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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 9.1

Yu Yin squinted his eyes, looking at the person who was peeling a pear beside him, "Don’t you have to work?" This guy is really free, isn’t he?

"I do the night shift in addition to any unexpected calls, so it is normal for me to be free now." Carving the pear into a flower, Yan Si put the pear on a plate before handing it over. "More like the kid over there, don’t you have to attend?" Looking towards Yu, he asked.

"Eh..." That’s right, why didn’t he thought of that? Dad said Yu is going to be 18 soon, logically, he should be in High school, third year. At this timing, he should be attending with everyone else. "Yu, which school do you study at?"

Yu shook his head, opening his notebook as he wrote, "Dropped out of school"

"Dropped out of school" Yu Yin frowned, Dad wouldn’t have let him continued to stay dropped out of school ah.

Yu nodded his head but did not state the reason. This made Yu Yin a little embarra.s.sed to force an answer out of him.

Maybe he just needed a break ba?

Just as the ward fell into silence, Yan Si’s phone rang, "Excuse me". He took out his phone and left the ward.

Yu Yin sat on the side of the bed, suddenly he recalled the pictures he just saw.

Now that everyone has died, all he knows now is the two remaining people at the arcade.

w.a.n.g Hong and Zhao Yu Heng.

He wants to confirm something.

The voices that he heard in his dreams, one of the laughter sounded like w.a.n.g Hong.

Turning his head, he looked at Yu, who was looking back at him. "You know where I am going." Yu Yin stated as he got up. Luckily, dad brought him a set of clothes. Picking out a shirt and pants, he got changed. Although his head was still a little dizzy, it did not affect his movements too much.

Standing up as well, Yu followed behind him, not approving or stopping him from leaving, just silently followed behind.

"... You really like to follow eh!"


The arcade was not like it was usually, the main entrance is locked and even the metal shutters were pulled down. The previous scene where many customers were walking in and out of the arcade was nowhere to be seen.

Changing a few buses to get there, the duo was momentarily stunned upon seeing the locked doors.

The surrounding was empty as if the scene they saw the last few days was an illusion.

"That’s strange... Why would the arcade be closed today?" Yu Yin flicked his wrists as he looked at the arcade with confused eyes. "It can’t be that it’s shut down already ba?"

But with that big scene he saw two days ago, the arcade should not have collapsed immediately ah...

Just as he was thinking of all the possibilities, a loud and abrupt footstep came up behind him.

"Hey! Newcomer, you are here again ah." Hearing the voice, Yu Yin turned around to see a ’sort-of-familiar’ middle-aged man.

Yu Yin was slightly stunned, he did not expect to meet the same middle-aged man who told him about Lin Xiu Jing here today. Immediately, Yu Yin asked, "Uncle, do you know why the arcade is closed today?"

"The arcade ah?" The middle-aged man took a glimpsed at the closed arcade, "This morning, the police came over. I don’t know what happened, but after the police left, the arcade closed for the day. There was no notice or anything." He said, shrugging his shoulders.

"The police came to lock down the shop?" Did second dad take action so quickly?

"No, it seems to be related to the previous accidents. There are often cases of people playing in this arcade and ending up in debt. Many were even dragged out and beaten up." Lowering his voice, the middle-aged man added, "I heard some people made a police report, so the police went to check the CCTVs and caught a few men on tape. They came and took those men away and the shop closed down."

People being bashed up due to debt?

Yu Yin suddenly recalled the first time he met Yan Si, Yan Si also told him that there are frequent cases of people being gang mauled in this area. Does that mean that since that time the police has been keeping an eye on this arcade?

"But seeing how badly things went this time, it won’t be long before the police lock this place down. If you still want to play, I would advise you to look for another arcade. I heard the suburb area opened a new arcade recently, you can go check it out if you have time lo." The middle-aged man patted Yu Yin’s shoulder and stumbled off.

Watching the middle-aged man leave, Yu Yin fell into deep thoughts.

Who knows if the men that were taken away included w.a.n.g Hong and Zhao Yu Heng?

After some pondering, Yu Yin decided if he should proceed with his original plan to enter the arcade and take a look around. Even if the front doors are locked, there should be a way in from the back ba...

He turned around to look at Yu. Even if he told Yu not to follow, that boy would still force his way through ba. "I am going to look for the arcade’s back door. If I’m lucky, I should be able to find something. Do you want to go in as well or wait outside?"

Without a moment of thought, Yu stretched out his hand and grabbed Yu Yin’s shirt.

"Alright then, this is your own choice. If dad and second dad finds out about this, you have to say that you chose to follow on your own. Do you understand?" In order to shave off some responsibility, Yu Yin stated seriously.

Yu nodded his head, showing that he understood.

"Ok then, we will split up to look for the back door. If you find it, call me. Don’t go in on your own." Looking that the arcade’s surrounding, Yu Yin estimated the possible position of the back door. "You go search the right valley and I will search the left."

Just as he finished speaking, Yu, who is also an ’action’ person, took off into the right alley.

Not wasting any more time, Yu Yin also took off into the left valley.

The buildings in this area are all independent, and in between each building is a fire escape path. Most people would ignore the reminders from the firefighters and block this path with potted plants, cats, dogs and even garbage. The fire escape path next to the arcade is blocked by abandoned machines. The machines were coated in dust, probably the retailers or the manufacturers have yet to collect them. The path was mostly blocked, causing the not-so-slim Yu Yin having to proceed by side-stepping, one step at a time.

As expected, after pa.s.sing by the abandoned machines, a not-so-obvious door could be seen in the back.

Property of outside of it, it is stolen.

The road next to the door was rather clean as if someone tidied up the area not too long ago. It was a striking contrast compared to the abandoned machines.

Yu Yin tried pulling the metal door a few times and concluded that it was locked from inside. He was able to open the door a little but was unable to fully open the door. However, perhaps it was due to negligence, the lock on the outside was not locked.

Looking left and right, Yu Yin could not find anything that could help him open the lock. Hence, he pulled open the door as wide as he could and squeezed his hand in. Feeling for the lock, he tried to pull the lock open. After a few tries, he actually did it!

The arcade was pitch black, not even a single light could be seen.

He took a few steps inside, squinting his eyes, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Looking left and right around the door, he noticed that the sides of the door, on the inside, has been tidied up as well. After a few more steps, he kicked something. Taking a closer look, it was a female’s watch. The watch seemed to have broken from a fall, its needles pointing at dawn.

Yu Yin picked up the watch and placed it aside. Feeling his way through the darkness, Yu Yin could tell that the machines are all still in place, hence it doesn’t look like the arcade is moving out. They are probably going to close for a few days until the whole thing dies down and reopen the arcade. He knows a lot of places that do the same thing, even if the police wanted to close the place down, they could not get anything big enough to keep the place permanently closed. After a while, the shop would be reopened, either in its original place or at a new place.

Other than the large number of machines, there is nothing else to be found.

He walked up to the machine that he used the last time and sat down, staring at the screen for a moment, but nothing supernatural happened.

To continue staring into s.p.a.ce does not seem to be helpful.

Just as Yu Yin was about to leave, the automatic doors at the front opened up.

Without any time to think, Yu Yin saw the arcade’s toilet at his side and ducked inside into hiding.

Two men entered from the outside.

"d.a.m.n police, to pick this timing to come in and catch my people."

The metal door was only half opened, two men walked in and after a while, one of the lights were turned on and the place lit up.

From where Yu Yin was hiding, he could not see who the two that came into the arcade were, but from the voice, he concluded that one of them was w.a.n.g Hong.

"B-Boss... Now that things have turned like that... Can we just hide for a while...? Wait for things to die down..." The one that came in after w.a.n.g Hong sounded a little timid and Yu Yin was unable to recall who he is at the moment.

But, he sounded really familiar.

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