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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 12 part1

Qi Le quietly looked at Gu Bai, who was reading intently. Just by looking at him, it was easy to form a favorable impression of him. Many girls had liked him in school. Unfortunately, this person ignored all of them. Back then, he thought it was for the sake of his studies. It wasn’t until now that he discovered the truth.

Gu Bai turned a page without looking up. “Why are you looking at me? Did you remember something?”

Qi Le stopped daydreaming at once and felt a little uncomfortable. “No, I have a question about Qi Le."

Gu Bai paused for a second and looked up at him. “Go ahead.”

“How long...... have you liked him?”

Gu Bai didn’t answer and asked him instead, “When did you fall in love with Ning Xiao?”

Qi Le pursed his lips, “I heard it was since second year of high school. Why?”

“No reason, I’m just asking. I’ve been in love with him for longer than that. I found out in junior high that I liked him, and I don’t plan to change in this life......” As Gu Bai spoke, his gaze deepened with emotion. So what if he didn’t plan to change that the man was still gone. He was doomed to live a long, lonely life, always missing and longing for that person.

Qi Le knew that he was thinking of himself and felt a little sad. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned him.......”

Gu Bai looked at him, “If you hadn’t lost your memory, you wouldn’t have been able to let go of Ning Xiao. You definitely would look for him. You’ve only loved him for four years, while I have lived with Xiao Le for more than ten years. To me, he is no longer just a lover or a close friend, but now he’s gone. Do you understand how I feel?”

Qi Le suddenly remembered the past and what he had heard in the cemetery: “I feel like my soul is empty." He only felt an uncomfortable tingle in his nose, as tears threatened to spill, “I’m sorry .....”

Gu Bai was silent for a moment. “Do you really feel sorry?”


“Then why don’t you leave the hospital now and bring me the letter and painting? They are very important to me.”

Qi Le silently digested his words for a second, then turned over and lay back down. “You should continue reading.”

Gu Bai, “...”

Gu Bai looked at him coldly and wanted to ask if those things really existed at all when the door suddenly opened. A nurse came in with a young doctor and pointed at the Taoist priest, “That’s him.”

The doctor nodded and sat down while the nurse pushed the cart over to give them their medicine. Qi Le asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you say he was sick yesterday? I just went to the psychiatric department to inform them. This is the new doctor, he’s... how do you call it?” The little nurse paused as she looked for the right words. “More enthusiastic.”

Qi Le, “......”

Shit, why is his luck so "good?" Psychiatrists in this hospital have long been accustomed to this kind of disease. Traditionally, only the nurses would pay attention to this matter, unless it happened too frequently. But now there was a new person who was highly enthusiastic. He looked over with trepidation, only to hear the doctor say, “I heard that when you woke up, you thought you were someone else?"

The Taoist priest didn’t want to go back to the psychiatric department. He looked calm and composed, “I lost my memory.”

“You’re not doing the right thing.” The doctor gently advised, “You shouldn’t hide your problem. How can I diagnose you properly if you don’t tell me the truth?”

The Taoist priest remained unaffected. “I lost my memory.”

“Work with me.” The doctor lowered his voice, “I heard that this hospital often has patients who claim to have switched bodies the moment they wake up. Is that really the case? I want to do an investigation to see whether this is a disease or a displacement of the soul. Perhaps I can solve what happened to you.”

“I lost my memory.”

Qi Le could hear their conversation very clearly, and he started shivering with fear instantly. He looked at Gu Bai and saw that the latter was also paying attention to their conversation. He hastily burst out, “Um..... I’m still a little dizzy, can you wash an apple for me?” Based on his understanding of Gu Bai, he should help him with such a small matter.

Gu Bai looked at him and asked, “Where are the apples?”

“Aren’t they on the table......” Qi Le turned around and saw Yi Hang holding the last apple, blinking his sparkling eyes as he nibbled at it. At this moment, he noticed Qi Le’s gaze and turned to look at him, slowly putting it back, “Here you go.....”

Qi Le, “......”

After trying and failing to persuade the Taoist priest, the doctor walked over to Yi Hang and said, “I heard that you have the same symptoms, right?”

Yi Hang quietly took back the apple and nibbled at it.

“Relax, I don’t have any other intentions.”

Yi Hang continued to chew.

“If you cooperate, I’ll think of some way to get you out of the hospital earlier, ok?”

Yi Hang put away the apple and went to sleep.

Doctor, “...”

The doctor cast all his remaining hope on Qi Le, “You’ve stayed with them for so long so you should know a lot about them, right?”

Qi Le, “Haha.”

“What symptoms did they have when they woke up?”


Doctor, “...”

The man had no way to let out that burning enthusiasm and left clutching his disordered heart. Gu Bai looked shocked, “What did he mean by switching bodies?”

Qi Le broke out in a cold sweat and said with a quick laugh, “How can you believe in such a thing? In fact, both of them have something wrong with their heads.”

The two men immediately looked over. Qi Le glared at them ferociously, his eyes revealing a blatant threat, if you dare to talk, you’re dead meat! Yi Hang bowed his head and played with his fingers. The Taoist priest sat cross-legged and said nothing. Qi Le happily explained, “They’ve both been to the psychiatric department. I you don’t believe me, you can ask the nurse.”

Gu Bai asked, “Since you’re clear about the matter, why didn’t you answer the doctor just now?”

“...” Qi Le said, “Because of that ah.....”

Gu Bai arched his eyebrow. “Hmm?”


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