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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 14 part1

Qi Le stood stiffly at the door with a big bag of items in his hand. His expression was one of utter shock and he didn’t know how to react at the moment. The two men were also somewhat dazed. There was a brief silence in the hall. Ning Xiao seemed to regain his senses, “Close the door.”

Qi Le paused for a second before shutting the door. He looked up to see Ning Xiao pull out from Baby Face’s body. From his line of sight, he could even see the part where they were linked together. His expression cracked again, “=口=”

Ning Xiao arched his eyebrows slightly when he noticed that Qi Le didn’t look as indifferent as before. Obviously, the incident had hit him or at least affected him to some extent. He felt slightly relieved from being ignored in the hospital earlier and was about to speak when Baby Face beside him finally reacted and quickly picked up his clothes to cover his body. “Xiao... Xiao... Xiaoyuan gē...”

Baby Face’s voice woke Qi Le from his trance. He quickly reached out a hand to cover his eyes and ran to his bedroom. “You guys continue. Just ignore me...” He ran off and slammed the door. The two men who had been left behind in the living room looked at each other. Baby Face looked lost as he asked, “Xiao, what are we going to do...”

Ning Xiao stared at the closed door and then at Baby Face who was close to tearing up. Feeling that the mood had been interrupted, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked towards Qi Le’s room.

Qi Le was leaning against the door while he heavily patted his chest. He had lived for more than 20 years and had never even seen an AV, much less, something this exciting! On top of that, it was a live version. He had only one thought in his mind – too damn brutal!

Like the original owner of this body, he would start his third year after vacation, except, he didn’t live in the dormitory. The university at which Gu Bai was studying medicine was in the same city as his school, so they rented a place nearby to live together. Gu Bai had always been gentle and never talked about this topic. The boys in their class had discussed porn in the past, but he merely listened to their conversation and had never watched any of it. Gu Bai said that those sort of "films" would make him too excited, which wasn’t good for his body, so he wasn’t allowed to watch them. Thinking about it now, it was obvious that the man had an ulterior motive. And he fucking believed it at the time! But then he thought about how Gu Bai was studying medicine because of him and lost all resentment.

Qi Le thought about the man and his pounding heart finally returned to normal. He began working on his project at once. At this moment, the door was opened. He looked back and asked, “What’s up?”

Ning Xiao looked at him. “Why did you suddenly come home?”

“I need to do something.”

“What is it?”

Qi Le asked sarcastically, “Is it any of your business?”

Ning Xiao choked on his words. Baby Face was already dressed and carefully observed Qi Le. “Xiaoyuan gē, I...”

“I’m not upset” Qi Le casually reassured him. “Be good and continue with what you were doing. Don’t bother about me."

When Ning Xiao saw how nonchalant his behavior was again, he subconsciously frowned subconsciously and asked, “Does the doctor know that you left?"

“It’s none of your business.” Qi Le was in a hurry and had no time to deal with them. He brushed them off as he closed the door. Ning Xiao’s gaze turned chilly. He had actually taken the initiative to ask him a question but all he got was his careless attitude in return. He blocked Qi Le’s door. “Don’t be ungrateful.”

“Okay. Hurry up and leave.”

Ning Xiao, “...”

At this point, his gaze was completely icy. He stood still while Baby Face looked like he was about to burst into tears. “Xiaoyuan gē, we’re worried about you leaving the hospital like this. Especially since you caught us... Are you really not upset? It’s alright if you want to hit me, just don’t behave like last time... “

Fuck... The last of Qi Le’s patience was completely exhausted. “Fine, let’s make things clear once and for all. I’ll most likely never get back my memory in this life. As to everything that happened before this, I’ll just take it that it was my fault for being too easy. But I won’t behave that way again in the future. Who you want to love and what you want to do is your problem and has nothing to do with me, so what I do has nothing to do with you either. Have I made myself clear?"

Ning Xiao looked closely at that pair of impassive eyes. He narrowed his eyes and retreated. “You better remember what you just said.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t change till the day I die. So leave me alone. Goodbye!”

Baby Faced gawked at the door that was slammed shut and was slow to react. “Xiao... Xiaoyuan gē... will be ok, right?”

Ning Xiao knew that the man hadn’t recovered his memory and would naturally be fine. But he was in a bad mood, so he answered coldly, “I don’t know.”

Baby Face panicked at once. Ever since the man had cried in drunken stupor about how his lover and friend had an affair behind his back, they had all decided that he had actually remembered everything. However, the former Zheng Xiaoyuan would never say such cutting words. This wasn’t normal at all! After going through the last incident where Xiaoyuan had gone missing, he knew that he couldn’t wait until things got out of hand this time. He bit his lip and hastily dialled a number. “Gē, is Xiao Chuan gē with you? Xiaoyuan gē came back, but at the time Xiao and I were... were... “

Tranny was so startled that he immediately stood up. “Xiaoyuan caught the two of you going at it again?!" There were many people sitting beside him. At this moment, the bar suddenly got quiet. Ye Shuichuan, who sat beside him, looked surprised and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The others couldn’t fight their curiosity and yelled, “Turn on speakerphone!”

Tranny and Ye Shuichuan both wanted to find out what was going on, so they put the phone on speaker and placed it on the table. Ye Shuichuan quickly asked, “Why did Xiaoyuan go home?”

Baby Face gulped. “He didn’t say. He just went straight into his room after he saw us, and he won’t come out now.”

“He didn’t say anything?”

“He did. He said that it was his fault for being so cheap before, and in the future, we don’t have anything to do with him. He also said that he wouldn’t change even if he died."

The entire circle was shocked. Since when did Zheng Xiaoyuan have this sort of self-awareness? Ye Shuichuan looked Tranny in the eye, his heart suddenly sinking. He heard the crowd whispering, “He said a bunch of awful things... Do you think he’s suicidal?”

“Shut the fuck up, you damn jinx!” Ye Shuichuan glared at the crowd and shouted into the phone, “Get him to open up now!”

Baby Face rushed forwards. “Xiaoyuan gē, open the door!”

Qi Le was still struggling with what to paint and was feeling stressed out at the moment. He burst into rage when he heard Baby Face. “Was I not clear enough? Even if Laozi dies, that has nothing to do with you!” His voice reached the other end of the call and sounded throughout the bar. Everyone fell silent at once, except for Ye Shuichuan. “Kick the damn door!”

Baby Face sobbed even more pitifully, “I can’t kick it open...”

“Get Ning Xiao to do it!”

“I asked him. He doesn’t care...”

“Fuck this shit!” Ye Shuichuan was furious. “Turn on speakerphone!”

Baby Faced obediently followed his orders. Ye Shuichuan immediately yelled, “Ning Xiao, kick the door down now! Xiaoyuan might be suicidal!"

Ning Xiao answered coldly, “He’ll be fine.”

Before he could finish speaking, a bunch of garbled words sounded out from inside the room, “Ungrateful, fickle-minded ah... Cold-hearted ah... This time, I’m dead ah...."

Ning Xiao, “...”

Ye Shuichuan lost his shit. “FUCK!!!"

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