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As soon as the words, "lost my memory" fell, all of them froze in place. At first they were doubtful, but on second thought, the way this person had behaved earlier was really far from the usual, so was it true? The guy on the ground sat up, wiped the watermelon pulp off his face and shouted, “Bullshit, you just want to find an excuse after you’ve beaten me up. Do you think I’ll let you go just because of that?”

Qi Le had a terrible headache. He grabbed the tissue paper handed over by Seductive Demon and wiped his face, too lazy to bother with him. After letting off some steam, his anger had dissipated a little. But right now, he wasn’t in a good condition, so he didn’t want to play rough for the time being.

That guy continued to shout, “Bitch, let me tell you......”

Seductive Demon interrupted, “That’s enough. Get up.”

The other guy grabbed his hand and got up. He cocked a finger at Qi Le, “Fine, for the sake of Xiao Chuan, I’ll let you go this time.”

What sort of bullshit situation was this? Weren’t you the ones who started this fight? Were you sleepwalking just now? Qi Le glared at them, but then, he saw one of the guys, who had been trying to stop the fight, run over to that guy, “Ge, are you ok?”

Tranny, “I’m fine......”

Qi Le was dumbstruck; he felt as if he had been hit by lightning. His facial expression seemed to crack as he tried to hold back his emotions. Hands trembling, he pulled Seductive Demon over and asked, “Is he...... my love rival?"

“Yeah, this is the trashy bitch.” Seductive Demon rolled up his sleeves excitedly, “Do you want to give him a beating? I’ll help you..... did you really lose your memory?”

Qi Le didn’t answer; he felt as if he’s taken quite a hit. All this time, he had assumed that his love rival was the arrogant guy standing over there, but unexpectedly it was this baby face, who was shorter than him by half a head with a thin, fragile body that looked like he would be absolutely terrible in bed....... Just what the hell was wrong with that woman’s eyes? Was it because he was too ugly to win her heart?

The others looked at him as the ward fell into a brief silence but the voice in the corridor sounded louder and clearer, “I really don’t know who you are, I’ve a name and a surname...... this isn’t my ID card! I’m really not the person you think I am..... Let me go! I’m not going to the fucking psychiatric department. You’re the ones with delusional disorder! You’re the ones who have schizophrenia! Ahhhhh!"

Qi Le listened in a daze; he felt somewhat sympathetic and walked to the door, trying to endure his headache. Ning Xiao just so happened to be standing there.

“Xiao Yuan, you......” Seductive Demon couldn’t help but call out while the others watched silently, subconsciously expecting an “I lost my memory, but I only remember you” dog-blood drama.

Ning Xiao’s look remained unchanged; he had actually believed most of it. Previously, Xiao Yuan’s gaze would always involuntarily fall on him and with one look, everyone could tell from his gentle gaze that Xiao Yuan loved him. But from the moment he entered the ward until now, the person in front of him had only looked at him once, and that look was devoid of any passion. This wasn’t something that could be faked. So at the moment, he was a little surprised to see the man walking towards himself. He merely looked on quietly with a hint of ridicule in his eyes. He wanted to know just how deep was his love for him.

Qi Le ignored them, plastered himself to the doorframe and looked out, “Fuck, that’s so brutal.....”

Ning Xiao’s expression stiffened imperceptibly.

The rest of them, “......”

On the other end, the man with the bandaged head had been pinned down onto the bed. A bunch of nurses were wheeling him towards this side, most likely heading to the front elevator to transfer him to the psychiatric department. The man had just been injected with a tranquilizer, but he still maintained a little consciousness. He stared at the ceiling in despair, “Laozi abides by the law and has always kept my promises. What is this disaster that has befallen me ah?”

Qi Le’s expression was overflowing with sympathy. When that man was wheeled past his ward, he finally couldn’t resist going forwards. To everyone’s surprise, he held the man’s hand and watched him leave sadly, “God speed, tough guy.”

Everyone, “...”

The nurses on this floor were all dealing with the bandaged man earlier so they hadn’t noticed the situation here at all. Only then, did one of them come over and noticed the watermelon pulp on the floor as well as how battered and bruised the bunch of them were. It wasn’t difficult to guess what had happened. She frowned, “What’s going on? This is a hospital, not a place for you to fight. Don’t disturb the patient’s rest.”

Qi Le leaned weakly against the doorframe, “My head hurts.....”

The little nurse helped him back into the ward, “When did you wake up?”

“Just now,” Qi Le realized that her expression was rather ugly and casually explained, “I’m just responsible for pulling them apart. This has nothing to do with me. This incident is actually a blood debt that resulted because of a woman. They’re all too impulsive, unlike me. I stupidly chased after a girl, waited on her like she was my ancestor, but she actually let go of a man who loves her so much. She kicked me aside and looked for someone else. Look at me, aren’t I calm now?"

Everyone else suddenly had a strange look on their faces. The nurse heard that and seemed to ease up as she helped him get back into bed, “You’re so handsome, there must be many girls who like you.”

Handsome? Qi Le was stunned for a moment. Then, he pointed at Baby Face and asked, “Jie, if it were you, would you choose him or me?”

The little nurse turned back and quickly sized up the other party, “You."

Qi Le nodded, “This just means that that girl is not only a fool, but also has a problem with her eyes. I’d rather not have such a woman.”

The others couldn’t resist looking at Ning Xiao’s reaction. Ning Xiao had a stiff expression as he stared coldly at a certain someone.

Recalling that he had something important to discuss, Seductive Demon anxiously stepped forward and said, “Nurse, my friend has lost his memory.”

“Lost his memory?” The little nurse was stunned.

Qi Le pointed at them, “I don’t recognize any of these people.”

The little nurse was dumbstruck once more. Perhaps she had heard this phrase too many times, so she asked tentatively, “Do you know who you are then? Do you some misconception that you’re actually someone else?”

I really am someone else! With tears streaming down his face, Qi Le sincerely replied, “I’ve really lost my memory. My head is blank, I can’t remember anything. I don’t even know my name. Oh, that’s right, what’s today’s date?"

“...” The little nurse answered him with another question, “Since you lost your memory, how did you know that you were dumped by the girl you chased after?"

Qi Le looked guilty, “I heard it from them......”

And you still had the gall to say you’re calm! The little nurse’s mouth twitched, “I’ll get the director. There’s a calendar over there. Today’s the 12th.”

Qi Le looked around and found a small calendar. He quickly got out of bed and went over, then breathed a sigh of relief. It was still the same year and ten days had passed since the operation.

So..... the operation failed? Was that why his soul had lingered in the darkness and finally happened to enter this person’s body? Or had he been in a coma since the operation but only entered Xiao Yuan’s body when Xiao Yuan was admitted into the hospital? Did that mean that Xiao Yuan’s soul...... was in his body?

No, the second scenario was a too fantastical..... Currently, the most likely scenario was that the operation had failed. If he was dead, how were his parents now? What about his gentle girlfriend? And Erquan?

Erquan still owed him a roast duck and that important thing which he still hadn’t told him.

Seductive Demon walked over to him, “Are you alright, Xiao Yuan? You look upset."

Qi Le came to his senses, “It’s nothing.” He wanted to take a look at his former ward, but these people were still here so he couldn’t leave.

Seductive Demon held his shoulders, “Take a good look at me. You really don’t remember me?” He paused for a moment before asking, “What about him? Even if you don’t remember us, you should have some impression of him, right?”

Qi Le looked in the direction he was pointing at, and realized it was the arrogant guy. He was puzzled, “I don’t know him. Who is he?”

“Ning Xiao.”

Qi Le silently digested this information, “Who?!"

“Ning Xiao, the one you love! Don’t you have any impression of him?”

“What the fuck!” The first thing Qi Le did was to open his pants; as soon as found that he still had his birdie, he relaxed a little. He walked up to Ning Xiao and looked him up and down. No matter how many times he looked, and from whichever angle, this was clearly a man. But then again, there were always unpredictable exceptions. He steadied his heart, and in one move, reached forwards and felt up the other man’s crotch. The other person had an odd expression on his face. Qi Le backed away, “You really are a man!”

Ning Xiao’s forehead twitched, “No shit!”

Qi Le was speechless. There were many gay people in C City; in his high school class alone, there were four, and even more in college. He was rather calm about the matter. He turned around and took two steps forwards. Then, he suddenly turned around again, “I’m a man, he’s a man... I can’t be what you call...... that....that..... right?"

Tranny had left to wash his face earlier and had just returned, "Mmm, you’re gay."

Qi Le, “......”

“You’re a zero, do you remember what a zero is? It’s the one on the bottom.”

Qi Le, “......”

Seductive Demon frowned: “Shut up.”

Tranny raised his voice, “I mean no harm. You and I are both zeros. Doesn’t it feel good being a zero?"

“It does feel rather good.... Wait, now’s not the damn time to talk about this! Xiao Yuan? Xiao Yuan?”

Qi Le looked stupefied, “Laozi is a straight man.”

Tranny looked as if he had heard a really funny joke, “You loved Ning Xiao that much, you turned into a bitch just because of love! How can you be straight now? That’s bullshit!”

Qi Le’s face twisted in disbelief. He froze for a long time before looking at Ning Xiao. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any longer and started to pace back and forth like a trapped animal, “Fuck my life! Have I done it with him? Did we use a condom? He slept with other people too.... Fuck, that’s so disgusting! I must do a full body examination. What if I got some weird disease from him? My life would be over......."

Ning Xiao’s forehead started to twitch again. He had been in the circle all this time and had never been dismissed with such a look of disdain. What’s more, this was someone he thought he would never be rid of.

Qi Le’s had a splitting headache and his vision had started to turn blurry. He couldn’t help but stop in front of Ning Xiao as he stared into Ning Xiao’s eyes in confrontation. He froze for a second, then continued to pace back and forth, “I’m telling you, from now on, I’m a straight man. Just you wait and see if you don’t believe me!"

“Why don’t I help you prove if you can really be straight?" Ning Xiao’s gaze was contemptuous. Before the others had time to respond, he had already walked over. Perhaps it was because he wasn’t used to being repeatedly ignored by this person, or perhaps it was because he felt provoked by this person’s look of disdain. Either way, he was at the point where he no longer wanted to hold back his emotions.

Qi Le only felt a force push him to the side of the bed. Then, he felt someone lift up his chin. The moment he felt something soft touch his lips, he was shocked silly.

Ning Xiao was about to pry his teeth open when Seductive Demon and Tranny came back to their senses and quickly tore him away from Qi Le, “What the hell are you doing?”

Baby Face sounded like he was about to cry, “Xiao, you.....”

Ning Xiao’s gaze was cold, “I was just messing around.”

The situation turned chaotic once more. Qi Le was livid and shaking with anger. He had suffered from congenital heart disease and had always been carefully taken care of in the palm of others’ hands, from childhood to now. Almost everything had always gone the way he wanted. Although it wasn’t to the point of “whatever I say goes,” he definitely wasn’t a mild-tempered person.

When the nurse and the director entered the ward, they saw the patient burst into red-hot rage as he jumped out of bed, pounced onto the other party, and accurately landed his Pegasus Meteor Fist onto his target. And once he released that series of rapid punches, he was like an arrow at the end of its flight, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he fainted to the floor with a thump.

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