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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 10 part2

“No, it’s nothing,” Qi Le pursed his lips. Since you’ve already said it, then why are you still torturing yourself? Is it fun to come here in the middle of the night to have a drink?”

“I didn’t come here in the middle of the night. I really couldn’t sleep and stayed up until 4am, so I just came to see him. I’m not torturing myself, just.......” Gu Bai’s voice was very low. He paused and didn’t say more. Instead, he asked, “How would you feel if Ning Xiao died?”

Qi Le didn’t have to think before he replied, “I’ll be so happy I’d set off firecrackers!”

Gu Bai, “...”

Qi Le blinked innocently, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you love him very much?”

“That was in the past. Right now, leaving him an intact corpse is considered doing him a favor.”

Gu Bai sized him up and felt that he wasn’t lying. He looked at the tombstone in front of him again. “You can let go of him, but I can’t.” He stretched out a hand and caressed the photo on the top, his gaze swirling with unfathomable emotions. “I’ve loved him for so many years. Now that he’s dead, I feel like my soul is empty.......”

Qi Le had just taken a sip of beer to moisten his throat but when he heard this sentence, he sprayed the tombstone with that mouthful instantly. None of it was "wasted".......

Fuck! What did he just hear? Was this the Erquan that he knew? Was this still the world that he was familiar with?!

Gu Bai’s hands froze. He slowly turned around and glared coldly at him.

What’s that look in your eyes? What’s wrong with me spitting on my own tombstone? Huh? What’s wrong with that?! Qi Le shuffled backwards, completely afraid to speak. If someone had so much as hurt a finger of his in the past, this man would’ve dealt with that person, much less spitting onto his tombstone. Moreover, there was a Chinese saying that the dead should be respected.....

“I didn’t mean to.......” He saw the man’s expression turn more and more ugly and immediately got up, ready to turn and run. Gu Bai had always been gentle, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t fight. In fact, this man had specially learned fighting skills before. Although he seldom fought once he entered high school, but now the situation was completely different, especially since the "person" he spat on was Gu Bai’s “beloved Qi Le." It would be a miracle for Gu Bai not to throw him a punch.

You asshole, before this, you wouldn’t even bear to hurt half my finger. Now you want to fucking hit me....... He lamented in his heart and turned to run, but was so unlucky that he tripped on his own two feet, immediately losing balance. He suddenly fell to one side and crashed his head into the tombstone beside him with a loud bang.

Aiyo, fuck my life ah....... Qi Le felt his mind go blank. The world was quiet in an instant. His body was suddenly pulled back up the next moment. The person in front of him pressed his weight down onto him, blocking out most of the sunlight. He couldn’t help squinting when he realized that the man had raised his fist and was about to give him a good beating. He yelled out with all his remaining strength, “Erquan, don’t you dare hit Laozi.....”

Gu Bai froze as soon as he heard everything clearly. Then, he lifted him up, “What did you just call me? How do you know....... “He had no choice but to stop speaking. The person before him had already fainted. As a result, his cap had already fallen to one side, revealing the bandage on his forehead. Blood oozed out from the wound underneath the bandage, gradually dyeing it a bright red.

When Qi Le regained consciousness, he saw the familiar ceiling as soon as he opened his eyes and only stared blankly without blinking at all. Before he could even speak, some idiot’s face suddenly appeared in his sight, leaving him completely dumbstruck.

“Um....... are you awake? Welcome to bed No.2, Ward 222, Block 2 of Shen Ai Hospital, “Yi Hang turned his sparkling eyes at him. “My dear... Do you still remember me, my dearest? Do you know who you are, my dear? Do you have the illusion that you’re actually someone else? Ai, Taoist priest,” he said as he turned to the side. “Quickly take a look at him. Did this body change another soul?”

The person over there sat cross-legged with a calm expression and made a divination by counting his fingers, “An evil spirit.”

“...” Qi Le cursed “.......Fuck ah! Why am I back here again?!"

Yi Hang breathed out a sigh of relief and patted him comfortingly. “Thank goodness, buddy. Thank goodness you’re still you. Just think about it, what if your soul entered a woman’s body instead?"

Qi Le, “......”

The Taoist priest on the other side immediately asked, “Is that him?”

Yi Hang nodded, “Still him.”

“That’s great!” The Taoist priest quickly got out of bed, pulled out a strand of Qi Le’s hair, and sat back on his bed contently. “I’ll make a voodoo doll to kill him once I get discharged."

Qi Le, “......”

Yi Hang, “...”

Qi Le looked around and noticed that the windows were flushed with sunset orange. It was obviously evening now. He frowned, “Who sent me here?”

“A man.” Yi Hang answered patiently, “He sent you here to change your bandages. But the nurse saw that it was you and found that you hadn’t gone through the discharge process yet, so she sent you back to your ward."

Qi Le asked, “Where is he?”

“He left, but then came back again after changing his clothes. He was just here........” Yi Hang hadn’t finished speaking when they heard a click from the door. Qi Le looked over. It was a handsome visitor – Gu Bai, whom they were just talking about.

He froze, not saying a word.

Gu Bai sat by his bed and looked him in the eye. “How do you know...... that nickname?”

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