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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 3.2

"Why did you follow down again?"

Yu Xia, who was checking the scene with his team, huffed with annoyance as he saw two certain brats that followed down to the case scene again. "Didn’t I heard someone not having a wink of sleep for the whole night? What did you come here for? Don’t come and cause more problems for me, go home and sleep!"

"Can’t I come and see the taxi? I’m still young and capable, even if I did not sleep for one or two nights, I’m still in a better condition than some old man leh." Yu Yin stuck out his tongue towards his second dad.

Behind him, Yu who insisted to follow, was still rubbing his eyes. He fell asleep in Yu Tong’s car on the way here, so the drowsiness has yet to leave him.

Yu Xia rolled his eyes. His team mates next to him mostly knew Yu Yin through him and Yu Tong, hence they did not pursue the matter and allowed the two children to watch from the side.

After all, it is just an accident, the restrictions are not so strict.

"How is the investigation?" Yu Tong pa.s.sed the lunch box to his younger brother, then pa.s.sed out some canned drinks that he bought on the way here to the rest of the colleagues. Instantly, cheers of grat.i.tude filled the air.

Compared to the devil-like Yu Xia, it is obvious that between the twins, everyone prefers Yu Tong.

"No matter how we look at it, it appears to be an accident. The engine overheated and caused the outbreak of water vapor, nothing special." Yu Xia shrugged, feeling that he wasted his time making this trip. It would have been better if he went back to his office and catch some sleep instead.

"It is an accident." Flipping through the case file which he got from one of the colleagues, Yu Tong seconded his twin’s conclusion. After all, an outbreak of water vapor cannot be manipulated. No matter how one look at this case, it is an accident. They should be able to close the case soon.

Not minding what the adults are saying, Yu Yin walked around the taxi on his own.

The leopard cat that he saw during dawn was right next to the car, so he felt that there was something wrong.

As the time got later, the people living in the city area began to wake up. Many of them stopped to take a look, but left as soon as they felt that there was nothing interesting to see. There are also many residents nearby that came to probe about the situation, but was sent away after revealing that it was an accident.

Yu followed next to Yu Yin and too, began to round the taxi.

Not knowing if it is due to the change in how he felt towards his new younger brother, or due to him being bored from not finding anything suspicious, Yu Yin subconsciously turned to Yu and asked: "You probably did not notice that there was a cat yesterday, did you?"

After being momentarily stunned, the owner of the pair of purple eyes shook his head.

As expected, no one else saw the cat.

On the third time Yu Yin rounded the taxi, he suddenly noticed that the trunk of the taxi was partially opened. The inside was black and dark, there was nothing within.

"汪叔 (Uncle w.a.n.g), did you guys check the trunk just now ah?" Putting on a pair of gloves, Yu Yin opened the trunk. There was nothing much inside, just some equipment to clean and maintain the taxi, a very normal trunk. There was nothing suspicious in sight.

"No ah, it’s the front of the car that has issues so we just checked the engine hood." The investigator who was familiar with Yu Yin, replied.

They did not open the trunk?

Then doesn’t that mean it was not closed since last night?

He clearly remembered that last night, the taxi driver only checked the engine hood but did not check the trunk...

"Strange, did the taxi driver forgot to close it?" Not seeing any suspicious items, Yu Yin reached to close the cover of the trunk.

Just as he was about to turn his sight away, a pair of strange and eerie eyes appeared in the going-to-close trunk, glaring at him coldly.

Yu Yin thought he was hallucinating for a moment, the heavy cover fell and covered the pair of eerie eyes, but what replaced the eyes was a pair of pale white hands, suddenly shooting out from the trunk and grabbed his hand, pulling it in.

"Ah Yin! Danger!" Noticing that something was unusual, one of the investigators yelled but did not make it.

’Kou’ the cover of the trunk fell and gave off an eerie sound.

Feeling the pain instantly, Yu Yin was in shock. However, it was not as painful as he imagined.

There was still a small opening between the trunk cover. He looked along the opening and saw a thick book sandwiched between the cover. One side of the book was badly pressed and bent, one could see the how powerful the force behind the trunk cover was when it fell.

That book belongs to Yu. He was still holding to the other end of the book while looking at Yu Yin.

"Ah Yin, are you alright?" Yu Xia immediately ran over and opened the trunk cover: "Why are you so careless, did your fingers get caught?" After the trunk cover was re-opened, just like what he saw previously, there was nothing unusual inside, much less a pair of eyes or hands. Yu Yin retracted his hands, on his finger, there was a trace of blood. Thanks to the book, it was only a scratch, otherwise he would most likely be on his way to the hospital to sew his entire finger back.

"Little Yu, thank you" Swiftly following after, Yu Tong looked at the deformed book as he patted Yu, who was standing by the side.

Remaining expressionless, Yu just took back his book, feeling a little pity as he caressed the damaged marking on the book.

"Why are you so careless?" Pulling Yu Yin’s hand over, Yu Xia frowned as he borrowed tissue paper from the colleague next to him to press on the injury.

"My hands probably slipped and I did not notice la." Yu Yin shrugged his shoulders but kept his eyes on the strange trunk.

"That’s right, second dad, can you trouble Uncle w.a.n.g and the others to check the trunk?"

"The trunk?"

"En... I don’t know how to explain eh, besides, just checking won’t cause you to lose a body part, just do me a favor la." Feeling very concerned about the pair of eyes, no matter how he thought about it, Yu Yin felt that it belongs to a girl. As well as the hands that came after, even though it was just a moment, but due to the shock, he remembered it very clearly.

That pair of hands were a little small.

Icy cold, but not big and rough like a boy’s hand.

Squinting his eyes at Yu Yin, Yu Xia then turned around and called out to his colleagues that were packing up: "Ah w.a.n.g (a.k.a Uncle w.a.n.g), please check the trunk as well."

A few people stopped and looked at Yu Xia with confusion, but they still did as requested.

"We will settle the issue here, you better go to the hospital first and get your injury cleaned. Otherwise, it would be bad if it gets infected." Yu Tong hailed a taxi that was pa.s.sing by before pa.s.sing a few notes to Yu: "Little Yu, you follow Ah Yin to the hospital. Don’t let him run away, do you understand?"

Yu nodded his head, then turned to stare at Yu Yin who was next to him.

"Humph, I am an adult eh!"

A certain someone protested unhappily.

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