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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 13 part2

Qi Le turned and walked back to Yi Hang. Gu Bai had listened to their conversation clearly and was curious as to what Qi Le would say next. He followed after Qi Le, who glanced back at him. In fact, he didn’t care that Gu Bai was listening at all. He had long regarded Gu Bai as one of his own. There was no need for him to avoid Gu Bai. He looked at Yi Hang, “I just asked and it’s a false alarm. Your man doesn’t intend to take you out of the hospital.”

Gu Bai, “...”

Yi Hang’s eyes shone, “Really?”

“Shhh...” Qi Le stopped him and whispered, “Do you remember the doctor from before? He wants to drag you to the psychiatric department for further examination but your man refused and said that you aren’t ill. The doctor said that you shouldn’t be secretive about your disease. He said that since you are completely fine, then you should do a few tests to prove it. That’s why your man pretended to take you away. Just think about it, wouldn’t a patient like you, who has been labelled as mentally ill, be happy to leave the hospital now? But how did you react? You even said you don’t want to leave!”

Yi Hang had been so scared that he didn’t consider the rationality of his actions. He mumbled in a fluster, “What should I do?”

“It’s okay, your man just explained everything to me. The doctor is still observing so he wants to try it again. This time he’s going to carry you away and put you in the car. If you don’t resist, it means that you’re fine, so you can continue to stay on the second floor. Make sure you perform well!”

Yi Hang nodded, “I will!”

Gu Bai, “...”

Gu Bai couldn’t put this person and his impression of Zheng Xiaoyuan together. He couldn’t help but say, “You....” He wanted to ask if he had learned this from Xiao Le, but Qi Le suddenly looked over and winked at him, hinting that he shouldn’t say a word. His heart suddenly skipped a beat and in that instant, he fell into a trance. He didn’t know why but he felt that this person’s expression was somehow... just like Xiao Le’s.

His gaze deepened and he kept quiet.

Qi Le brought Yi Hang to Mr. Elite who carried him up at once. When he saw that he didn’t resist, he nodded to Qi Le with satisfaction and turned to leave. Yi Hang was stiff as he asked in a low voice, “Where... is the doctor hiding?”

Mr. Elite remembered what Qi Le had said and didn’t answer. When Yi Hang saw that he wouldn’t speak, he shut up and concentrated on acting, allowing him to carry him. Qi Le watched them go downstairs, went back to his ward and looked down through the window. He waited, and then waited some more. Soon he saw the two men appear in his line of sight. Then, Yi Hang was carried into the car, and Mr. Elite went to the front and started the car. At this moment, the co-pilot’s door suddenly opened a little, but was quickly closed again. With half of his head leaning out the window, Yi Hang yelled, “Fuck, this is all a lie! Ah, ah, ahhhhh! Zheng Xiaoyuan, fuck your whole family! Ah, ah, ahhhh!”

The car had already started moving into the distance, carrying those trailing roars of anger. Qi Le sighed in relief and turned around. The Taoist priest was looking out the window with a callous expression on his face. At this moment, he looked right into Qi Le’s eyes and quickly turned away. “I’m heading to the restroom.” Although he didn’t know what had happened, he could guess that it must be related to this man. He muttered to himself, Jesus, this man is too scary!

Qi Le sat down on his bed and drank some water to ease his nerves. Ye Shuichuan asked, “Didn’t you just say you wanted to go to the restroom?”

“You guys scared the pee right back into me.”

“...” Ye Shuichuan asked, “Aren’t people more likely to pee the more frightened they are?"

“...What can I do if I’m the opposite? Are you going to force me to pee right now?”

Ye Shuichuan, “......”

Gu Bai had straightened out his emotions. He brushed past the crowd and sat by his bed, “We should talk.”

“Mmm, let’s talk,” Qi Le waved at the others. “The psycho has already left. I’ll stay for another day. Go home.”

Ye Shuichuan had looked for Qi Le for such a long time, and finally it was Gu Bai who had informed him of his location. This alone was enough cause for him to pay attention to the situation, and after careful observation earlier, his intuition told him that there was something fishy about the two. He swept his gaze over the others and looked at them meaningfully as he pulled them away.

Ning Xiao was there too. He felt that he couldn’t find a trace of the former Zheng Xiaoyuan in this man. He properly cast his gaze on him for the first time. But, as a result, he didn’t even get a response. He frowned and finally left without saying anything.

Qi Le looked at Gu Bai and coughed dryly. “If I tell the truth... you can’t get angry.”

Gu Bai stared at him. “You don’t actually have any of those things, do you?”

“No, I definitely have them. I swear.” Qi Le looked at him solemnly, “You know that I lost my memory...”

Gu Bai arched an eyebrow. “So you don’t remember where they are?”

“I can’t remember clearly.” Qi Le looked at him carefully and said, “I was just afraid that you wouldn’t believe me... so I didn’t dare to tell you. But I’m sure I can find it. Really.”

Gu Bai didn’t answer, looking straight into his eyes. “The so-called truth... is this?”

Qi Le nodded, “Mmm.”

Gu Bai didn’t reply and stared at him for a long time before he finally got up and left in silence.

Qi Le wiped away the sweat on his brow. Do you think it’s fucking easy? How many brain cells had he wasted in just a few minutes? He was afraid that a certain someone would turn back and sit beside him for another hour before leaving.

When he finally succeeded in buying what he wanted, it was already late at night. He had memorized the address of the apartment and had taken his key with him before going to the cemetery. He took a taxi back, opened the door and froze instantly. The yellow lighting bathed the living room in a warm glow. Baby Face was kneeling on the couch, while Ning Xiao stood behind him as he held onto his waist. Their naked bodies were tangled together.

Qi Le, “=口=”

Fucking hell, it’s a damn live show!

Gu Bai couldn’t sleep when he got home. All he could think about was the look that Zheng Xiaoyuan had in his eyes. He sat up and thought to himself that even though Zheng Xiaoyuan couldn’t remember how he knew Xiao Le, Ye Shuichuan should know that much. He got dressed and drove to the bar.

Right now, the bar was filled with boisterous chatters. He sized up his surroundings and asked the bartender, “What are they talking about? Is Ye Shuichuan here?”

“You don’t know?” The bartender wiped a glass and said, “Well, apparently Zheng Xiaoyuan was still in the hospital but missed Ning Xiao so badly that he ran back home in the middle of the night. As a result, he caught those two going at it again. After he said some unsavory words, he locked himself in his room and slit his wrists. The latest news is that he’s been sent back to the hospital by Ye Shuichuan.”

Gu Bai, “...”


P.S. Don’t mess with QL, only GB can get away with it! (hehe😏 *cough* papapa *cough*) Also, poor ZXY, he might’ve been a fool, but those malicious rumors definitely made him sound a lot worse than he really was!

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