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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 3.1

"At dawn this morning, a case of an outbreak of water vapor from the engine of a vehicle happened at Taichung city area. The victim is 林余大 (Lin Yu Da), a taxi driver aged forty-seven. According to the report..."

Yu was sleeping.

The most blessed child in the whole world is now sleeping next to him.

Feeling like he was going to suffer from a mental breakdown, Yu Yin was tempted to knock Yu on the head and wake the boy up. Let him have a taste of what it feels like to ’work’ around the clock.

"Ah Yin, here, drink something hot first ba." Pa.s.sing a bowl of hot soup to Yu Yin, Yu Tong, who also did not sleep for the whole night, walked into the room. Taking out a thin blanket and covering it over Yu, Yu Tong took a seat on the other side: "I just received a call from the hospital. Xia said that the taxi driver suffered multiple serious burns but his life is not in danger. You can relax now." Looking at the notes written on his notebook, Yu Tong said to Yu Yin.

Multiple serious burns...

Yu Yin glared at the bowl of hot soup in his hands. Thinking back to the leopard cat that he saw yesterday at the car park, it seems that everything that happened afterward became unusual and something would happen to everyone he met.

It couldn’t be that he is the bringer of disasters ba?

Shouldn’t be ah, he doesn’t remember anything in his fortune saying that he would bring bad luck to anyone this year1.

"Xia said you saw a leopard cat?" Yu Tong turned off the television after the news finished reporting. He then turned on the radio at the side. A clear, soothing music was played, causing one to subconsciously relax.

"En, and before the taxi driver was burned, I saw it too." Yu Yin swiped a hand across his face. Having not slept the whole night and being involved in multiple accidents one after another, he couldn’t help but feel frustrated, tired and unhappy. Going to and fro the hospital the whole day, other than feeling that he was being played, he felt extremely tired.

"Leopard cats are scarcely seen now, even the nearest mountain area requires a one-hour car ride. Maybe during holidays, when it’s your second dad’s turn to have a break, we go out for a walk ba, it will help you get a peace of mind." Flipping his notebook, Yu Tong wrote the suggestion into the notebook.


Time continued to pa.s.s slowly.

Yu Yin took a sip of the warm soup, feeling a little rejuvenated, he turned to look at Yu who was sleeping soundly next to him and remembered that he wanted to ask something. "Oh right, what happened to his family?"

"Erm... This case ah..." Yu Tong was obviously hesitant: "This case is cla.s.sified as top secret, even the news did not report it. You better don’t spread the word around oh."

"Oi, oi, I’m your son eh!" Yu Yin rolled his eyes and resented.

"En, ok then." Yu Tong nodded his head then slowly opened his mouth: "Actually, Little Yu has been involved in a murder case. The murderer... is his biological father. After we got the phone call reporting the incident, we rushed down to the scene and saw his father murdered four members of his family, including his mother, two older sisters, and an older brother, as well as a few guests that were visiting their house. A total of nine people were dead. Every single one of them had their chest cut open while alive and their hearts were pulled out. All of them died instantly, there was nothing we could do. After killing everyone, his father poured petrol on himself. When the police broke down the door and entered the house, he already lit himself on fire. By the time we put out the fire and sent him to the hospital, there was no sign of life left."

Yu Yin’s eyes widen in shock. Although due to both of his dads being part of the police force, hearing about murder cases are quite common to him, but to hear such vicious cases are very rare. Just listening to the details caused shivers down one’s spine.

"When the police investigated the scene, they found Little Yu being locked in the bathroom next to the living room. There are many metal locks added outside the door, the fingerprints found on the metal locks belongs to his parents. There are signs of something crashing against the translucent small opening under the bathroom door, thus it was deduced that Little Yu most likely witnessed the whole murder process but he refused to talk about it. That’s why, your second dad and I discussed, and decided to bring him home."

Listening to the gist of the case, Yu Yin could not help but pity the boy who he wanted to hit just a few moments ago. Seeing Yu sleeping soundly, Yu Yin felt that he was acting like a petty and jealous idiot. "Then... didn’t the police find out anything?"

He could not understand, why would a father be so vicious and kill so many people? He did not even let off his wife and children.

"Currently we still did not find out the reason, but after dissection, it was found that Little Yu’s parents were long-term drug addicts. However, no trace of drugs was found in his house. After examination, we still could not deduce what kind of drug it was, it should be a new kind of drug. This is likely to be a tragedy caused from drug withdrawal." Flipping his notebook, Yu Tong continued: "That’s all we have now, currently, the police are still investigating. If there are any new findings, we will continue to ’chase’ it until we break the case."

"En..." Yu Yin stared at the sleeping boy next to him and subconsciously fell silent.

Just as both of them were lost in their own thoughts, a ringtone broke the silence.

Yu Tong got up and went to pick up the call.

Yu Yin finished the bowl of soup and was about to grab a set of fresh clothes to take a bath when he realized there were movements coming from the boy next to him. The originally sleeping boy rubbed his eyes and got up, looking a little dazed as he looked at Yu Yin.

"Awake? Go take a shower, then go to your room and sleep instead." After hearing his tragic past, Yu Yin could not help but soften his tone. No longer feeling as much dislike for the boy as he did before, instead, he felt pity for the boy.

Nodding his head obediently, Yu got up and folded the thin blanket before looking left and right.

"Go up the second floor, the first room on the right is yours. The second room is mine. On the opposite side is dad’s room then second dad’s room. You can wear my clothes for now, though it may be a little big." Although this new younger brother is a going-to-hit-eighteen ’half adult’, but his entire person is so skinny, he is one full size smaller than Yu Yin.

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Yu nodded his head before heading up to the second floor and entering the second room to look for clothes.

Not long after Yu entered the bathroom, Yu Tong returned: "Your second dad is going to check on the reason for the outbreak of water vapor from the engine. After that, he has to report back to his police department so he most likely would not return home tonight. Later I will send some items over to him and start my duty. You decide for yourself if you want to apply a one-day leave from school today."

Relaying a few simple issues, Yu Tong walked into the kitchen and took out a lunchbox.

"Second dad is going to the scene where the outbreak of water vapor happened?" Yu Yin raised an eyebrow.

"He said you rode in the taxi so he is going to make a trip and check out the reason. It won’t take long." Yu Tong replied simply as he prepared a heartfelt lunchbox.

Looking at his dad’s action, the gears in Yu Yin’s brain turned. "Dad, are you going to the scene of the accident and give second dad the lunchbox?"

"En, he has been working since last night and hasn’t eaten anything yet. Since it is on the way to work, I’ll just deliver it to him." Yu Tong quickly packed the lunchbox as he answered.

"Then can I follow?"


1: (Personal Understanding). It is a Chinese ’thing’ to check on a person’s luck at the beginning of the year. Superst.i.tious people may believe and do things to avoid misfortunes while there are also people that read for fun.

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