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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 16 part1

When Qi Le saw that Ning Xiao was finally drinking the glass of water, he felt his heart jump out his chest. Then, he heard Ning Xiao ask, “What’s that taste?”

“Oh, that,” Qi Le explained. “That glass was filled with juice earlier” He tasted a little when he was grinding the medicine earlier and knew it had a fruity flavor. He secretly observed that the man’s expression had remained the same, feeling relieved at once.

Then, the two began to chat. He asked some questions about the original owner. Ning Xiao wasn’t impatient at all and answered them one by one. Qi Le looked at the time. “Do they know that you’re here?”

“No, why?”

“Just asking.” Qi Le felt relieved. “Let’s get down to business. We’ll often meet in the future, that guy is after all my lil brother...”

“That guy...” Ning Xiao repeated in a low voice, looking at him. “Who?”

Qi Le coughed, “I lost my memory, but I will recall his name sooner or later.”

“You said yesterday that you will never recover your memory.”

“...Just shut up and listen to me.”

Ning Xiao did as he asked. He used to be upset whenever he saw this person, and didn’t even want to stay a second around him. But now it was different. Clearly it was still the same face, but this person gave him a completely different feeling. It was like he was reborn. Besides, he wasn’t ugly. If it was this person now, he didn’t mind wasting a little time.

“You’re dating my lil brother and I only have this one...”

Ning Xiao interrupted, “Who said that he’s your only little brother”

“...I only know this one right now. Can you stop bullying someone with amnesia? Shut up first, thank you very much!”

Ning Xiao arched an eyebrow. Seeing that Qi Le had the tendency to lose his temper, he felt a little happy and quietly waited for him to speak.

Qi Le looked at the time again and felt frantic inside. This wasn’t logical at all. Clearly, it was already past five minutes, why was this psycho not sleepy? He held back his temper. “We’ve known each other for several years. We’re all acquaintances. I don’t think we should strain the relationship, so let’s be friends in the future. Take good care of my lil brother. I wish you two happiness.”

Ning Xiao remained unmoved. “We’re just fooling around. What’s the point of making it sound so serious?"

You’re the worst kind of scum ah! Qi Le pursed his lips. “Up to you. Whatever it is, you must treat him well when you guys are together.”

Ning Xiao revealed a non-committal expression, waiting for the rest of his speech. Qi Le sat in silence, close to tears. Why the hell was he still not sleepy?Was it only effective if he lay in bed? Ning Xiao waited and raised his eyebrows. “That’s it? That’s why you called me here? To say all this nonsense?”

“How can that be nonsense?” Qi Le seriously refuted. “At least we’re friends now, right?”

Ning Xiao wasn’t a fool. He knew that this person wasn’t one either, so things must not be so simple. He made a faint grunt of agreement and waited.

“Um... You should help a friend in trouble, right?” Qi Le tested the waters. “I’m afraid to sleep alone, can you stay? How about you sleep on this big bed and I sleep on the folding bed?”

Ning Xiao didn’t answer, only staring at him. Qi Le looked back at him expectantly. “Besides, it’s getting late now. It’s too much trouble to go back, so you should just sleep here.”

Ning Xiao looked at his watch and found that it was just over 9 pm. He was sure there was something fishy. He walked over, took off his shoes to lie down and closed his eyes. Qi Le was excited, thinking to himself, you’re sleepy, aren’t you? He turned off the lights happily, waited in the folding bed and then turned on his cell phone. As soon as five minutes passed, he called out, “Ning Xiao? Ning Xiao? Ning Xiao? Have you fallen asleep?”

His voice sounded very cautious. Ning Xiao lay down in silence, thinking to himself, who could fall asleep in such a short time? Was this man an idiot? He couldn’t help reevaluating the man’s IQ. He thought it was boring to waste time with idiots. He was just about to get up and leave when he heard the man laughing with glee, “Oh, hahaha, he’s really asleep. That’s great!”

“...” Ning Xiao decided not to move for the time being to see what he really wanted to do.

Qi Le turned on the light happily and strode over to lift his quilt. “Hehe...”

Ning Xiao, “...”

Qi Le unbuttoned his shirt. “Tsk, tsk. He looks good when he sleeps, plus he has a good figure. No wonder so many people like him.”

If a man unbuttoned his clothes and praised his figure at any other time, Ning Xiao would definitely think it was because that person harbored intentions towards him, but if it was this man... Zheng Xiaoyuan didn’t dare to strip him like this before, so he was sure that the man had not recovered his memory, but the current situation was a bit strange. He thought for a moment and suddenly remembered the words Zheng Xiaoyuan had uttered when he was drunk last time. He knew that the man had recovered some memories, but he wasn’t sure to what extent. What did he want to do?

He continued to lay down, motionless, aware of the fact that his shirt had been stripped off. Then, a certain someone began to unbuckle his belt, which gave him a slight shock. His first reaction wasn’t disgust. Instead, he recalled the way this man had looked at him while he sat on the couch that time. There was a cold and enchanting look in his eyes. He thought to himself that if Zheng Xiaoyuan looked up at him like that while he gave him a blowjob... He felt his lower body stiffen and finally opened his eyes.

Qi Le has removed his trousers down to his feet, but the moment he noticed Ning Xiao’s reaction, he immediately shrank back and quickly finished removing his trousers. He froze, holding the shirt and trousers in his hands as he slowly looked up. Then, he lost his mind, Fuck! How could he still open his eyes after taking sleeping pills. Was he even human?!

Ning Xiao propped himself up and stared at him thoughtfully, his eyes dark and penetrating. “What are you doing?”

Qi Le regained his senses and said with a sincere expression, “I’m sorry, I’ll come back later” As soon as he finished speaking, he ran, carrying those two pieces of clothing with him. It took two seconds for Ning Xiao to react. He got out of bed and ran after him. Then, he saw a certain someone open the door and run away and without thinking, he chased after him. However, he had totally forgotten his current state and ran into a patient’s family just after he ran out. The little girl suddenly saw a man in underwear come out and screamed on the spot. “Ahhhh! Pervert! Ah, ah, ah!”

Ning Xiao, “...”

Ning Xiao immediately returned to the ward and slammed the door shut.

Qi Le turned back while he was still running and wanted to give a thumbs-up. Missy, you’re awesome ah!

Just now, he had guessed that Ning Xiao wasn’t far behind, so he subconsciously ran to the restroom to change his clothes, but the restroom and stairs were at opposite ends, so he had to bypass the ward later. Ning Xiao’s clothes were a little too big for him, but he had to make do. He quickly changed into them, bunched up his medical gown and left. He assumed that the man would be standing at the door, waiting for him. He might have even wrapped a bed sheet around his waist. If he was caught by Ning Xiao, his efforts would have been in vain. He looked at the room that was getting closer and closer, took a deep breath, and started to run. When he passed by, he saw the door wide open. He immediately cried out in an ear-splitting voice, “Ahhh! There’s a pervert!”

Ning Xiao, “...”

Ning Xiao closed the door again. When he went through the entire ward but couldn’t find half any clothing, he knew what the man’s motive was. He immediately realized that this person had only invited him here to steal his clothes and leave the hospital!

His cell phone and wallet were both in his trouser pocket, and the other person’s cell phone and wallet had also been taken away. He didn’t know who to call even if he went out to borrow someone’s cellphone, because he didn’t remember anyone’s number at all and it was useless to get the nurse to contact his family members either. When he had registered earlier, he had used his own number. Anyways, he wouldn’t bother trying because he was always arrogant and would rather die than be embarrassed this way. Now, his best option was to wait for a certain someone to get back.

In his entire life, he had never been so humiliated as he was today. He was livid with anger and shaking all over. He squeezed out the words, “Zheng. Xiao. Yuan!


P.S. I fell asleep halfway through translating (again lol) so there’ll be another update tonight 😚

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