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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 4.3

Yu Yin roughly summarized the incident that happened not too long ago.

Although he could not portray the scene very well through words, just remembering the scene runs shivers down his spine.

As he was listening to Yu Yin’s summary, Yu Xia frowned. Hearing Yu Yin talk about such supernatural incidents is already quite common to him, but he did not expect that this time, it would be this serious: "You mentioned that this person is Ah Guan’s friend?"

Yu Yin nodded his head: "The weird thing was, he said something similar to what Ah Guan said." Pausing for a moment, Yu Yin rubbed his head, not really wanting to talk about it. "He kept shrieking and yelling ’Jing’, ’let me off’."


Why is it this word again?

With so many incidents in just two days, the word that kept appearing in these cases began to make Yu Xia feel that something is not right. "Oh right, I forgot to tell you, the traces of blood found in the trunk of the taxi today was confirmed to be human blood. We are now waiting for further examination and confirmation. Once it is confirmed, we will request the taxi driver to cooperate with us in this investigation."

Human blood?

Yu Yin’s eyelid twitched a few times, he had a sudden premonition that something bad is going to happen.

"That’s weird, Tong only went to get a medicine box, why did it take so long?"

As if on cue, a surprised shout was heard from the first floor- "What is this?"

Both father and son exchanged a look before rushing down to the first floor. The scene in the living room gave them a huge shock as well.

The spotlessly clean living room was filled with muddy footsteps in the blink of an eye, some were even stained with withered tree leaves. Almost as if someone was playing a prank on the family, making a big round around the living room in their dirty, muddy shoes.

"What is this, I just went to get a medicine box and when I came back the living room became like this?" Yu Tong, who values cleanliness, complained unhappily.

This is not the issue ba... Dad...

Sometimes, Yu Yin feels that his dad being a little dense may be a good thing.

"This looks like a woman’s footprint." Yu Xia, with severe occupational illness, got into work mode. Squatting next to the muddy prints, he began to measure the size of the footprint. After a few comparisons, he made that conclusion.

"Ah Yin!"

Two faces that looked exactly the same, turned to glare at the only unrestrained brat who was very likely to bring a woman back home to stay over.

"I didn’t la! Even if I did bring a woman home, which woman can step all over the living room like that in a span of a few seconds?" Yu Yin huffed as he rebuked.

Rather than saying he brought a woman home, looking at this situation, it is more like a female ghost followed him home.

Then again, if there is really something ’dirty’ that followed him back, he should more or less have an inkling, therefore he shouldn’t have been clung onto.

"That’s true." Yu Xia patted his legs then stood up.

"Seriously, I have to do a cleaning spree again." Yu Tong who was responsible for the entire house, dropped his shoulder. He just could not handle seeing the house in a mess.

In other words, he has mysophobia.3

"It can’t be that the ’thing’ that you were talking about did this ba?" Yu Xia looked at the little brat and asked.

"How would I know?" Yu Yin immediately defended himself, but he already concluded that this is the most likely possibility.

He should not have offended that ’thing’, so why is ’it’ doing this to him?

The incident with the trunk cover, then now in his house, Yu Yin could not figure out the reason why. Oh no, it can’t be that during a certain year, certain month, certain day, at a certain time, he did something unknowingly, causing this ’thing’ to look for him ba?

However, he has always been careful with regards to this kind of thing...

"Hurry, the news is going to start." Due to his job, Yu Tong has the habit of watching the news in his free time. Pa.s.sing the medicine box to his son, Yu Tong turned on the television and turned it to the news channel. "Ah Yin, you help Yu apply some medicine first then help yourself change your bandage. After that, come down and help us clean the living room."


Dragging out his word, just as he was about to turn around and head back up to his room, the news reporter’s voice entered his hearing zone.

"Now reporting the latest news, today, at evening, the police received a call. After the call, the police rushed to a certain high-cla.s.s building and was shocked to find a man committing suicide. After being rushed to the hospital, at 7.15pm tonight, it was announced that the man was dead."

"Committing suicide by hanging himself, the man is an employee at Jin Gong (金工) adult arcade, nicknamed Ah Mu, aged twenty-two. Towards, He Mu Yan, also known as Ah Mu, his fellow colleagues expressed that they had no idea this youth was planning to commit suicide and they did not expect him to end his life in this manner. As there are no signs of a fight occurring in the house, the police confirmed that this is a suicide case after a thorough investigation. Just this year, this is the fifteenth case of suicide..."

Yu Yin did not register the remaining news.

His head felt like a bomb had exploded inside, causing his mind to go ’weng, weng, weng’.

He Mu Yan died at 7.15pm?

He turned around and saw the image of He Mu Yan on the television screen. That exact same green hair shown in the image confirmed that the youth that just came to his house was the same person that is being reported dead on the news.

He Mu Yan died at 7.15 pm...

Then who is the ’He Mu Yan’ that came to look for him?

"Recently, these suicide cases are getting more and more, looks like this is the case that Xiang Xiang and the others were settling this evening." Yu Tong looked at the news as he commented: "Why do teenagers nowadays like to dye their hair into such weird colors? Aren’t they afraid of getting scalp cancer...?"

His voice jolted Yu Yin out of his daze, the medicine box in his hands fell onto the ground, causing a loud ’thud’. Yu Tong and Yu Xia who were cleaning the living room got a shock and turned to look at Yu Yin.

Yu Yin turned his head stiffly, on the table, the cup of tea he served just moments ago was still there. Next to the cup was a piece of paper.

Without much thoughts, Yu Yin rushed to the table and picked up that piece of paper that was supposed to have an address and a name written on it.

But what he saw was a blank piece of paper.

The white paper fell from his grasp.

Just who was the person that came to look for him at 7pm?

3: mysophobia is a pathological fear of contamination and germs. In simple terms, a clean freak. (No offence to anyone!)

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