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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 5.1 part1

When Yi Hang woke up, it was already night, and his headache had eased up. He saw a certain someone staring blankly, and couldn’t help waving his hand. Qi Le came back to his senses, “You’re awake? You don’t have anyone staying with you today? I thought you have a lot of family members. Have they been scared away by you?"

“No, Mr. Elite said he would take care of me in the future, so those people went back to rest.”

Qi Le remembered that this man had been severely smacked by that Mr. Elite and immediately felt sympathy for him, “Good luck.”

Yi Hang wanted to cry, “I really don’t want to see him, he is a beast covered with human skin......” He rolled around and looked up to see Qi Le in a daze again, “What’s wrong with you?”

Qi Le sighed, “Tough Guy......”


“I died.”

Yi Hang froze for a second, then sat up straight, “You.... You’ve been upstairs?"

Qi Le nodded. It had been a while since he returned from the 6th floor so he had long calmed down, “The operation failed and I died ten days ago.” He paused, “I called my best friend.”

Yi Hang is incredible: “Have you gone mad? Did you say anything? What was his reaction?”

Qi Le leaned against the headboard, “I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to find someone to talk to. By the time I knew what I was doing, the call had already gone through. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t speak. He hung up after he didn’t hear an answer.” He recalled the man’s voice and his gaze deepened. Erquan was probably really sad. But he was dead, what could he do?

This whole thing was ridiculous. Even if there was a way to prove that you were someone else, would you be able to go back to your old home and continue your old life? They knew better than anyone else that after they had switched bodies, the original owner had a life to live, relatives, friends; they were shackled by layers and layers of commitment. They couldn’t just drop everything.

Yi Hang was silent for a long time. He saw the cellphone on the cabinet and reached for it.

Qi Le raised his eyebrows, “Who are you calling?”

“I,” said Yi Hang, as he gave a name, “......I’m his friend, is he there?” He listened in a trance and hung up without saying a word, “I’m dead too.”

Both of them kept quiet. Yi Hang looked serious, “I think it’s really weird here. Look at the words on the quilt. Do normal hospitals print such strange words?”

Qi Le pursed his lips, then chuckled, “It’s really quite strange.” He faintly added, “In fact, I previously thought that if I didn’t die and happened to bump into my original body, I could just pop back in. But who knew that..... Let’s just concentrate on living well.”

Yi Hang muttered an "Mmm". They had died anyways. Now that they had somehow been given a second chance, they obviously couldn’t waste it. He sighed, “I was a student before this. But now I’m almost ten years older! What about you?”

Qi Le was about to answer when the door suddenly opened. The visitor was handsome, dressed in a suit and looked like the cream of the crop. Yi Hang immediately ingratiated himself with a smile, “Darling, you’ve finally come to visit. Why are so late?”

Qi Le, “......”

Qi Le looked at him with shock and almost thought that he was hearing things.

There was a short pause before the man calmly walked over, “I was busy with work today. I didn’t have any time earlier so I didn’t pay attention to which ward they were transferring you to. There are too many people here, I’m afraid they’ll disturb you. I’ve gotten you a single ward and I’ll ask for special care tomorrow. Let’s go.”

Yi Hang grabbed his bed hastily: “I won’t move!” He shrunk back as he spoke only to see Qi Le pointing to his forehead. He asked, “Darling are you afraid that others will mind me being here? It’s okay. He doesn’t care if I’m sick. You’re busy at work and don’t have time to accompany me. I happen to get along with him."

The man couldn’t help turning his head, “You are ... Zheng Xiaoyuan.”

Qi Le was surprised, “Do we know each other? Oh, I have lost my memory. I don’t remember anything.

"I don’t know you but I’ve heard of you.”

Qi Le instantly recalled the sentence "everyone knows how trashy you are" and coughed, “My reputation...... isn’t so good?”

“Well, not only you, your group of friends are all not quite normal.” After that sentence, the man ignored him and touched Yi Hang’s face. “Are you sure you don’t want to move?”

Yi Hang’s hair stood on end when Mr. Elite had touched him but he pretended to nod calmly. The man paused for a moment, before compromising and leaving the room to decline the change of wards.

Qi Le looked at a certain someone, “The single ward is pretty decent and has its own bathroom. Are you really not moving?”

“No.” Yi Hang mourned, “Laozi is staying here. If he ends up torturing me to death, at least I still have a witness."

“...” Qi Le said, “I sympathize with you.”

“I sympathize with you as well.” Yi Hang gloated, “Didn’t you hear that just now? The people around you are all not quite normal.”

“Actually for a psycho case, ordinary people are seen as abnormal.” Qi Le looked at him calmly, “Do you think a normal person would think of giving you such a brutal smack under those circumstances?"

Yi Hang, “=口=”

The door opened again. The man returned and sat by Yi Hang, “What are you two talking about?”

Yi Hang gripped his quilt tightly and smiled ingratiatingly, “We’re talking about you, my darling. We were just saying for how dashing and handsome, powerful and domineering you are.”

Qi Le immediately ignored them and turned over to sleep. He slept soundly that night. In his dream, he came to a familiar corridor. Gu Bai was standing at the end, looking at him with heavy eyes and hidden emotions that were indecipherable. Then, he slowly spoke, his voice hoarse, “Xiao Le, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you......”

He suddenly opened his eyes. The sun rose early in summer and it was already bright outside. He rubbed his forehead and sat up. What was it that Erquan wanted to tell him? Were there still things between them that he didn’t know about?

“Yo, good morning.”

Qi Le turned to see Yi Hang having breakfast. Mr. Elite had already left. Yi Hang pointed to the table and said, “I got you breakfast.”

“Thanks.” Qi Le went and washed up. On his way back, he saw some nurses chatting mysteriously, looking a little panicked. He couldn’t help laughing as he walked back to the ward, “You told the nurse that there was a ghost here. Now the news has spread among them.”

“I hope I frighten them to death!” Yi Hang was pleased.

“Aren’t you afraid that they’ll hang Taoist talismans on you to exorcise the evil spirits?”

“Nope.” Yi Hang hadn’t bothered thinking about that. “They’ve been in contact with dead bodies since university. If even dead bodies don’t scare them, I don’t know what else will. They’ll probably forget about it in two days. This is a hospital; what a scientific place this is. I don’t believe they would get a Taoist priest.”

“I hope so.” Qi Le replied. Ever since he transmigrated into this body, he had stopped believing in science.

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