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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 3 part1

Qi Le wasn’t unconscious for long and had opened his eyes just as he was carried into bed. His head was still very fuzzy; he vaguely felt that the doctor was examining him while he was surrounded by a group of people, but he couldn’t tell what they looked like or hear their voices. He only felt that his head was about to explode from the pain, so he couldn’t help closing his eyes again. During this time, his consciousness seemed to fade out for a while. When he opened his eyes again, the doctor had already left but those people were still there.

Seductive Demon asked anxiously, “Xiao Yuan, how are you feeling?”

Qi Yue’s anger hadn’t dissipated yet. His voice sounded weak, but the disgust in his tone was obvious, “Where’s that pervert? Tell him to get the fuck out of here!”

Seductive Demon turned around with glee, “Did you hear that? Xiao Yuan’s asking you to get out!"

Ning Xiao was still standing in his original place. Due to angle, Qi Le could only see the side of his face. He saw no change in the man’s facial expression, no dissatisfaction at all. He glanced at Qi Le, then turned around to leave without a shred of reluctance. Everyone else simply assumed he was being cooperative, but Qi Le could clearly see that his eyes were full of disdain. It was the exact same look he had given him when he kissed him earlier, just like looking at a pile of garbage.

Fuck!... Qi Le got even angrier. Although he had suffered from congenital heart disease, he had never thought of himself as useless and had never been looked at with those kind of eyes. He knew in his heart that it was aimed at the original owner. But after everything that had happened today, his dislike of this man only grew stronger. He decided that even if he had any dealings with him in the future, this man would never be his friend.

“Xiao,” Baby Face couldn’t help but call after him. As Ning Xiao’s little boyfriend, naturally he followed the man and left. But he didn’t forget to turn back before going out, “Xiao Yuan ge, I’ll come visit you again in a few days.”

Qi Le responded politely. Although this man had stolen the lover of this body’s original owner, he had no enmity with him. He felt neither like nor dislike for this person.

The others said their goodbyes as well. Seductive Demon sent them to the door and then came back and sat beside his bed. There were only two of them in the ward. Qi Le nodded to himself, this man had a really good relationship with the original owner. He was about to ask for his name when he saw him approach with a big smile on his face. Seductive Demon held his face and landed two wet kisses on his cheek, “Xiao Yuan, I fucking love you!”

Qi Le: “......”

Seductive Demon was extremely excited and wanted to kiss him a few more times but Qi Le quickly stretched out a hand to push his chest away, and said weakly, “Calm down. Use your words if you’ve something to say. You must remember that you’re zero. Even if you have the hardware, you’re still a zero.”

Seductive Demon knew that he had lost his memory, so he merely stood up and grinned at him, “Earlier, you were just so dashing! That punch of yours was truly powerful!"

Qi Le had guessed that it was for this reason and ignored his words. Instead, he endured the intermittent headaches and asked in a low voice, “What’s your name?”

“Ye Shuichuan,” Seductive Demon helped him take off his dirty top and bent down to take the towel from the basin under his bed, “Do you remember?”

It would be crazy if I did! Qi Le thought to himself and replied, “No,” he paused, “where am I?”

“Shen Ai Hospital, it is printed on the quilt. Look at the words – God loves everyone.......”

“...” Qi Le said, “Yeah, I know I’m in the hospital. I’m asking where in the hospital.”

“Oh.... Inpatient Block 2, Ward 222.”

Qi Le was in a trance as he heard the string of twos, and thought of his bed, which was in the middle. It should be No.2 as well. He opened his mouth and said: “... What the fuck!” What kind of weird set of numbers was this?!

Ye Shuichuan looked surprised, “Xiao Yuan?”

“It’s nothing.” Qi Le blurted, “You said this was Block 2?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Qi Le suddenly clenched his hands. His former ward was on the sixth floor of this building. All he had to do was go upstairs and take a look to find out if he was dead or alive.

Ye Shuichuan saw that he didn’t answer, but didn’t speak either. He brought the towel to the bathroom.

Qi Le watched as the door shut and struggled to get up at once, but he felt dizzy and nauseous as soon as he moved. He fell down suddenly and felt that his head was hurting even more. If he went out in this state, he would probably faint before he even reached the elevator.

Ye Shuichuan quickly returned. He wanted to wipe the dried up watermelon pulp and juice off of Qi Le’s face with the towel, but since Qi Le had no problem moving, he thought that it was a bit awkward for a strange man to help him like this. He took the towel from him and casually wiped his face, then handed it back to him, “Thank you.”

“You don’t have to be so polite with me.” Ye Shuichuan noticed that his face was still pale. “How do you feel?”

“My head hurts. I want to rest.”

Ye Shuichuan nodded and covered him with the quilt, “The doctor said that you suffered a head impact that caused your memory loss. You’ll slowly start to remember later,” he said faintly. “Actually, it’s not a bad thing if you don’t remember. I like your current personality better. You’re like a completely changed person. When you get back your memory in the future, I’ll be thankful if you keep even half of your current temper."

I’m originally someone else... Qi Le closed his eyes, not saying a word, and thought it would be nice if he could return to his original body after waking up. The enmity between these people had nothing to do with him.

He slept very soundly; it was evening when he opened his eyes again. He hadn’t awakened naturally, but was disturbed by a faint, weak voice. It reminded him of a male cat, during a certain season, jumping up and down the bed, meowing nonstop because it was unable to vent due to some physiological reason.

"Aiyo...... aiyo......"

He frowned and immediately yelled, “Why are you making those sounds? Are you in heat?!"

The man was frightened by the sudden burst and paused for two seconds before weakly retorting, “You’re in heat! Your whole family’s in heat!”

Qi Le turned to the side and saw that there was one more patient in the bed beside his. He was shocked, “It’s you, Tough Guy!”

The man retorted once more, “You’re a tough guy! Your whole family’s a tough guy!"


P.S. I’ve decided to break the chapters into 2, so instead of updating 4x a week, I’ll update everyday! :googleredheart:

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