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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 6.2

"Hi, dad."

Yu Yin raised his hand and naturally greeted the person that just walked in.

After being stunned for a good moment, the person standing at the door finally remembered to close the door. "Ah Yin? Didn’t you go and visit Ah Guan?" Squinting his eyes, immediately noticing that Yu Yin’s body is covered in bruises. Yu Tong frowned, "Who did you get into a fight with?"

"I was walking on the streets and got mauled by some people that I don’t know" Yu Yin shrugged his shoulders, appearing helpless. Getting mauled is also not something he wished for.

"Later go and make a report. Little Yu is outside, you bring him home first." With that, Yu Tong turned to the young doctor, his tone was completely serious, showing that he cleanly separates his work and personal issues. "Ah Si, you anyhow ran off without telling anyone. I am in urgent need to find you for the laboratory sheet eh. I have to respond to that case immediately."

"I saw you at the laboratory, but then I got a call so I came over to take a half an hour temporary shift to earn some money for drinks." The doctor shrugged, using his pencil to knock on the table, he continued, "Recently, even soft drink money is hard to earn. If I don’t work a little ’part-time’ I can easily die from thirst."

"If you really die from thirst, it will be the biggest joke of the year." Immediately shooting back at the doctor, Yu Tong pushed his spectacles as he responded.

"Aye, aye, don’t you know that jokes are the easiest to become reality ma?" Keeping his pencil, the doctor retorted.

Seeing the two men speaking on familiar terms, Yu Yin frowned and asked, "Dad, you two know each other?" That’s weird, towards the friends that his dad and second dad have, Yu Yin more or less knows all of them. How come he has never seen this guy before?

Yu Tong turned around and gave a soft smile, "Oh, let me introduce, this person is a legal medical expert from another town, his name is 严司 (Yan Si)." Pausing and collecting his thoughts, Yu Tong continued, "Due to the legal medical expert that we are working with, Doctor w.a.n.g, going overseas to further his skills, which will take about a year and more, this doctor has been sent over to take over Doctor w.a.n.g. He is recommended by the other police departments.

"Hi, it’s nice to meet you, the student that got mauled." Yan Si kept his hands in his pocket while he smiled: "I didn’t expect you and Mr Yu to be father and son. You two completely don’t look alike. I’ll be counting on you in the future lo.3"

"Please take care of me too." Yu Yin looked at the young doctor’s clothes as he automatically filtered out the words that did not sound like a greeting. "Doctor Yan... you are a legal medical expert?" he asked while staring at the white doctor robe.

"I have not officially started working here la, today was quite free so I came to look for some people to talk to since I am here, I came to do a temporary shift as well." Pulling his white robe, Yan Si did not feel that anything was wrong. "Don’t look at me like that, I have five international licenses, doing a temporary shift is not illegal la."

"Oh?" Five licenses is it?

There was a short moment when Yu Yin really wanted to ask him what kind of licenses those five belonged to.

"Alright, let’s stop the idle chit-chat. Ah Yin, after you make a report, go home and rest. There is a robbery case today so your second dad and I would not be home for dinner. You and Little Yu be good and remember to eat dinner." Yu Tong looked to be in a hurry as he dragged away the ’seems-to-have-something-to-say’ Yan Si, out the door.

"I know la!"

Receiving the prescription from the nurse, Yu Yin, too, left the consultation room. Behind him, a ’closed’ sign was hung on the door. Looks like he was the last patient for this room.

The patients waiting outside has also decreased.

Yu Yin looked around.

Didn’t he tell that little brat to wait outside just now?

Where did he go?

"Yu" He walked one round around the nearby area but could not find the boy.

Oh no, he couldn’t have really gone to the adult arcade ba?

Just as he was about to head to the adult arcade, he felt the corner of his shirt being tugged. Looking down, he saw the same transparent little girl that was jumping on the patient’s bed previously, smiling at him.

"I don’t have time now, go play somewhere else" Yu Yin said with an annoyed tone.

That little girl smiled and pointed towards the upper floor. Yu Yin looked up with a confused expression.

"Upstairs?" Just as he was about to look down and question further, Yu Yin realized that the little girl has already disappeared.


Despite having some suspicion in his heart, Yu Yin still took the stairs up. After a few steps, he found the little brat that sneaked off, standing on the steps at the corner that leads up to the third floor. "Yu!"

Standing on the step of the stairs, Yu immediately put his finger to his lips, signaling Yu Yin to be quiet.

Yu Yin walked up the steps softly, lowing his voice as he complained next to Yu’s ears, "What the h.e.l.l are you doing here?"

Pointing at the top of the stairs, Yu glanced up and urged Yu Yin to do the same.

Not knowing what he is up to, Yu Yin focused his hearing. Two voices could be heard from the upper floor. One of the voices sounded very familiar like he just heard it not too long ago. However, he could not pinpoint the voice at such a short notice.

"Who knows how long it will take before Ah Guan wakes up..."

"Who knows, now the boss wants us to keep a close eye on this place, then we just stay here and keep watch. Anyway, you better just do what you are told, don’t forget that the boss also has your home address, if you don’t do what you are told, you might end up like that previous person."

"... I know, but Ah Mu already..."

"Shut up la!"

After the interruption, there was a long silence.

"I understand."

"Don’t mention Ah Guan and Ah Mu’s incidents again" the warning voice said before softening its tone, "You know that the boss would get angry if he hears these things now ba, we all have a weakness in his hands, be a little more careful."


"Just like that, don’t anyhow say things le."


The sound of footsteps, ’da, da’ sounded as the two people walked away.

The weaker voice of the two sounded pretty familiar but Yu Yin just could not remember where he heard it.

Just as silence fell, a person walked down from the stairs. The Yu brothers could not hide in time and came face-to-face with the other party.

The other party is a youth who dyed his hair golden.

When Yu Yin first met w.a.n.g Hong, there were four followers beside w.a.n.g Hong.

One was the already dead, He Mu Yan, another was Zhao Yu Heng which Yu Yin just remembered after meeting him, the third was a red-haired boy whose name Yu Yin does not know, and the last was this youth before him.

"Ah, aren’t you that cla.s.smate of Ah Guan?" the golden-haired youth instantly recognized Yu Yin, "Here to visit Ah Guan again oh?"

"En, you too?" Yu Yin gave a smile and added, "I just went to the arcade. I heard about He Mu Yan’s death yesterday so I went to see if I could be of any help."

"Ah Mu oh." The youth laughed coldly, "Who knows what is in his mind, to think he would commit suicide. What an idiot."

Yu Yin did not reply to the youth’s comment. Instead, he changed the topic, "That’s right, may I know the name of your companion?"

"Oh, I am 朱毅 (Zhu Yi), you can call me Ah Yi." Zhu Yi answered easily. "I am the same as Ah Guan and the others, also an employee at the arcade."

"My name is Yu Yin, my friends all call me Ah Yin." Yu Yin introduced himself before pointing to Yu beside him, "This one here, you can call him Ah Yu."

"Hehe, come by when you have time. We are lacking manpower now so if you want a job we can find a spot for you. Especially since we have been consistently losing a few people."

Zhu Yi is a very easy-going person. This is Yu Yin’s first impression of this guy.

Despite what Zhu Yi said, Yu Yin felt that w.a.n.g Hong would not be very happy to give him a spot, especially after his visit today.

"That’s right, last time there was a cool brother with red hair, why don’t I see him today?" Yu Yin leaned on the railings and started a conversation, "I saw you guys together the other day, and I thought that you guys always hang out together."

"You mean 立宇 (Li Yu) oh, I’m also not too sure. It’s been two or three days since I last saw him. Who knows where he ran off to again, it’s always like that." Seeming to have gotten used to his antics, Zhu Yi huffed, "That guy is not easy to get along so when you see him, it’s best to avoid him. Sometimes when he sees someone he doesn’t like, he would just beat up the person. These kinds of cases happened a few times already. Even worse is that he beats them up near the arcade, causing the arcade to be under the watch of the police recently."

"I see, I understand. Thank you." Yu Yin nodded his head, silently memorizing the information he just received. "That’s right, we still have to go up and check on Ah Guan’s condition. Let’s talk more next time."

"Sure." Zhu Yi waved his hand before heading down the stairs.

Seeing him leave, Yu Yin began to ponder about their conversation.

From the conversation that he eavesdropped previously between the two youths, they were obviously here to observe Ah Guan’s condition. The question is, why? Based on what had happened, even if Ah Guan worked at the arcade, he was just unlucky to be involved in a car accident. Did the arcade really need to waste its time and resource to do such a thing ma?

Yu, who was standing next to Yu Yin, nudged Yu Yin and broke him out his thoughts.

"Forget it, let’s go home first ba. Staying here also won’t help me think of anything." Recalling that he still had to make a report, Yu Yin felt a sudden headache.

Seriously, why did they come and maul him for no good reason?

3 ’I’ll be counting on you in the future’ is just a polite greeting when strangers meet for the first time. It does not mean that Yan Si will really depend on Yu Yin.

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