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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 9.2

If there was anyone else in the arcade that sounded familiar to Yu Yin, then there is no one other than Zhao Yu Heng.

The metal shutters rattled again, it was being lowered down.

It was silent for a moment before a sudden and loud crash was heard. "d.a.m.n! You want to hide?" w.a.n.g Hong snorted before he snapped loudly. "You are just like Ah Mu, right? Both of you wanted to run away! Don’t forget how much money the bunch of you still owes me! If I’m not happy, I can easily make you and your families live a living h.e.l.l!"


Yu Yin was very disturbed by this word, added to the fact that someone once told him that w.a.n.g Hong knew all of his employees’ address... Could it be that some of his employees used to be customers of the arcade?

"No la... Recently, I just felt that something is not right... I’m afraid that Jing..."

"Shut up!" Cutting off the other party, w.a.n.g Hong grabbed the other party with one hand and slammed him on top of one of the nearby machines. "Even the police is unaware of what happened to that b.i.t.c.h, so you better keep your mouth shut! Otherwise, I will let you go down and meet Ah Mu and the others!"

Hearing this, Yu Yin had an idea of what happened.

Lin Xiu Jing’s death is definitely related to them.

"I, I told you guys before not to do it... Jing, Jing she... She is my girlfriend ah!" Seeming to vent out his unhappiness, the one that was being slammed against the machine shouted, then he glared at w.a.n.g Hong, "I thought you guys will let her off!"

’Pa’ a resounding slap echoed in the arcade, followed by w.a.n.g Hong’s cold laughter, "Humph, a coward like you still dare to bring up that b.i.t.c.h in front of me, and now you dare to raise your voice? When that b.i.t.c.h was being done by us, you didn’t even dare to make a sound! Your girlfriend? Ha, that day you ran away too quickly. You should’ve stayed and see how s.l.u.tty she looked!"

"w.a.n.g Hong!"

Growling with anger, Zhao Yu Heng got up and raised his fist, wanting to fight it out with w.a.n.g Hong.

Easily dodging that fist, w.a.n.g Hong sent his own punch at Zhao Yu Heng’s stomach ruthlessly. One punch and Zhao Yu Heng fell helplessly onto the ground. "You better don’t think of calling the cops. Don’t forget, what happened to that b.i.t.c.h, you had a part in it."

Then, he turned and walked towards the service counter.

Zhao Yu Heng did not make a sound for a long time.

Just as Yu Yin was thinking about how to leave this place, a sudden icy cold air blew against the back of his head. Without thinking, he turned around, wanting to see where that icy cold air came from.

As soon as he turned, he came face to face with a woman’s face.

Yu Yin took less than a second to cover his mouth, in case he accidentally let out a cry of surprise.

That woman glared at him for a long while, until Yu Yin’s back was dripping with cold sweat, then did she slowly moved away and ’walked’ outside.

Gathering his courage, Yu Yin sneaked his head out to look at the situation outside.

The woman went through multiple machines before she stood next to Zhao Yu Heng and looked down coldly at him. Then, she went towards w.a.n.g Hong. However, she had fear on her face, as if she was afraid to approach him.

At that instant, the sound of leopard cats mewling echoed in the arcade.

’Where is the sound of cats mewling coming from?"

w.a.n.g Hong immediately turned on high alert and the woman disappeared into thin air.

"Cat...?" Forcing himself up from the ground, Zhao Yu Heng looked left and right. "There is nothing ah..."

"Something is wrong, search the arcade!" w.a.n.g Hong ran out of the service counter and headed for the back door.

Why was he able to hear the cat mewling?

Yu Yin had no time to think, he immediately hid back into the toilet.

Not long after, a string of curses came from the outside. "The back door has been opened! Immediately check if anyone is hiding inside!" w.a.n.g Hong roared angrily, "If the conversation just now had been heard, we are all dead!"

Immediately following after to search for intruders, Zhao Yu Heng’s expression was visibly nervous as well.

What are they afraid of?

"Who are you?""

After separating from Yu Yin, Yu could not find anything so he went back to the entrance and waited for a while. Just as he was about to walk down the way that Yu Yin went, an unfamiliar voice called out to him from behind.

Momentarily stunned, Yu immediately turned his head and saw someone unfamiliar standing behind him. Obviously, he just came out from the arcade.

"You are..." The other party squinted his eyes at him, staring at him for a while, as if he is thinking. "You are Ah Guan’s friend... uh, the one next to him?"

At the same time the other person recognized him, Yu also recognized the other party as one of w.a.n.g Hong’s employees.

"What are you doing here?" Grabbing onto Yu’s shoulders, Zhao Yu Heng demanded rudely, "Where is Ah Guan’s friend? What are you two doing here?

The moment Yu saw Zhao Yu Heng, he knew that something was not right. Shaking his head furiously, Yu struggled to break free from the grip as he deduced that something must have happened inside the arcade.

"Speak! What are you two trying to do here?" Keeping a strong hold on the youth, Zhao Yu Heng shouted at the boy, "What are you suspecting? Tell me now!" As if a secret had been exposed, his eyes were strained with red linings, turning back to the cowardly person he was previously.

Purple eyes stared widely at the person before him.

"Tell me!"

In that instant, just as Zhao Yu Heng wanted to take a step forward, he felt a sudden pain in his legs. He let out a cry of pain and at the same time let go of Yu.

Twisting his elbow free, Yu took the chance to run away.

Originally, Yu intended to head in from the fire escape route that Yu Yin went in from, but he remembered there should have been another person with Zhao Yu Heng, suggesting that Yu Yin’s current situation should not be better than his own, so rushing in now would not be helpful.

"Stop!" Bearing the pain as he was about to give chase, Zhao Yu Heng shouted angrily.

If he went in now, they would be stuck inside together.

Coming to this decision quickly, Yu immediately took off to the streets.

"G.o.dd*mnit, stop!" Just as Zhao Yu Heng was about to give chase, he stopped after taking a couple of steps. "What, what’s going on...?" A shiver went down his spine.

He watched the youth disappeared from his sight as he stood there unmovable as if his feet were nailed to the ground.

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