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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 8.2

"Welcome back to the world of the living, student that got mauled." the man who claimed to be a forensic, but frequently crossed into other departments to do ’part-time’ job, Yan Si, waved while still holding some bloodied bandages.

"This place is..." Yu Yin let out a groan and immediately laid down again.

He smelled a strong antiseptic smell. Around him stood a few nurses and the walls, including the ceiling, is white.

The hospital?

"This is a temporary ward, you fell into a ditch in the mountains. Luckily, Officer Yu received a call and got the nearest firefighter team to save you. Otherwise, you would have just nice got buried in that ditch and enter eternal slumber." Yan Si handed the things in his hands over to one of the nurses before taking over some fresh bandages to bandage Yu Yin’s injuries. "Tsk, tsk, seven fractures, N number of small cuts, I haven’t counted the number of bruises yet... If you don’t mind stripping for me to slowly count, a total of thirty-one st.i.tches. Student that got mauled, you might be facing血光之灾 (Blood disaster)1, have you considered going to get your luck changed, to see if you will be a little luckier?"

Yu Yin rolled his eyes at the forensic.

Yu Yin slightly turned his sight, but then he realized that as soon as he moved his head, his head would hurt. There are also bandages on his head, suggesting that he hurt his head.

"Student that got mauled, you better not move around and rest obediently. After all, banging a head with a head is a very painful thing, there is also the chance of getting a concussion." Pressing Yu Yin down by his shoulders, Yan Si motioned to the nurse next to him to continue with the treatment.

"Banging a head... with a head?"

Did he hit a rock?

Yan Si let out a strange smile as he reconfirmed, "Banging a head with a head."

"What does that mean?" Yu Yin furrowed his brow.

"They say, when the firefighters found you, you fell into a ditch in the mountain that was about one-storey high. As our brave firefighters went down to save you, they found that other than you, there was another person lying down there."

"Yu?" At the thought of the boy, Yu Yin struggled to get up again. It couldn’t be ba? Yu fell down as well?

"No la, don’t need to panic." Yan Si very smoothly pressed Yu Yin back down. "The firefighters found a corpse in the ditch, the head of the corpse had a hole due to the crash... Did you feel something sticky on your head? Remember to go and pray then wash your head, otherwise, you will become a public outcast.

Ignoring the entire paragraph of nonsense, Yu Yin came to a serious conclusion.

There is a corpse in the ditch?

"Is it Lin Xiu Jing’s body?" He immediately asked.

It couldn’t be such a coincidence ba?

Out of his expectation, Yan Si shook his head, "No, it is the corpse of a man. Based on the primary deductions, he is dead for at least four days. The reason for his death is from the fall, loss of too much blood, and being unable to admit into the hospital in time due to the remote area." After a slight pause, Yan Si continued, "So you did not knock him to his death, you can relax."

Yu Yin once again rolled his eyes at Yan Si.

A few minutes later, the nurse finished the treatment and began to pack up the instruments. The door at the side was gently pushed opened.

He instantly saw Yu standing outside, thus Yu Yin waved to Yu.

Yu immediately walked over to his bedside, his pair of purple eyes were a little red.

"Student that got mauled, you estimate the situation, don’t let out too much information." Yan Si patted Yu’s shoulder before saying that to Yu Yin. "Also, remember, if you have the strength to move, it is best to wash your head first."

"...To h.e.l.l with you."

This is the reply that Yu Yin gave him.

Yan Si shrugged his shoulders before leaving the ward, humming a tune.

The nurses, too, finished their job and separated to carry on with their other duties. The last nurse in the ward adjusted the IV drip, arranged the blankets and gave Yu some instructions before she left the ward.

With no one around, Yu looked left and right before pulling a chair over and sat in the empty spot.

"Did you call second dad?" Yu Yin frowned as he asked the question.

Shaking his head, Yu flipped out his notebook and wrote a few words for Yu Yin to see, "I don’t know, it wasn’t me."

Not Yu?

Yu Yin could not think of any place in that mountain where a phone call could have been made to inform Yu Xia... Not to mention, the number of people who knew that they were going up to the mountain should have been zero ba.

Under such circ.u.mstances, who could have made that call?

His head throbbed slightly in pain, he seemed to have forgotten something. His memories stopped at the moment he saw the snake, afterwards when he fell into the ditch and the events that came after, he was completely unaware.

"Did you get hurt afterward?" He looked Yu up and down, other than being a little dirty with a few small cuts, overall he seemed to be fine.

Property of outside of it, it is stolen.

Yu shook his head, then he rubbed his eyes, letting out a small yawn.

Noticing his action, Yu Yin looked around for a clock. He found a digital clock on one of the walls, showing the time to be 11.45 p.m.

He was unconscious for that long?

Suddenly, a very loud noise could be heard from outside.

In the next second, the ward’s door was kicked open by someone and the loud ’bang’ shocked Yu awake.

"You little brat! I told you not to meddle with this!" Rushing in furiously, Yu Xia dashed straight for the bed, not caring if the one lying on it is an injured person, and sent a fist straight at the person’s head.

"Second dad! It’s very painful eh!" Cradling his injured head, Yu Yin, too was instantly wide awake. "Just now they said that I am in danger of having a concussion eh! You still hit my head!"

"Haven’t you heard of negative and negative equals positive? Knock your head then won’t get concussion la!" Yu Xia’s face was unusually ’black’2, sitting down, the hospital bed sank, showing his anger. "Your dad heard you got admitted into the hospital, he was scared out of his wits. I had to lock him up at home."

"Why did you lock dad up for?" Yu Yin stared at the most violent younger brother of the twins as he asked.

"To prevent him from coming and getting in the way." Yu Xia replied effortlessly. After receiving the call, a certain someone fell into a mental disorder, one moment he was going to pack the clothes, the next moment he was going to make some food, then he was looking for some information and was searching high and low. In the end, the one that was labeled the most composed officer in the police department, was like a headless fly, knocking into the wall at home about three hundred times. Yu Xia could not bear to witness the scene any longer, thus he was being kind by locking up the said person. "In any case, you are still alive, if he wants to fuss over you, it doesn’t have to be now. If your dad came here, he will definitely makeover this place and drag me to help him, so troublesome!" Thinking back to his own brother with an obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to hygiene, Yu Xia snorted.

Yu Yin felt that not speaking right now is the best course of action, otherwise he would surely be hit for every sentence he says... He thoroughly understands his second dad’s personality, he would definitely do it. He is the type that even towards a dying criminal, he would not be merciful. In fact, he is a devil who will still strangle the criminal while forcing out a confession from the criminal. The type of people who forgot to bring their kindness with them when they were born.

He glanced at the side, Yu has already moved far away, sitting next to the window, flipping a book from who-knows-where, completely separating himself from the father and son conversation.

1血光之灾 (Xie Guang Zhi Zai): Generally it means that the person is very unlucky and is very likely to bleed, or get into a b.l.o.o.d.y accident etc. I don’t know the English translation and Google don’t seem to have it either, so I’m translating it as ’blood disaster’. Do let me know if there is an official English term for this.

2’Black’ face or ’脸黑’typically means that someone is angry and upset.

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