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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 7.1

He probably figured out what that cat, that ’thing’ wanted.

"Zhu Yi was ran over by a cement truck. He died on the spot."

In the hospital meeting room, Yan Si held on to the death report that he just received, informing of Yu Tong, Yu Yin and Yu, who were at the scene. "When the medics arrived, there were no signs of life. In simple terms, rapid loss of blood, added to complete destruction of his lower half of the body, are all fatal injuries that caused his death."

As Yu Yin listened, he felt a pang of sadness in his heart.

Just like that, a once ’well-and-alive’ person is dead before his eyes. Just a moment ago, the said person was still able to argue, now, the same person can’t do anything at all.

"Dead from getting run over by a truck is the cause of death recorded. The reason for why the cement truck lost control has been clarified. The main reason is that the driver was not alert and the truck skidded, however, there seems to be something wrong with the brakes too. We have informed Zhu Yi’s family to come and discuss the compensation and the funeral." Yu Tong sorted the doc.u.ments in his hands and sighed, "These accidents have been happening more often these few days."

"That’s right, dad, how did the blood test on the blood retrieved from that taxi trunk go?" Hearing the word ’accidents’, Yu Yin immediately recalled the previous accident.

"About that..."

"Student that got mauled, this kind of information cannot be easily revealed to unrelated personnel oh." Interrupting Yu Tong, Yan Si said while smiling, "Especially now there is no concrete evidence on where the blood came from."

Yu Tong glanced at Yan Si but did not say a word.

"If the source of the blood has been determined, will you try to investigate this person, ’Lin Xiu Jing’?" Yu Yin stood up and wrote down the name before pa.s.sing the paper over.

"Lin Xiu Jing?" Yu Tong frowned, "Ah Yin, what did you find this time?"

"It’s just my guess la, just check it and you will know." Yu Yin is just guessing the relationship between that w.a.n.g Hong and the others, and Lin Xiu Jing.

Both adults before Yu Yin looked at him before falling into their own thoughts.

"About Lin Xiu Jing..." Opening his laptop, Yan Si entered a black website, keyed in a string of pa.s.swords, and a list appeared on the screen. "In Tai Zhong and its nearby cities’ missing people list, there is a child named Lin Xiu Jing. She was reported missing about half a year ago."

"Missing?" Yu Yin had a very bad feeling, "Is she a girl about my age? With long black hair?"

"Wait a moment..." Using the ’not-so-familiar’ functions, Yan Si typed on the keyboard as he frowned.

"Ah Si, lend me your laptop. It’s faster if I check it." Yu Tong took over the laptop, switching to another website. After some ident.i.ty checks, Yu Tong entered the website and pulled out a list of names and profile. After which, a few pictures were shown on the screen, but they were all of the same person.

A girl with long black hair, looking pure, delicate and pretty.

"That’s her." Yu Yin instantly recognized the girl who was standing in the crowd, smiling at the camera. Although she looked a little different, her overall aura was still the same.

"Lin Xiu Jing. She originally lived in Tai Zhong city area, Lin Fan Building (林苑大夏). Half a year ago, her family reported her missing. According to the records at that time, the reason was she eloped with her boyfriend but her family did not know who her boyfriend was. Her family heard nothing about her having a boyfriend and never knew she had one. It was only after the incident that her family felt there was something wrong. They checked her diary, laptop chat history, and asked a few of their daughter’s close friends before coming to that conclusion." Yu Tong stared at the words on the screen as he continued speaking, "At her time of disappearance, she was studying at Li Dong University of Technology..."

Yu Tong paused and looked at Yu Yin.

"The same school as me?"

Yu Yin frowned, suddenly he had a feeling as if everything fitted together.

Lin Xiu Jing studied at his school. The injured Ah Guan is also from the same school. The place where Ah Guan worked at is where her boyfriend is. Including Ah Guan, Zhu Yi, He Mu Yan and w.a.n.g Hong are all from the same adult arcade.

What do all these mean?

"Alright, we will retrieve Lin Xiu Jing’s data and do a blood comparison" Yan Si looked at the information and the reaction of the father and son, before nodding his head. "We need to compare the blood anyway, checking one more person won’t matter."

"Ah Si, thank you."

Yan Si nodded his head.

"That’s right, dad. Can you help me keep an eye on Lin Yu Da? I heard he is feeling down recently, so I..." Yu Yin paused. He honestly believed that Lin Yu Da have nothing to do with Lin Xiu Jing’s case. After all, he is a really nice person.

Yu Tong glanced at him. "Alright, I will ask the colleague in-charge to pay more attention."

As the discussion neared its end, the parties involved then realized that not knowing when the sky already turned dark. Looking up at the clock, it was already 1 a.m.

"Ah Yin, you take Yu home first ba. I will sort out Lin Xiu Jing’s information and send it to the other colleagues" Yu Tong sorted out the things on hand before standing up.

"Ok." Yu Yin nodded his head. A lot of things happened today and he was already very tired.

"The student that got mauled, remember to apply your medications on time, oh, otherwise you will die from pain in the middle of the night." Yan Si gave a somewhat ’considerate’ advice.

"I know la!"

After reaching home safely, it was already half past 1 a.m.

Yu leaned against Yu Yin, half-conscious as he walked into the living room. As soon as he saw the sofa, he ’floated’ over to it.

"Yu, if you want to sleep, go back to your room. The living room is cold." Pulling Yu towards Yu’s own room and throwing the boy onto the bed, Yu Yin returned to his room with the idea of resting. However, all of his intent to sleep suddenly went away.

Zhu Yi’s face as he pa.s.sed away revolved in his mind, remembering that blood-stained face filled with shock, Yu Yin had difficulties getting over it.

The death count now has increased by one, and two had serious injuries. Thinking back to his conversation with Zhu Yi, there should be one more guy named Li Yu who has been missing for many days. Now, only w.a.n.g Hong and Zhao Yu Heng are still safe.

What exactly is the relationship between these people?

After a series of seemingly unrelated incidents, Yu Yin is no longer able to convince himself that these are just a coincidence.

Taking out his notebook, Yu Yin wrote the names of these people and their current condition. After some thoughts, Yu Yin then wrote down their final words as well.

Ah Guan said "Jing, I’m sorry", He Mu Yan said, "Let me off." Then today, Zhu Yan said, "I didn’t kill her."

From the looks for this, that girl named Lin Xiu Jing is probably...

Yu Yin wrote a cross on the names of the deceased.

Wait... out of all the people involved, only Lin Yu Da did not say anything and his injuries are the lightest.

Could it be, he was not that deeply involved?

Just as Yu Yin’s suspicion rose, the lights in his room flickered rapidly, as if the light bulb was about to burst.

"No way! Right now?" Yu Yin groaned, if the light bulb burst now, he does not know if he can buy a replacement at the 24 hours convenience store.

As the lights flickered, Yu Yin’s eyes started to hurt.

Glancing at the clock, Yu Yin really did not want to head out at this hour as from this hour onwards, it is a lot easier to meet ’good buddies’ from the ’other side’. Thus, if he can avoid, he will try to avoid. Looking at the lights, he decided to turn off the lights and change it tomorrow.

Just as he was about to put down his notebook, Yu Yin paused.

A few red words began to form on the opened page of the notebook which was only supposed to have a few lines.

Do not



The red words increased rapidly, as if it lost control, spreading all over the paper.

Just half a second before those words was about to touch Yu Yin’s hands, Yu Yin quickly threw the notebook on the ground. Not knowing when, the back of the book was stained with mud, bit by bit it spread onto the ground. Suddenly, a rotting stench filled the room, making one feel like vomiting.

Yu Yin jumped off his bed, covering his nose and coughed a few times.

His calf that got bitten by the leopard cat started to give off an immense pain.

The lights in the room went off with a ’pa’. In the darkness, the rotting stench got stronger, Yu Yin could hear the sound of something dragging itself closer to Yu Yin.

He felt someone or ’something’ breathing next to his neck.

That height, probably half a head shorter than him.

Retreating a few steps, Yu Yin did not care what that ’thing’ was, picking up whatever was in his reach, he threw them towards that ’thing’. After a few misses, there was one that hit something with a loud ’dong’. There was also a weird noise that went ’puci, puci’, as if something was filled with gas was being squeezed.

He smelt a rotting stench that contained the smell of blood.

In the darkness, Yu Yin seemed to have seen a figure staggering. After a while, it came towards him again.

At that instance, a loud knocking sound came from outside his door.

’Dong, dong, dong", the knocking got faster and urgent.

In that second, that figure or stench, everything was gone. The room lights came back on with a ’pa’, lighting up the whole room. There were no longer any signs of the light bulb bursting.

Yu Yin wiped his face, only then did he realize that his face was full of cold sweat.

The knocking sound rose again.

"Coming." Checking his room to make sure that there is really nothing around, Yu Yin then let out a breath of relief and went to open the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Yu hugging his pillow, standing outside the door. Yu’s eyes were a little red and dazed, looking like he is asleep yet awake at the same time.

"Why are you still up so late?" Looking at Yu, Yu Yin noticed that Yu had not changed out of his clothes into his sleepwear.

Yu did not intend to answer, still hugging his pillow, he staggered into Yu Yin’s room and ’dong’ fell onto his bed. In less than five minutes, Yu was fast asleep.


He really fell asleep!

Yu Yin nudged Yu a few times, Yu was sleeping like a log, not giving any reaction.

Forget it, after that strange happening just now, Yu Yin is also a little scared to sleep on his own. Tonight, he will share half the bed with Yu ba.

After that scare, Yu Yin was also tired. Following Yu, he fell onto the empty s.p.a.ce on the bed next to Yu.

The supposedly asleep Yu suddenly opened his eyes and pinched his nose, as he stared at Yu Yin.

"What? What reaction is that ah?" Yu Yin subconsciously sniffed his collar, a rotting stench attacked his nose, almost causing him to vomit. "Alright, alright, I’ll go shower first." He stared at the little brat that came to take over his bed, got up, took his clothes and walked into the bathroom.

After a quick bath, when Yu Yin returned to his room, he found Yu already fast asleep and has rolled all the way over to the other side of the bed.

Yu Yin stepped into his room and saw the notebook that he threw, lying on the ground with the mud stains still on it.

Yu Yin did not dare to flip the notebook over and read what was written on it.

Picking up the notebook, Yu Yin threw it straight into the trashcan before lying on the bed.

He seemed to have had a dream.

A dream that he could make no sense of. The dream was filled with many strange cats meowing sounds, and a few blurry figures.

What did those mean?

His surrounding was dark, underneath his feet, he was stepping on cold, wet, mud.

Just as the suffocating darkness was pressuring him to run away, he heard a weird sound coming from beneath his feet. Something ran over his legs.

Instinctively, he looked down. He saw that the mud next to his feet had been dug by someone, leaving a small hole.

Inside the hole, a completely white eyeball was looking up at him.

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