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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 7.3

Immediately, he felt his head went numb.

The receiver did not transmit anything, just a faint chanting sound.

That voice was very deep and faint. Slowly, it said a few words: "Do not—Disturb—Me—Do not—Disturb—Me—"

The voice kept repeating.

Clutching onto the receiver, Yu Yin took a deep breath, not even taking time to think about his words clearly, he yelled into the phone, "I don’t care who you think I disturbed! Uncle and Ah Guan are innocent!"

’Tu’, the phone went off.

’Tu, tu, tu’ echoed in his ears. Yu Yin hung up the phone and cut off the sound.

That night, Lin Yu Da must have transported a corpse.

Punching the public phone, hard, Yu Yin gritted his teeth.

Just what more does ’she’ wants until she is willing to let it go?

Is there really so many people involved?

In that instant, his mind flashed by countless faces, but he could not remember their names.

Taking a few deep breaths, Yu Yin raised his head and looked at the public phone, deciding that he should do something to stop this.

"Yu, let’s go..." turning his head, he realized that the person who should have been waiting for him was gone. "Yu?"

In the long hallway, there was only his lengthened shadow occupying the hallway. All around him was empty.


There was a moment when Yu Yin suddenly felt the chills.

Was the hospital hallway always so wide and empty? Why is there not a single ray of sunlight?

He seemed to have heard the public phone going ’tu, tu, tu’ again.

The entire s.p.a.ce did not even reflect the shadow of the trees outside, making the hallway look eerily white.

Soft footsteps could be heard from behind him.

Yu Yin turned his head and saw Yu, who disappeared a moment ago, standing behind him, blinking his eyes with confusion written all over his face. "Where did you go?" Seeing that Yu returned, Yu Yin let out the breath he did not know he was holding in. That uncomfortable feeling for a moment ago was gone.

After Yu, a few nurses walked down the same hallway, chatting as they pa.s.sed by the two brothers, not even sparing them a glance.

Yu held up his notebook, written on it was a few words.

Yu Yin squinted his eyes and looked at the words, "Suburban area?" Yu Yin looked at the person before him, and the said person nodded his head. "This is...?"

Taking back his notebook, Yu wrote a few words before pa.s.sing it back to Yu Yin, "This is the destination that the uncle drove those people to that night, so the uncle also does not know where is the "relatives’ house" that those people mentioned." Yu only went back to ask this question.

Looking at the destination, Yu Yin let out a wide grin, suddenly stretching his hand out to rub on Yu’s head, he said, "Smart kid!" With this location, things will be easier to solve. If they want to know what happened to Lin Xiu Jing, the easiest way is to look for her. "Let’s go, we’ll head there immediately."

With that, Yu Yin quickly dragged Yu to the parking lot.

Hehe, luckily he went to bring back his motorcycle. Now no matter where they have to go, Yu Yin would do it!

The destination on the paper is about an hour or two away from the hospital by vehicle, leading straight to the mountain area outside of Tai Zhong city. Previously, Yu Yin went there with a few cla.s.smates for a night trip, so he remembered the place.

There was no one there and was full of flies. He remembered that during the night trip than, they almost gathered up and mauled the one who suggested to go to the mountain area.

Wait a minute... Who was the one who suggested to have a night trip?

Why can’t he remember it now?

He remembered they wanted to have a night barbeque session, so they wanted to find a place where there is no one around and there are good sceneries. Immediately, someone suggested heading to the suburban area.

Who is that person?

That night, how many of them went on the trip?

Just as he wanted to fish out his phone and ask someone else, Yu Yin remembered that he sent his phone to the repair shop, so he dropped the idea.

Besides, he probably just couldn’t remember it all of a sudden. That probably has nothing to do with this case, so he can wait until he returned to school then find out about it.

Bringing out his motorcycle, Yu Yin decided not to ponder too much about it. Pa.s.sing the safety helmet to Yu, he started the engine.

He must stop ’her’ from killing more people.

Grabbing the accelerator, the noise from the rapid acceleration cut through the hospital’s silence as the motorcycle sped off.

Just after the motorcycle left the Hospital, the Yu brothers missed the two people that just walked out.

"That boy moved really quickly ah, he even found Lin Yu Da before us." Looking at the fading smoke, one of them said.

"Do we need to keep an eye on him?"

"No need, we have other things to focus on."


Yu Yin’s memory of the mountain path was steep.

Although that night was rather dark and they could not see much, thus everyone stopped at the foot of the mountain.

After the car ride, both of them stopped at the suburban area, their destination.

It is an undeveloped, small mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, it was rather difficult for even a motorcycle to continue traveling, much less a taxi.

Looks like the place that Lin Yu Da mentioned should be here without a doubt.

Yu Yin parked his motorcycle at the foot of the mountain. The nearby wild plants were almost up to his waist, mostly were Chinese silver gra.s.s, which could easily cut someone. A gust of wind blew past, eerily cold, making people think twice before stepping forward.

That last time they came on their night trip was in this area as well, but because it has been a few days, so Yu Yin could not remember very clearly.

After parking the motorcycle, the Yu brothers got off. Yu looked around before coming up to Yu Yin and patted his shoulder, pointing at a certain direction. Looking at the direction that Yu pointed, Yu Yin saw a gra.s.s patch that has been mostly flattened, apart from a few strands of gra.s.s still pointing upwards. The size is just about that of a car, but it stopped at a distance not too far away. From this, one can see that the taxi uncle probably remained in the car and let the other two continue on foot.

Following the car tracks, Yu Yin found the human trails leading further into the mountain.

"Yu, do you want to wait here? I’m afraid that there might be snakes or something inside." Intending to head deeper into the mountain to see if there is anything, Yu Yin asked the person that came along with him. Looking at how deserted this place is, who knows if there might really be poisonous snakes or insects? Yu Yin only decided to come here at a short notice, hence he did not prepare any insect repellent or other items required for heading up the mountain. If one of them got bitten, it was still fine, but he was worried that both of them might get bitten, then they would be in trouble.

Yu shook his head then walked up the trail on his own.

"Hey! If you get bitten by a snake, I definitely will not care about you!" Seeing Yu rushing into the mountain without a care for danger, Yu Yin really wanted to go over and hit his head, yet he had no choice but to catch up to Yu.

Since both of them did not prepare and equipment for scaling a mountain, the duo could only use their bare hands to pull out any wild plants in their way. In a short time, both their palms and arms are full of cuts, looking rather pathetic.

"That’s strange, the trail leads up to here only." Following the trail, the two of them walked about halfway up the mountain before coming to a stop. Further in, the wild plants are higher, almost reaching over their shoulders. Yu Yin frowned, other than the gra.s.s lying around, he could not find any suspicious looking items or area. "There is no more trail further up." Yu Yin looked in front, everywhere are wild plants of the same height, and no signs of anyone having entered the area.

Just as Yu Yin was in a state of confusion, he suddenly felt his gooseb.u.mps rising.

Long years of experience told him that it is better to retreat now as further up, there are many ’dirty things’1 gathered there.

Regardless, it looks like it would be hard to continue as the plants are too tall and their vision is badly obstructed. Even the trail beneath their feet is barely visible, so continuing forth would obviously be dangerous.

Yu waited next to him, waiting for Yu Yin to make a decision.

"I guess we will stop here today, after all, we can’t find anything either and the sky is getting dark..." Yu Yin looked at his watch, confused, he rubbed his eyes and checked the time again. "That’s strange, it’s only 2 p.m., why is the sky so dark?" He raised his head, the sky was grey and dark, causing him to believe that it was already late evening.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew by, the chilly air seeped into their bones.

1 不干净的东西:’dirty things’ has the same interpretation as ’good buddies’, both referring to ghosts.

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