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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 8.3

"Oh right, what did you enter the suburban area for?" Yu Xia flicked his wrist as he began to ask the more important question.

Seeing that he could not hide the truth, Yu Yin recounted the events with Lin Da Yu, including his own deductions. "I always had a feeling that everything points back to that arcade. You know what I am talking about. Besides, I was always very concerned about that leopard cat and that girl, so I wanted to do something to help them, no matter how much I can do."

Yu Xia furrowed his brows and was in deep thoughts before he finally spoke up. "Regarding Lin Yu Da, because of the blood found in his taxi, we received official orders to interrogate him and have already sent someone to do so. What we recorded is about the same as what you have just said. As the people who called for the taxi are from the arcade, the police have already started to carry out investigations on the arcade." As he spoke, his tone turned grave, "Ah Yin, from the start of the investigation until now, how many injuries have you suffered, I’m sure you know. I hope that you will stop interfering with this case. Leave the rest to us, we will get to the bottom of this case for you, this is for sure."

Seeing the unusually serious expression on his second dad’s face, Yu Yin bit his lips, not sure how to reply.

"After all, you are still a student."

Afterwards, Yu Yin looked at Yu Xia for a long time before nodding his head.

"Good, so we have agreed on this." Yu Xia let out a sigh of relief, he was afraid that this rebellious kid would say ’no’ to him. "That’s right, the ident.i.ty of the corpse found in the ditch has been confirmed. He has his ident.i.ty card on him so we did not have to use a lot of time to determine his ident.i.ty. Not to mention, his hair color is very unique, so we could determine his ident.i.ty almost immediately."

Hearing that, Yu Yin’s eyelid suddenly twitched.

"He is also a member of the arcade, Xie Li Yu (谢立宇), aged 24 this year."

"The corpse of Xie Li Yu is found in the suburban area, according to the information provided by his co-workers, he has been missing from work for a few days. As for why would he die at such a place, no one knows."

Holding onto the photos taken at the scene, Yu Xia continued, "Comparing the corpse a.n.a.lysis report and what his co-workers have said, we can deduce that Xie Li Yu died four days ago, around eight or nine p.m. We could not find any transportation vehicles nearby so we contacting the other departments to determine how he entered the suburban area."

(Translator Note: This is not an error, the story just jumped to the next Morning, I believe)

Early in a Monday morning, the four members of the Yu family gathered inside the single person ward.

"Little Yu, come and help me set up the table." Yu Tong bought many food on the way to the hospital as if treating the hospital as his own home. One by one, he opened the packets and laid them on the table. Mostly were pastries, and also milk and soy milk.

Yu dragged out a small table, putting food on the table.

"Oi, oi, excuse me, didn’t I hear that patient needs to have proper rest ma?" Lying on the bed, Yu Yin’s face had three ’black lines’ coming down from the top of his head. Those that need to work, work, those that are here to picnic, picnic. What kind of situation is this?

He should be a patient ba? He needs to rest right?

So what is happening now? Could it be that outside his ward hung a plate that says ’Those who want to have picnic and relax, please come in, ah?

"What a joke, you need to rest meh?" Yu Xie put down the pictures in his hands, using a tone that implies that he is looking down on Yu Yin, "Weak little chick, one knock and you can’t get up. Thinking back to the time where your dad and I ran through a rain of bullets, we didn’t even twitch an eyebrow." It’s not like he had never been a patient, he experiences it all the time eh.

"Those who say ’thinking back’ means that you are old already." Yu Yin supported his chin as he retorted.

"Brat, I dare you to say that one more time!" Yu Xia began to use violence.

"Hey, I am a patient eh!" Yu Yin used his pillow to defend against the violence as he began to protest fiercely.

To beat up a patient at a hospital, where is the law ah?

Ignoring the two who have turned the bed into a colosseum stadium, Yu Tong and Yu began to eat after setting up the table. Hot steam rose from the food, the pleasant smell of the food filled the entire ward.

After causing a ruckus for a few moments, the door to the hospital ward was pulled open. On the bed, the father and son duo were pulling each other’s mouth.

"Aren’t these two sirs acting a little too fiercely ah" Holding a fruit basket at the door, Yan Si raised an eyebrow as he watched the patient and the patient’s family fighting on the bed, "Beware the nurse will come and scold you later oh."

Glaring at each other once, Yu Xia and Yu Yin let out a ’humph’ at the same time before turning away.

"Ah Si, what are you doing here so early in the morning?" Yu Tong stood up and asked.

"Pa.s.sing by, and also here to help someone pa.s.s the photos that Officer Yu requested." Yan Si waved the black office bag in his hands, "The photos taken at the scene when He Mu Yan died."

"Lend me!" Jumping off the bed, Yu Yin who just called himself a patient, s.n.a.t.c.hed over the pictures and began to look through it one by one.

Most of the pictures featured the corpse, other than that is some pictures of the important places in the room. The hanging corpse has nothing special, the scars of the rope were not out of place either, no matter how one looks at it, it appears to be an act of suicide.

From the side, Yu also came over to take a look.

"Nothing seems to be strange." Yu Yin continued to flip through the pictures and came to this conclusion. Really, there is nothing strange at all, but from the photos, one can see that He Mu Yan lived in a small unit. In the room, there is a bed and a computer, clothes are such are all folded in the drawer by the side.

"Investigation shows that He Mu Yan is a very frugal person. Even the place he stays in is a small room that costs four thousand a month. His monthly salary, after deducting his daily expenses, is mostly sent back to his grandmother. Other than being at the arcade, he stays at home all the time. It seems that he has a very routine lifestyle." Yu Xia took a sit at the side and began to eat his breakfast.

"Why would someone like that want to commit suicide ah...?"Confused as he looked at the pictures, Yu Yin was finding it very hard to understand. The fact that he would send money back to his family shows that he is a rather responsible person. Why would he commit suicide all of a sudden?

Besides, after what that has happened that other night, he could not bring himself to believe that it is a simple case of suicide.

Frowning, Yu Yin continued to flip through the photos until he reached the last one.

Property of outside of it, it is stolen.

It was a picture of the surrounding, just like every crime scene would have one picture of the surrounding scene.

What that caught Yu Yin’s attention is not the furniture in the room or any other clues, but is the wall at the side of the room.

There is a girl’s shadow, it looked blurry and surreal.

But, it is very clear that it is the shape of a girl.

"Second dad, why isn’t this shadow taken in the other pictures?" Taking out the other pictures that are similar, Yu Yin checked all the walls in the picture but could not find the shadow of the girl.

Yu Xia took over the photos and confusion surfaced on his face, "That’s strange, there was no woman amongst the colleagues that went to check the place yesterday ah." He squinted his eyes and took a closer look at the picture. The shadow is still there. "It’s really the shadow of a person, but the other pictures don’t seem to have captured it.

"You guys couldn’t have taken a legendary supernatural photo ba?"Yan Si joined the group and took the photos over. "Oh, oh, how amazing, it is really the shadow of a woman, and she happens to be right under the victim’s body. Do you want to bring this photo to a supernatural television show? They will even get a master to help you decipher this oh."

Yu Yin rolled his eyes at Yan Si before s.n.a.t.c.hing the photos back.

"It is already proven to be suicide. Most likely some shadow was reflected which caused the misunderstanding. Don’t think too much." Yu Xia took back the photos. "You have seen the pictures, and your questions have been answered. From now on, you will be a good patient and rest. We have already helped you take a one week off from school, so don’t think of excuses to sneak away."

Yu Yin blinked his eyes, acting innocent.

"Don’t bother! Even if you blink until your eyeb.a.l.l.s fall off, you also won’t get to go out!" Yu Xia knocked Yu Yin’s head with his fist.

"I’m done with my food." Not partic.i.p.ating in the argument from the start, Yu Tong put down his cup gracefully and announced in a cheerful tone, "It’s about time, I’m going to work first. You guys continue talking."

"Wait for me!" Noticing the time is close to 9 a.m., Yu Xia dropped the conversation and rushed out of the ward.

With two people lesser, the ward is indeed much quieter.

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