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C City Shen Ai Hospital, 6th Floor, Inpatient Ward 2:

Qi Le lay on the hospital bed as he nagged incessantly, “I have a few paintings in my wardrobe that I prepared as gifts for you. Take good care of them. If I become famous in the future, they’ll all become valuable. I’ve written your names at the top so when the time comes, don’t you dare fight over them!"

“I’ll definitely fight over them, so you should just give them to me in person.” Gu Bai held his hand, the corners of the mouth slightly lifting upwards to form a faint smile.

“Oh..... ok,” Qi Le looked pale, but his eyes were very bright; his mood was rarely this good. He turned to look at him. “I still have half a carton of milk in my cupboard. It’ll expire tomorrow, so Erquan, help me finish it when you get home.”

Gu Bai, “...”

“There might still be half a ham left, finish that as well ah.” Qi Le thought some more and recalled, “Oh, I’ve not washed my socks. Help me wash them, also.....”

“You wish,” Gu Bai interrupted. “Wash it yourself once you get out of here.”

Qi Le laughed, “I’m craving for roast duck from the restaurant near our school.”

“Ok, I’ll give you a treat next time.”

Qi Le had just said an, “Mmm,” when the door of the ward opened and several nurses entered. It appeared that it was time for the operation. He looked at the man and woman standing by the side and wanted to say something, but he held himself back. Over the years, his parents had suffered because him. The words he wanted to say had already been long spoken. Anything he said now would only cause more tears. Why bother? Mother Qi’s eyes were red, “We’ll wait for you to come out.”

Qi Le nodded and then turned to look at the girl beside him; she was his girlfriend.

She smiled, “I’ll be waiting for you as well.”

Qi Le looked around; his family, his closest friend and his girlfriend were all there. He had already received all the love and affection that he ought to have experienced. He certainly hadn’t lived in vain. As the nurse pushed him out, he looked at the little boy holding Mother Qi’s hand, “Take good care of dad and mum in the future, xiaodi.”

Mother Qi couldn’t hold back the tears anymore; Father Qi frowned, “What nonsense are you talking about, you rascal?”

Qi Le quickly added, “Be good and listen to me, xiaodi. When gege comes out, I’ll buy you candy.”

Father Qi looked at his son, who smiled after he finished speaking, as if he was trying to coax them. Seeing those blue lips that were common to heart disease patients, he felt a stab of pain in his chest and tried to endure the tingle in his nose. He sighed, and slowly rubbed his son’s head. The others followed behind as Qi Le was wheeled out of ward 606, into the elevator, up to the eighth floor, and into operating room 808. Qi Le secretly nodded, this room number’s lucky enough. He should be ok.

Gu Bai watched as he was about to enter, and struggled about something for a moment before running after him, “Xiao Le, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you.”

“Huh?” Qi Le looked at him, “What is it?”

Gu Bai’s mood was complicated, “I’ll tell you after you’re out.”

Qi Le had been friends with him since they were little. With one glance, he could tell that this guy wasn’t joking. On top of that, it seemed like it was an extremely important matter. He tried to look outside through the gap in the operating room doors. The success rate of this operation was rather low. If it failed, he would never know what Gu Bai had wanted to say to him. This guy shouldn’t have brought it up at all, but now that he did without explaining what it was about, Qi Le’s curiosity was piqued and there was no way to get rid of that. If he really had any regrets, this would definitely be one of them.

“Erquan, you bastard......”

The doors of the operating room closed with a bang.

Qi Le felt his consciousness fading. He was surrounded by darkness for a long time. Then, he saw a ray of light radiating from somewhere in front of him. It was as if a door was slowly opening for him; he could even hear a drawn-out creaking sounding his ear. The light grew brighter and brighter until that glare forced him to his eyes. When he finally opened them again, he found himself lying in a hospital bed. His body wasn’t as weak as before, but his head was pounding like it had been severely bashed in.

This was a three-person ward. He was lying in the middle bed and the left and right beds were empty. At the moment, he was the only one in the room. He sat up in surprise and saw three words printed on the snow-white quilt: Shen Ai Hospital. Below that, there was a small line of words: God cares for everyone.

He nodded slightly, this hospital was indeed right, but this wasn’t the ward that he had stayed in before. Where was this? He reflexively touched his chest and immediately froze. His chest wasn’t bandaged nor did he feel any pain. Didn’t they operate on him?

He untied his hospital gown, lowered his head and looked at his hands and then at the chest that appeared smaller than what he was used to. His pupils contracted, this didn’t seem to be his body......

At this moment, the door opened with a click. The person who walked in was slightly shocked and immediately rushed forwards, “You’re awake? You’re awake?”

Qi Le opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. Living in this era, there was a word which was especially popular, that was "transmigration." Did this mean that he nailed the Grand Prize?

“What’s wrong?” The man waved his hand anxiously, “How many fingers am I holding up?”


“Mmm, you’re not an idiot.” The man sat down and stayed quiet for a moment. “I heard that when you got back home, Ning Xiao was fucking that trashy little bitch?”

Qi Le hadn’t yet regained his senses; his subconscious reaction was, “Huh?”

“What huh? Everyone already knows about what happened. Do you think by playing dumb you can pretend it didn’t happen?” He lamented, “Xiao Yuan, you’re a fucking fool. How many times have I told you that that person’s a scum. Why won’t you listen?”

Qi Le slowly calmed himself down, looked at the man in front of him, who resembled an seductive demon, and said resignedly, “That.....”

“Why, are you still trying to make excuses for that person?” Seductive Demon sneered, “Ning Xiao didn’t even come to see you while you were unconscious for the past two days. Ning Xiao really doesn’t love you or give a shit about you! Wake up, Xiao Yuan!” He shook Qi Le vehemently as he spoke.

Fuck..... Qi Le’s head started to hurt even more. It was as if someone was holding a hammer and knocking away at his temple. Fortunately, this person had only shook him twice, otherwise, he would’ve fainted. He held back his temper, “Hear me out first......”

"What else is there to say?” Seductive Demon raised his voice to interrupt him, “As soon as you’re discharged, you’re moving out. Don’t live together anymore. You’re not a servant, how can you let that person order you around every day? Let me tell you, Xiao Yuan,” he stared at him. “If you make the same mistake again this time, Laozi will beat you to death!"

Qi Le finally understood a little of what he was saying. This was a dog-blood story of “I love you, but you don’t love me." And the main character of this story also happened to tragically run into his lover’s happy spring palace. He probably couldn’t handle the strain, and that was why he transmigrated into this body. The person he loved was called Ning Xiao? Humph, she actually had sex with someone in the apartment they shared. He didn’t need this sort of woman!

He felt a throbbing pain in his skull and couldn’t help touching his forehead. He sighed, it’s no wonder it hurt so much – his head was bandaged.

“Xiao Yuan?” Seductive Demon moved closer, noticed how awful his expression was and quickly got up, “I’ll get the doctor...... What the hell are you doing here?!"

Qi Le looked up, and saw that a few more people had appeared at the door. Seductive Demon gave an unnatural smile, “Welcome everyone, did the sun rise from the west today? You trashy little bitch, Xiao Yuan has always been good to you, hasn’t he? But you actually went and slept with Ning Xiao. How dare you show your face around here?!"

One of the new visitors got angry at once and raised a hand to point at him, “Clean that dirty mouth of yours? How is my brother trashy? Not like some people.... Ning Xiao obviously doesn’t like him at all but he still shamelessly hangs onto him. Everyone knows how trashy that person is!”

Qi Le’s forehead twitched. Although he knew he was talking about the original owner of this body, it was still impossible for him to endure. In his mind, he cursed, you fucking tranny!

Seductive Demon couldn’t stand him either; he threw down the bag on his shoulder and rolled up his sleeves. Not to be outdone, the man prepared himself for a fight as well. The scene turned chaotic. Qi Le was somewhat moved; because of a few words, Seductive Demon was actually willing to fight someone. In the past, only Gu Bai had protected him that much. This Seductive Demon and the original owner of this body must’ve had a pretty good relationship.

There were four of them, and Seductive Demon was currently playing hardball with one of them. Two of them quickly tried to pull them apart. The last guy didn’t move at all. He merely leaned against the wall with his arms folded. Qi Le sized him up – he was handsome with dark eyes and thin lips. At first glance, he could tell that this man was the cold, unfeeling type. He asked, “You don’t care?”

Without a word, Ning Xiao glanced at him and then reverted his gaze.

Fuck, he’s so arrogant!

Qi Le watched the chaotic situation that was unfolding before him with resignation, only to see Seductive Demon break away from one of them. He didn’t care that Small Shirt Guy was being held back and forcefully pressed the other party on the floor, pounding his fists at him, “Your brother is trash and you’re not much better either. I’ve yet to settle scores with you for stealing away my man!"

The other guy snorted, then countered with a fist, “How dare you mention that matter?! You threw away all my clothes and I almost had to go home naked after I was done!"

“...” Qi Le’s mouth twitched, so these two men actually had beef with each other. He was touched for nothing...

He got out of bed to look for someone to ask about the current year. He insincerely coaxed, “There are plenty of fish in the sea. No point getting ugly over a woman ah......"

The both of them turned a deaf ear; Seductive Demon realized that he couldn’t throw the other party off, so he grabbed his arm and fiercely bit down. The man screamed, grabbed the fruit his friend was carrying and smashed it down. There was a loud thump as the watermelon bumped into Seductive Demon’ head and cracked open. It was a tragic sight.

Qi Le: “......”

He was just about to walk past them but the man thought that he wanted to help his friend, so he grabbed a piece of watermelon and threw it at him, “You dare come over?”

That piece of watermelon smacked Qi Le’s face in an instant, sliding down slowly as it left a mess. He had obviously expected to see Qi Le’s weak and cowardly expression as usual, but he wasn’t in luck this time. Instead, the man before him had eyes so dark that he could almost see an ominous glint within those depths. It shocked him greatly.

“Fuck off!” Seductive Demon roared, seized the opportunity to overturn him and pounced on him.

Qi Le slowly wiped his face clean while smiling sinisterly at the other guy. Then, he pulled aside Seductive Demon by the collar, sat on the other guy, grabbed the broken watermelon on the side and slapped it onto his face. Watermelon pulp splattered all over, “How dare you fucking hit me?!"

The man was completely stunned. The rest of them were shocked by that scene as well, and forgot to intervene. Qi Le held him down, smacking the watermelon onto his face until only the skin was left, then casually threw it aside and grabbed another piece and continued to whack his face all over again. He moved at an unbelievably fast speed, taking just a few seconds to switch from one piece to another, again and again and again, until it was impossible to see the man’s facial features.

Ning Xiao, “...”

The others, “=口=”

Seductive Demon dragged Small Shirt Guy to the bed, dug out a piece of paper from his own bag, and wiped his face as he sighed with emotion, “Aiyo, you, poor thing.... you, poor thing......."

The two men who were supposed to stop them from fighting finally came back to their senses and rushed forwards. Qi Le got up slowly, not waiting for them to come over, as he calmly adjusted his hospital gown. After this ordeal, his head hurt even more. He rubbed his forehead, wondering why the nurse wasn’t here yet. At that moment, he heard a noise from the corridor. Then, a man with a bandaged head ran past the door. Several people grabbed him from behind, trying to drag him back. He shouted loudly, “This isn’t my body. I just had an operation. How did this suddenly happen? There’s something wrong with this hospital! I want to leave right now! Ahhhhhhhh!”

Qi Le was excited; he pointed outside and was about to say that he was like that guy when he heard the doctor growl, “I’ve contacted the psychiatric department. Hold him down quickly! Why does this happen all the time? Where is the tranquilizer? Give him a shot!”

Qi Le, “=口=”

Seductive Demon walked to the front, “.....Xiao Yuan?”

Qi Le suddenly regained his senses and churned out those damn dog-blood lines, “I seem..... to have lost my memory.”


P.S. Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter.

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