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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 9.3

The surrounding air turned icy cold.

"This... What is going-" Anxiously trying to lift his legs but to no avail, Zhao Yu Heng got increasingly nervous and continued his futile attempts at moving his legs. It was almost as if these pair of legs did not belong to him as he could not feel them at all. "Don’t joke with me... What is this...? It can’t be cramps ba?"

His voice got softer and softer as he looked down at the floor. A dark shadow appeared from the alley and moved slowly towards him until it was within his sight.

In that instance, Zhao Yu Heng lost all courage to lift his head.

The icy cold wind blew past, from the shadow reflected on the ground, he could see ’it’s’ hair flying, but he could not feel anyone standing before him.

He did not dare to raise his head.

He knew who this shadow belonged to, a person he was very familiar with, and there was no way he would get it wrong.

A stream of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead.

Just like in the comics, the shadow slowly raised a hand towards him. A little shakily as the hand got closer and closer to him.

Zhao Yu Heng felt his hands trembling.

Yu Yin dodged the objects flying towards him, based on pure instincts.

An unused metal keyboard flew past his face, smashing into the gla.s.s behind him. The shattering sound followed after and without having to look back, Yu Yin could tell that the things behind him had been smashed to smithereens.

Threading the side to avoid the broken pieces on the ground, Yu Yin stared at the person before him, "Don’t start getting physical, I still have something to say to you."

"What else do you have to say?" Raising his brow, w.a.n.g Hong asked coldly.

"He Mu Yan, Zhu Yi and Xie Li Yu are all dead. Are you really not afraid?" Yu Yin forced himself to calm down. Don’t lose your composure just because of his sudden movements, observe him and slowly trick information out of him.

"I’m really curious about how much you really know." w.a.n.g Hong squinted his eyes as he glared at Yu Yin.

"That night, He Mu Yan and Xie Li Yu took ’something’ to throw away. They hailed a taxi in front of the hospital to bring them to the suburban area. Due to the lack of proper ’wrapping’, a lot of blood were left in the taxi. Although the taxi driver has already cleaned it, the police still managed to determine the blood was human blood. In that case, what is inside that bag, we don’t have to elaborate." Yu Yin linked the truths that he had uncovered up until now and listed them out.

w.a.n.g Hong took two steps forward before he stopped. His eyes shone as he spoke, "That’s right, Ah Mu and the others acted according to my instructions. The money for the taxi was also paid by me. So what? Now that those two useless guys are dead, who can prove this thing? At most, the police would have traced this to those two. Ha, they are dead anyway, the dead can be responsible for as many crimes."

Yu Yin looked at him and snorted, "That might not be true, as long as we can find the real body, we can retrieve DNA samples for evidence. By then, I guess the people responsible for this won’t be just the two of them. Don’t forget you just said it yourself, who and who had a good time in this incident."

"That is on the basis that they can find the body." Cracking his fingers, w.a.n.g Hong laughed arrogantly, "Even if they found the body, how can the police prove that I am the one who killed her-"

"Of course they can!" Yu Yin interrupted while internally counting his chances to escape. "Why are the machines outside so dirty but the back alley is so clean? One look at those machines will tell that the back alley is not used often, so why is there a need to clean it? On that day when you guys were carrying the ’bag’, it was dripping blood. That was even mentioned by the driver. If I was to get the police to collect the blood sample from this alley and compare it with that found on the taxi, what do you think we will find?"

w.a.n.g Hong’s eyes had a murderous glint as he glared at Yu Yin, "I think you should go accompany that b.i.t.c.h, Lin Xiu Jing! With two people lying together, you two won’t be lonely." Taking out a b.u.t.terfly knife, he waved the knife and the light was reflected harshly from the knife’s blade into the toilet.

Looking at the man who was steadily getting closer, Yu Yin smiled, "Lin Xiu Jing was really killed by you."

Stunned for a moment, w.a.n.g Hong had yet to react but Yu Yin made his move. He ran forward, pushing past w.a.n.g Hong and dashed for the back door without a moment of hesitation.

However, w.a.n.g Hong was not an easy person. He reacted quickly and grabbed onto Yu Yin’s collar, pulling him back and throwing him onto the ground. The two wrestled for a while and Yu Yin pulled something off of w.a.n.g Hong’s neck. He blacked out for a few seconds, and that few seconds caused him to be at a disadvantage.

Standing up, w.a.n.g Hong stepped hardly onto Yu Yin’s chest. "You think I would let you run away so easily?" w.a.n.g Hong said coldly as he looked down at Yu Yin, "What did you mean just now?"

Catching his breath, Yu Yin coughed before he pathetically returned a cold laugh, "From the start till the end, I never mentioned the words ’corpse’ or ’Lin Xiu Jing’. You admitted yourself that you killed Lin Xiu Jing."

"d.a.m.n you! Go to h.e.l.l!"

Yu Yin stared wide eyes at the b.u.t.terfly knife that was getting closer to him.

In that moment, he saw it——

A pair of white, swollen hands reached out from the mirror behind w.a.n.g Hong and strangled him as it pulled him backward.

Before he even had the chance to cry out, w.a.n.g Hong’s head crashed harshly into the mirror.

’Ke-dong’ the crash resounded loudly.

Blood and shattered gla.s.s mixed together, falling onto his body.

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