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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 3 part2

Qi Le first looked down at his hands and found that he was still in this body. He sighed at once. There was only the two of them in the ward at the moment. He checked and felt that his physical condition was better, so he went over and sat down on the other bed and looked at the other man. This person looked very gentle. Judging from his appearance, his was probably about 27 or 28 years old. He was surprised: “You must’ve been in a different ward before this. Why did you suddenly come here?”

“Oh, those people thought that I’m craz....... ahem, my bed is broken from years of use so I’ve been moved here temporarily.”

Qi Le pursed his lips and thought that this man must be mentally deranged. He was afraid to share a room with him. The man looked at his expression and quickly added, “I’m telling the truth. The bed is broken.”

“I don’t mind having you here.” Qi Le comforted and tried to sound him out, “Do you remember me? I shook hands with you after they gave you the shot of tranquilizer.”

“Tranquilizer? What tranquilizer? Why don’t I know about this?” The man’s eyes darted around aimlessly, “Did you mistake me for someone else? Oh, in fact, I have a twin brother. He suddenly went crazy today and was taken to the psychiatric department. You must be talking about him.”

“Stop pretending. You said that this isn’t your body, so the hospital sent to psychiatric department, right?”

The man looked up to heaven and cried, “That’s my twin brother. We’ve lived together for many years .....”

“Very well,” Qi Le nodded and got out of bed. “I’ll go and ask the nurse if you really have a younger brother or if the delusional disorder is acting up again. Why don’t you take another trip to the psychiatric department?"

“Come.... Come back......” The man turned pale, “I’ll tell you the truth, I’m not ill. I was just a little delirious at the time, but I’m awake now. I have memory loss, you got that? Memory loss!"

Qi Le guessed that the man had been tortured in the psychiatric department, but he didn’t care. He strolled back to bed slowly and looked at him in the eye, “If I told you that I had an operation and opened my eyes only to find that my soul was in someone else’s body, would you believe me?”

The man looked at him suspiciously. After a long time, he reached out his hand and pointed, “Lil bro, go out, take the elevator to the fourth floor, take a few turns and you’ll be at the psychiatric department. If you behave favorably, you’ll be released. Go now.”

Qi Le: “......”

“I am a normal person. I lost my memory.” The man moved about as he continued to sigh, “Aiyo~"

Qi Le pounced on him and shook him, “Laozi is telling the truth!”

“Stop...... stop shaking.....” The man’s face was pale, his voice weak, “My head hurts.......”

Qi Le stopped shaking but didn’t let go, “Do you believe me?”

The man stared at him as if to confirm that he wasn’t messing with him, but before he could say anything, the door opened. They looked up and saw that it was Ye Shuichuan. Qi Le waved at him, “Hi.”

Ye Shuichuan had changed his clothes. He didn’t expect the ward to suddenly have one more patient and couldn’t help sizing the other guy up. He was standing close to the door at the time and had clearly seen this man’s appearance, so naturally, he knew that this person had a screw loose. He immediately got upset.

Qi Le thought he might complain to the hospital and quickly explained, “That time, he had just regained consciousness and his head was still fuzzy. As you can see, he was released from the psychiatric department, proving that he’s fine now and he’ll take his medicine on time.” He glanced at a certain someone, “Isn’t that right?”

The man immediately went along with what he said, afraid that he would be rejected, “Yes, yes, I’ll take my medicine on time.”

Qi Le pulled Ye Shuichuan to his bed, “I’ve been talking to him for a while now. Just trust me."

Ye Shuichuan was silent for a moment, then, fiercely instructed, “If he tries to harm you, just beat him to death. If anyone asks afterwards, just tell them that he wanted to kill you."

Qi Le nodded, “I will.”

Tough Guy: “=口=”

Tough Guy said weakly, “I heard all of it......”

“Mhmm” Qi Le calmly explained, “If you tell the little nurse that I’m going to kill you, she’ll only think that you’re delusional again."

“...” Tough Guy roared weakly “That’s not fair! I’ll tell her that you told me that this isn’t your original body. You can take a trip to the psychiatric department yourself!"

Qi Le was even more calm, “Do you think she’ll believe me or you?”

“...” Tough Guy was simply indignant, “Why is this happening ah? I had merely gone through an operation, why did I wake up to all of this........”

Qi Le interrupted, “Shut up!”

“I refuse to shut up! I’ve been wronged ah..... wronged.........”

Ye Shuichuan got angry, “Didn’t you say he was fine?"

Tough Guy’s face turned white and shut his mouth immediately. Qi Le quickly got out of bed, ran over and adjusted Tough Guy’s bed into a sitting position, poured a glass of water, swept the medicine off the table, and stuffed it in his hand, “You should take your medicine. You’ll be better once you do. Come, take it now.”

“...” Tough held the cup in his right hand, his left hand pinching the pack of motherwort granules that his family had bought him. He looked depressed.

“What are you staring for? You brought this on yourself! Take the damn medicine!”

Tough Guy pitifully looked at the pills, choked back a sob and resigned himself to unpacking the motherwort granules.

“...” Ye Shuichuan said, “Don’t you think his illness has gotten more serious"

Qi Le explained patiently, “He said that he loves motherwort and feels uncomfortable all over if he doesn’t have any. That’s why he was behaving a little abnormally. He’ll be fine after taking it.”

Under the watchful gaze of Qi Le, Tough Guy poured the granules into the cup and drank it all up. He sat on his bed, not saying a word.

Ye Shuichuan sized him up and down, and said “It’s amazing!”

Tough Guy resentfully tore his quilt in a place that nobody could see. You little bastard, Laozi won’t let you off that easily!


P.S. I’ll release chapters at 9-10pm (GMT +8) if nothing comes up! xoxo :blobsmilehappy:

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