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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 3.3

Yu Yin suddenly felt that his fate with the hospital is very strong these two days.

The taxi that Yu Tong hailed drove them to the hospital where Ah Guan stayed in last night. This is Yu Yin’s request. After all, since he is going to a hospital to get checked anyway, might as well visit Ah Guan along the way.

Due to him still bleeding from the injury, the taxi driver drove them straight to the Accident and Emergency block.

"Wait here obediently and don’t loiter around." After entering the accident and emergency clinic, Yu Yin instructed the expressionless boy to wait outside the clinic before he followed the nurse into the clinic.

Yu stood outside the clinic and watched at Yu Yin entered the clinic.

Why did he feel like he got a new follower?

Yu Yin, who wanted to sigh, was forced onto the chair by the nurse and was injected with a few needles to prevent infection and to numb his finger. Without a word, a doctor came up to him and begin to sew up the injury.

Due to the anaesthetic, Yu Yin did not feel any pain, just a weird feeling that he could not explain.

"Remember to come back either tomorrow or the day after for a follow-up. After a week or so, we can remove the st.i.tches." With a few quick movements, the doctor was done. After instructing Yu Yin, the doctor prescribed some painkillers for Yu Yin and told him to wait outside.

Yu Yin got out of the clinic and as expected, he saw Yu waiting obediently at the spot where he left him.

"I am going to see Ah Guan, he is the one that got into the accident yesterday. Do you want to go buy some food first or do you want to wait outside?" Yu Yin, supporting his hand that was wrapped like a mummy, asked. After all, where he is going is not a fun place, so he did not wish to have someone following him.

Yu shook his head.

"You also want to visit Ah Guan?"

Nods head.

"You really like to follow eh!"

...No response.

Sighing resignedly, Yu Yin could only give in... "Forget it, follow me if you want, just don’t get lost."

After asking around, Yu Yin was quickly informed that Ah Guan is still in the observation room and cannot have any visitors. Under the lead of the head nurse from yesterday, Yu Yin looked across the gla.s.s window at his good friend who was under observation and has many tubes connected to him.

"陈同学 (Student Chen a.k.a Ah Guan) will be having his second operation in a moment, but up till now, his condition appears to be fine. If it does not take a turn for the worse, it should be possible to save him. In the end, we will do what we can, then it’s all up to fate". The head nurse standing next to him said, then sighed. "What a poor child, getting involved in such a huge accident at such a young age. Even until now, we could not contact his parents..."

Yu Yin naturally knew what Ah Guan’s family condition is like. His parents like to go out and gamble or fool around with the opposite gender, sometimes they would not be home for the better part of a month. Completely disappearing into thin air is very common. All of Ah Guan’s daily expenses are earned through his own part-time job, or, when his parents are home, they would give him a few thousand dollars.

That’s all.

That’s why Ah Guan likes to hang around outside, sometimes not even going home. He would rather stay overnight at someone else’s place or look for some random place to sleep, than speak of wanting to go home. All these, everyone in their group knows. Just that, everyone came out to play, so no one would probe any deeper.

Without needing to think too much, Ah Guan’s parents must be out fooling around as usual.

Getting his pay in advance in order to pay for Ah Guan’s basic medical bills, Yu Yin continued to ask the head nurse about some of the details after Ah Guan was sent to the hospital before he left the observation room.

Stepping out of the room, Yu Yin saw Yu sitting at the corridor, waiting for him. However, next to him was five or six more people that did not look like the ’nice type’. Most are young men about his age. Every one of them had their hair dyed, there are gold, green, red, and other weird colors. Some of them even wore branded items, looking exceptionally out of place in the hospital corridor.

Yu Yin recognized these people.

They are the other workers from Ah Guan’s part-time job. Previously, Ah Guan recommended the job to him but he felt there was something off with the job, hence he only met them once and never contacted them again. He remembered the leader of the group seems to be called...

"Aren’t you Ah Guan’s friend? The one called Yu Yin?" a young man with golden hair walked up to Yu Yin, in a not too friendly tone, he said: "I am Ah Guan’s boss from his part-time job, the name is 王鸿 (w.a.n.g Hong). We met once before."

That’s right, his name is w.a.n.g Hong. The names of the other guys did not leave much impact on Yu Yin because he felt that since they were not the same ’type’ of people, they would not be in contact again. Hence it would be pointless to remember their names, so he did not bother to do so.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Yu Yin saw Yu stood up and got behind him, he sensed that Yu did not like the group of people before him.

Not only Yu, a few people pa.s.sing by all shy away from them. A few nurses standing not too far away kept their attention on them, seeming to fear that they would cause trouble in the hospital.

"I saw the news reported on Ah Guan’s car accident this morning so I came here to take a look. Did you go to see Ah Guan? I asked the nurses, but these d.a.m.ned nurses just would not tell me the ward number!" w.a.n.g Hong let out a cold snort and glared at the pa.s.sing nurse. The nurse that was being said immediately picked up her pace and stayed away.

Yu Yin arched an eyebrow, if he was the nurse, he probably would not tell this group of people before him as well and would probably even call the police to see them out of the hospital. "Ah Guan is still under observation, he is not allowed to have visitors. Maybe we have to wait until his surgery is completed before he can be allowed visitors ba."

"Is that so?" w.a.n.g Hong rubbed his hands as he frowned, as if thinking about something: "Then I’ll come and find him when he is awake."

"Do you have something to say to him?" Not mentioning to w.a.n.g Hong that Ah Guan’s condition is not very optimistic, Yu Yin felt that the other party suddenly coming to the hospital felt a little off.

"Nothing." w.a.n.g Hong snapped before realizing he had overreacted. He then added: "Because he is hospitalized so suddenly, it will affect the work schedule. I am just here to check on his condition, to see if we should put him on no-pay leave or to find someone to replace him. It would be easier to report to the boss afterward."


Thinking hard, Yu Yin seems to recall that Ah Yuan works at a 电子游乐场2?

"If Ah Guan wakes up, give me a call. This is my phone number." w.a.n.g Hong pa.s.sed a name card over to Yu Yin. On the surface, it is printed a certain arcade’s name as well as w.a.n.g Hong’s name. Beneath it is a row of numbers. "Our shop is just nearby, if there is any situation you can call me, I will be here immediately.

"Ok." Yu Yin took the name card, giving it a quick scan before keeping it in his wallet.

Waving his hand, w.a.n.g Hong and his group of people turned and headed to the lift.

Just as they turned around, Yu Yin saw w.a.n.g Hong’s back and instantly, a thought crossed his mind: "王大哥3 (Big Brother w.a.n.g), please wait..."

w.a.n.g Hong abruptly turned around, a look of confusion as he asked: "What is it?"

"Do you know someone named ’Jing’?"

Hearing Yu Yin’s question, w.a.n.g Hong was instantly stunned. After a few moments, he recovered his bearing and stammered coldly: "I have never heard of this person before!"

Then he immediately turned and walked away.

Yu Yin looked at the group of people who was disappearing into the distance. A feeling of uneasiness swelled up in his heart.

Then, he heard a cat mewl.

After leaving the hospital, the time was close to the afternoon.

Yu Yin looked at his watch, it was a little past eleven-thirty.

"We’ll go grab a bite then go home and catch some sleep." Putting one arm around Yu, they walked towards the nearest j.a.panese restaurant.

After taking their seats, Yu Yin opened the menu and pa.s.sed it over to Yu. He then ordered a seafood set meal for himself first.

Yu scanned through the menu before ordering the same thing as Yu Yin. The waiter took their orders and kept the menu.

Inside the restaurant, a soft j.a.panese music was being played, accompanied by a charming voice.

Taking out a notebook, Yu Yin wrote down w.a.n.g Hong’s name and phone number, then wrote down Ah Guan’s name. He started to wonder if there is any secret between the two of them.

Today, w.a.n.g Hong’s att.i.tude was exceptionally strange. Yu Yin felt that the ’Jing’ that Ah Guan mentioned should be someone that w.a.n.g Hong knew as well. Otherwise, he would not be so quick to deny. Usually, people would have a look of confusion, but w.a.n.g Hong was obviously panicking, almost as is he never expected Yu Yin to ask him this question.

Flipping around the name card, Yu Yin noticed that the back of the name card imprinted the address of the arcade. It was just nearby, a five-minute walk thereabout. No wonder w.a.n.g Hong said that if anything happens, call him and he would be there immediately.

Not too long later, two sets of seafood set meal were served. The pleasant aroma aroused their hunger. Yu Yin instantly discovered that he was actually starving.

"Let’s eat!" He broke the chopsticks apart and cried happily.

Sitting across him, Yu glanced at him before gently breaking the chopsticks, slowly eating his own meal.

"Oh right, I haven’t thanked you for today yet." Yu Yin raised his still-wrapped, mummy-like hand, and waved it in front of Yu, successfully getting Yu’s attention: "Thank you for saving my hand. That book that was damaged, later I’ll buy another copy for you." If his hand was truly flattened just now, he probably won’t just become a mummy, but it would be completely broken and waiting to be re-attached.

Yu shook his head, reaching across the table to pick up Yu Yin’s pen, he wrote on his notebook: "It is fine, I have already finished reading it."

Rubbing his head, Yu Yin felt a little embarra.s.sed: "Don’t say it like that, I actually wanted to apologize to you leh. In that case, why don’t we head to the bookstore before we go home? See if there is any book that you like, I will buy it for you as compensation. Alright?" Yu Yin noticed that the book did not belong to his house, and is not something that his dad or second dad would read. Thus, it is probably something that belongs to Yu. Destroying another person’s book, Yu Yin felt guilty, that is why he insisted on compensating Yu.

Looking at him for a long while, Yu tilted his head as he considered Yu Yin’s suggestion before he finally nodded his head.

Just as the atmosphere between the two of them turned for the better, the hand phone that was lying on the table suddenly rang. Yu Yin bit his spoon as he picked up the phone. Yu Xia’s voice was transmitted through the phone.

As he heard his second dad’s words, Yu Yin began to frown.

"In the trunk of the taxi, there are traces of a large amount of blood?"

2: 电子游乐场 directly translates to digital amus.e.m.e.nt park which I don’t think is the right term. I a.s.sume it is something like arcade. If someone knows the actual term please correct me. But the story will refer to it as an arcade for now.

3: It is a nicer and polite way to address someone (male) older than oneself by a few years as ’大哥’, they are in no way blood-related.

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