly reminded, “I said I’d wait till I win you over or until you agree.”

Yi Hang, “...”

“You said it yourself just now, that I could fuck you if I dared to.”

“...” Yi Hang cried, “Bro, I was kidding with you!”

“Do you believe what you’re saying?”

“...What if I say yes?”

“I don’t believe it anyways.”

“...” Yi Hang was in tears and felt that this time he was dead. Damn it, he dug his own grave! He was even worse than the doctor. At least, he had somehow given his life for his ideals and career. But he was purely seeking death! He sniffled. “Brother, can we talk?”

Lu Yanbin quickly took off his trousers and pressed him on the chair. “Talk later.”

Yi Hang keenly sensed that the heat of his breath was above the normal range and quickly shrank back. “Bro, let’s talk now. I... mmm ungh...”

Lu Yanbin didn’t wait for him to finish. He lifted his chin and kissed him. The kiss was different from the previous gentleness he showed, with obvious aggressive intentions and felt especially dangerous. Yi Hang struggled twice but failed to break away. Then, he noticed that Lu Yanbin’s hand had started to slide down and knead him here and there. When he reached his most vulnerable area, he slowly stroked him. Yi Hang suddenly gasped and tried to avoid his lips. “Wait...”

Lu Yanbin stopped, his voice hoarse. “Why?”

Yi Hang asked hopelessly. “Older brother, can I get you off with my hands like I did a few days ago?”

Lu Yanbin thought for a moment and looked at him carefully. “No, it wasn’t easy for you to agree this once. It’s now or never. If I wait till the next time, that’ll probably be after I win you over.”

That’s true... Yi Hang was silent for a moment before pointing to his own face. “Older brother, I already look like this. How are you still in the mood?! You’re fucking crazy, aren’t you?!"

“Didn’t you already ask Ah Yuan? I like you not just for your face.” Lu Yanbin tore off his underwear, revealing a hefty, ferocious object.

Yi Hang, “...”

“Laozi won’t do it!” Yi Hang struggled at once. The mole on his chin had just been soaked in the ointment. At this moment, he moved and finally succeeded in shedding it. He was stunned and excited at the same time. “It dropped! My appearance has changed. Stop now!”

Lu Yanbin picked up the black thing and patted him calmly on the face. “All right.”

Yi Hang, “=口=”

Lu Yanbin hugged his waist and pulled him into his arms, kissed him, and quickly stripped him of his underwear. Then, he grabbed the lubricant from the table, opened it, poured it out, and patiently expanded his back entrance. Yi Hang let out a low groan and tried to break away, but Lu Yanbin’s other hand was playing with his shaft. Waves of pleasure rushed straight into his brain. His breathing soon became disordered. However, what was about to happen reminded him of the danger that would come at any moment. He still persevered in his struggle, but before he could successfully get away, he felt a sudden surge of heat in his body. The more he burned, the harder he got. He moaned, “You drugged...”

“Ah Jie told me to do this. He said that the effect is really good, so you won’t suffer.”

Yi Hang, “...”

Yi Hang’s entire body became flushed from the heat and arousal, and his breathing became chaotic. Lu Yanbin raised his legs and placed them on the armrests on both sides of the chair, bowed his head and kissed his face. “Do you want it?”

Yi Hang, “...”

Lu Yanbin wasn’t worried at all. His hands slowly caressed him all over, continuously stroking the flames of passion. Yi Hang tried his best to put up with it but eventually couldn’t stand it anymore. He broke down and said, “Just do it ok. Hurry the fuck up...”

Lu Yanbin’s breathing grew heavy. He adjusted his posture, grabbed Yi Hang’s waist, and slowly penetrated him. The amazing sensation made him hold his breath; it was as if he were about to go mad. Yi Hang let out a long moan and subconsciously looked up, revealing his pale, fragile neck. Lu Yanbin lowered his head and suckled, his hips thrusting forwards as he began to move.

Yi Hang’s voice soon came out in broken moans and gasps. The violent thrusts made his head shake wildly so the mole on his chin fell off to God knows where. In the midst of his movements, Lu Yanbin glanced at him and saw that there was only the scar left on his face, which made his silly wife look fierce and bewitching. His breathing grew hoarse as he let himself sink into the pleasure.

Their love-making grew more and more intense. At the end of it, Yi Hang didn’t even know what he had said, whether he had catered to Lu Yanbin or not, or how many times they did it. He only felt the powerful onslaught of pleasure that pounded on his nerves over and over again, making it impossible for him to refuse. After he recovered, he was dragged into the bathroom by Lu Yanbin.

Lu Yanbin patiently cleaned him up, carried him to bed, and rubbed his head contentedly. “Lie down, I’ll get dinner. What would you like to have?”

Yi Hang snorted and pushed his hand away. “Whatever.”

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