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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 4.2

"The both of you stay where you are and don’t move!"

Yu Yin immediately shouted to the two that are still unfamiliar with the house. He then fumbled around in the darkness, walking towards the television cabinet. To deal with these unexpected situations, his dad would usually put a few torchlights and first-aid kits in a few places in the house.

Reaching the cabinet, Yu Yin quickly took out a backup torchlight. "The two of you don’t anyhow move around oh..." Yu Yin switched on the torchlight.

A deathly white face instantly appeared in front of his eyes.

Suffering from a great shock, Yu Yin immediately took a step back. The deathly white face only appeared for a few seconds before it disappeared. It was so fast that Yu Yin did not get a clear look at the face. Afterwards, it was that familiar, eerie mewling sound again. It was close, very close, almost as if the leopard cat was mewling right next to his feet.

What is that?

Yu Yin’s instinct told him that there is going to be trouble.


Just as Yu Yin calmed down, a pitiful shriek came from the sofa. It sounded a little weird, as if someone was being choked while shrieking: "Jing, Jing... Let me off, let me off..."

"He Mu Yan!" Hearing the shriek, Yu Yin immediately yelled.

Just as he wanted to turn his head, Yu Yin’s hand injury that was caused by the falling trunk cover, suddenly gave off an intense pain. The torchlight seemed to have been slapped away from his hand, ’ke-dong’ it fell onto the ground and rolled a few rounds before the light went off.

The house was in complete darkness.

"Jing, Jing!" He Mu Yan’s cries became more and more pitiful, while at the same time getting more and more breathless, until the whole house was only filled with his breathless cries and rough breathing: "Jing, Jing..."

"He Mu Yan! Hang on!" Not caring about the torchlight that rolled away, Yu Yin grabbed the flower vase that was next to him and fumbled towards the sofa to save the youth.

He did not know what happened to He Mu Yan, but judging from He Mu Yan’s voice, there seems to be something choking him.

Yu Yin only took his first step, when something appeared right next to his feet and caused him to trip and fall. He fell flat on the floor while the flower vase slipped from his hands and broke into pieces not too far away.

An ’object’ pressed heavily on him.

"Go away!" Yu Yin struggled but he could not get rid of ’it’. He could not even get up: "d.a.m.n it! Get off me!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-" At this moment, the lights in the house flashed for a second. In that second, Yu Yin raised his head and saw the yellow walls were dyed with blood. He Mu Yan was lying on the sofa, his eyes widened in shock, mouth wide open, and almost half of his tongue was sticking out.

On top of his body, a long-haired lady was sitting over him. Her black hair covered her entire face. She was so white that one can almost see her blood vessels. Her pale white hands were stretched out, choking the green haired youth until the youth started to spit out white foam and his eyes gradually faded into white.

In that instance, just for one moment, Yu Yin saw that the lady was not on his sofa, and behind her was not the wall of his house.

Where is this?

With a ’Pa’, the whole house went dark again.

A few seconds later, the lights started to flicker. The originally white lights turned into a shade of red, making the entire house looked like it was dyed in blood. That lady, seeming real, then unreal, suddenly appearing then fading away.

Yu Yin understood what he just saw.

Just as he was struggling to push off whatever that was pressing him against the floor, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a black figure shakily getting onto its feet.

That’s right, Yu!

Although he did not fully understand what was happening, he vaguely guessed the situation, Yu pushed against the floor and did his best to get to his feet. Looking left and right, he made his way to the doors, trying to get to the power distribution cabinet to turn the lights back to normal.

The mewling cries got louder and fiercer.

"Yu, Don’t touch!"

In that moment, Yu Yin saw a leopard cat’s face appear on the power distribution cabinet.

After which, he fainted.

Not knowing how long he fainted, just as he was slowly regaining his conscious, the house was back to normal.

The lights were still shining brightly, no longer stained in blood red, and the b.l.o.o.d.y colors on the wall were gone.

Most importantly, this is his house.

He climbed up from the floor, shaking his head not-so-lightly, his entire back was radiating immense pain that he has never felt before. His originally bandaged hand was once again, seeping blood. The bandage looks exceptionally frightening... He could already hear his dad preaching voice.

All around him was silence, not a single sound, and He Mu Yan, who was supposed to be lying on the sofa, was long gone.

Those things are not important!

"Yu!" He turned his head and saw Yu lying on the floor next to the wall. On the white wall, the power distribution cabinet’s cover swayed slightly but there was nothing inside. Not to mention a leopard cat.

Not caring about the pain on his body, Yu Yin stumbled and fumbled as he rushed over to Yu’s side, carefully picking him up. "Yu, wake up!" He saw a few short scars, looking like scratches, on the pale white face of his brother, and a stream of blood was flowing out from his nose.

Carrying Yu in his arms, Yu Yin rushed up to his room. Kicking his room’s door open, not caring about anything else, Yu Yin hurriedly placed Yu on the bed, then listened to Yu’s breathing.

"It’s ok... He’s still breathing..." After a quick basic check, he concluded that Yu probably just fainted, allowing him to let out a breath of relief.

Taking a few pieces of tissue papers, Yu Yin begins to dab away the blood stains on Yu’s face. What is left are the short scratches.

Just as Yu Yin was about to get the medicine box to help Yu attend to the scratches, the sound of the door opening on the first floor caught his attention. Next, he heard the rattling sounds of the keys and then the familiar voices calling out to him.

"Ah Yin, Little Yu, We are back, we brought you supper-" Yu Xia, who entered the house first, saw that there was no one in the living room, instinctively threw his bag to the side and dashed up to his sons’ room. Yu Tong, who came in after his brother, was left to lock the door.

"Ah Yin, what are you two doing?"

The room’s door was wide open, he did not need to kick down the door and he saw the two brats, one lying on the bed while the other was standing next to the bed.

"A little something happened... That’s right, second dad, just now when you two came back, did you see anyone else at the door?" Yu Yin remembered the shocking scenes from moments ago. Not knowing how He Mu Yan is right now, it could not be that he was really strangled to death by that female ghost ba?

"People? No ah, did you have friends over?"

Yu Yin shook his head.

Hearing the conversation from Yu Yin’s room, Yu Tong made his way up: "What happened?"

"Just a moment ago..." Trailing off, Yu Yin shook his head: "Forget it, you two won’t understand anyway."

The twins glanced at each other, both of them had the look of confusion.

"What happened to Little Yu’s face? There are scratches." The ever-meticulous Yu Tong, immediately noticed the unusual marks on the boy who was lying on the bed, "Wait a moment, I’ll go get the medicine box. Aye, also don’t know if there will be Teta.n.u.s2... Let’s go to the hospital later and get vaccinated to be safe..." As he was speaking, Yu Tong left the room to get the medicine box.

Yu Xia squinted his eyes at the two brats before him for a long while but he did not probe.

"It’s true that I won’t understand." He said, then he rubbed Yu Yin’s head a little roughly: "But your dad and second dad will still worry about you ba!"

Pressing against the spot where his second dad rubbed him, feeling a wave of pain spreading from that spot, Yu Yin blinked his eyes innocently before sighing: "Just now, a person came to look for me. He said he is Ah Guan’s friend, then..."

2: Teta.n.u.s is an acute and infectious disease caused by the toxin produced by a kind of bacteria that enters the body through cuts or wounds; also called lockjaw. In teta.n.u.s, the muscles of the body, particularly the muscles of the jaw, contract in painful spasms.

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