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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 14 part2

“Where’s my inspiration, where’s my inspiration...” Qi Le twittered on, circling around the canvas in a hurry. But at this moment he heard the familiar roar of anger and started shaking all over. As soon as he knew that someone had called Ye Shuichuan and that he was coming soon, he glanced at the blank canvas and went mad with frustration. “They are forcing me to my death! Aargh!”

Qi Le’s voice was transmitted to the other end of the line, causing Ye Shuichuan’s expression to change drastically. He looked Tranny in the eye. Both of them immediately hung up and rushed out. The others wanted to follow but were stopped by the two so they could only wait to hear the results.

Qi Le struggled for a long time. He felt that he couldn’t paint in such a short time, yet these supplies couldn’t be seen by them. Otherwise, if Gu Bai knew about them later, he would be exposed. He searched high and low to find a suitable hiding place. Just when he had finished hiding everything away, a loud clamor sounded from the living room. He sighed and went to open the door.

With a bang, Ye Shuichuan and Tranny kicked the door in together and marched in. The latter was still on the phone, broadcasting the entire event live. “We just broke down the door...”

“Xiaoyuan? Xiaoyuan?” Ye Shuichuan anxiously called out. “Xiaoyuan, where are you? Why isn’t he here?!”

“We still haven’t found him for the time being,” Tranny waved his cellphone around to broadcast the scene. He suddenly caught sight of the corner of Qi Le’s shirt behind the door. He walked over and took a deep breath, “Found him... There’s blood everywhere..."

Ye Shuichuan rushed towards Qi Le. “Get him to the hospital quickly. Why the fuck are you on the phone at this time?!”

“Huh? Oh.” Tranny hung up. The people on the other end looked at each other and said, “Blood everywhere... Did he slit his wrists?” The rest were silent for a moment and nodded in reply.

But the reality of the situation was that Qi Le had hit his forehead again, and happened to slam into his wound. His mind blanked out as blood flowed down to his chin. It took him a long time to recover. He looked at them blankly, took a deep breath and comforted himself, “It’s okay, I’ll get used to it...”

Ye Shuichuan grabbed him by the shoulder. “How are you? Why did you suddenly come back?”

Qi Le asked dejectedly, “I want to be discharged so I won’t go back tonight. Will you complete the discharge formalities tomorrow?”

Ye Shuichuan nodded, “Okay, I’ll accompany you... Are you really ok?”

Qi Le, who had assumed that these people were going to drag him back, didn’t expect him to be so accommodating. He wiped the blood off his face, “It’s okay, I don’t need you to accompany me. You can leave now.”

“No, I must accompany you!” Ye Shuichuan wouldn’t let it go. Qi Le tried his best to get him to understand, “Gē, I have some personal matters. Can you go back? Then again, why are you here?”

“I’m afraid you’ll do something foolish!”

“...” Qi Le said, “Why would Laozi do anything foolish?!"

“Because you saw them sleeping together again!”

Qi Le inhaled and suppressed his temper. “Don’t worry, you can go. I won’t kill myself.”

Ye Shuichuan shook his head stubbornly. “I don’t believe you!”

Tranny and the Baby Face shook their heads as well. “We don’t believe you!”

Qi Le blew up at once, and like a trapped animal, he paced back and forth. He knew that the original owner was well-known for his stupidity, so much so that any explanation was useless but he obviously hadn’t "recovered" his memory yet! He glared at them, “I won’t do anything foolish. I’m no longer the old Zheng Xiaoyuan, thank you very much! Laozi and he are not the same kind of person at all, okay?!"

Ye Shuichuan and Tranny gasped in shock. At the same time, a sentence flashed through their minds: In short, if he says anything strange again later, just shake him hard to wake him up.

The two men immediately stepped forwards, grabbed Qi Le and began to shake vehemently. But they had forgotten that the man just hit his head again. As a result, Qi Le fainted before he had the time to say anything. Tranny blinked in surprise and looked at Ye Shuichuan, who gave a dry cough, “Later on.... if he’s still acting strange... we’ll shake him again. Let’s take him to the hospital.”

Tranny, “......”

Qi Le wasn’t out for long. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had already returned, and a familiar person was sitting beside his bed. It was Gu Bai. He opened his mouth and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“The rumors outside are crazy. I don’t believe any of it so I came to see you,” Gu Bai stared at him. “What were you up to this time? Did you go back to look for the painting? “

“Mmm, I’m afraid if I can’t find it... you’ll hit me.” Qi Le turned to him expectantly, trying his best to appear pitiful. He hoped Gu Bai would give him a few days’ grace, but Gu Bai merely nodded. "Mmm.”

Qi Le, “......”

Fucking hell! Must you be so heartless to others?!

Qi Le sighed in resignation, looked around and suddenly froze. “Where is this?”

“You’re in a single ward. I’m afraid that you’ll make more trouble so I transferred you here. Anyways, you’re only staying for one night, and I’ll pay for it. Don’t worry,”Gu Bai explained, bending over to set up the folding bed. “Oh, just in case of anything, I’ll keep an eye on you until you leave the hospital.”

Qi Le: “=口=!!!"


P.S. I’m back! I’m barely surviving on 3 hours of sleep and tons of coffee but thank God that’s over! Can’t wait to sleep more tonight💤

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