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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 2.2

The temperature during dawn is always very low.

The moment he stepped out of the hospital, Yu Yin sneezed. It wasn’t as cold when he was in the hospital, but the moment he stepped out, it was freezing cold. Ridiculous.

Turning back, he saw Yu standing next to him, wearing a thin layer of clothes and was still covered in blood.

He suddenly remembered the accident, where this boy only reacted after he shouted at the boy, and his actions afterward.

To be honest, he should be thankful to the boy, at that moment, the crowd only knew to stare and gossip, but only this boy dashed out to the front and took measures to stop the blood from flowing. Even though he did not know where the boy learnt such skills, but after the medic arrived, they even praised the boy, saying that if it was not for his quick reaction, Ah Guan would have been long dead.

Having thought up to this point, Yu Yin felt that he should not be so bad to the boy. After all, the boy did something to help and compared to the crowd that only stood aside and watched, the boy really did a lot.

Rolling his eyes, Yu Yin sighed softly. Taking off his coat, Yu Yin threw it to the boy: "Wear it, otherwise later when the taxi driver sees us, he might think we went to murder someone."

Yu stared blankly at Yu Yin for a few seconds before he slowly put on the coat.

With one coat lesser, Yu Yin realized how heartlessly cold the current temperature is. He breathed out warm air on his hands, trying to warm himself a little. At such a timing, there were barely any taxis on the road. Yu Yin looked around and noticed the flickering lights outside the hospital walls. "Let’s go, we are taking a taxi." Then, he took the lead and as expected, soft footsteps followed behind him.

How troublesome, all of a sudden popping out such a ’big’ younger brother who he has to take care of, how ridiculous.

Then again, dad also mentioned that he was involved in a case, what kind of case would that be...?

He did not notice any important cases being reported on the news recently, nor did he hear his two fathers mentioning such a case, could it be that the case has yet to be revealed to the public?

Or could it be...

After a short walk, Yu Yin found a few taxi parked outside the hospital. There were drivers that were listening to the radio broadcast as they waited for customers, and there were also drivers that have already fallen asleep while waiting. Late at night, there are only a handful of hard working drivers left, trying to earn a little more by picking up a few more customers.

"Boy oh, you want to grab a taxi?" Upon seeing Yu Yin and Yu walking out of the hospital, the taxi driver that was closest to them immediately got off the taxi and waved to them. "It’s very cold tonight and at this timing, there is no more public transport oh."

Yu Yin looked at the driver, "Do you know how to get to Taichung garden villa?"

"Of course I know ah, come, come and get in the taxi!" the taxi driver smiled as he gestured for the two boys to get into the taxi. Out of concern, the driver asked: "It’s so late yet you two still came out of the hospital, won’t you be too tired?"

"It’s still alright, isn’t it always like that?" After taking a seat next in the taxi, Yu Yin began to converse with the driver: "Oh yeah, Uncle, is it alright to drop by the fast food drive-through, later? The two of us have yet to have dinner, I want to buy some hamburgers for dinner."

"Haven’t had dinner oh? Aiyo, it’s not good to have hamburgers all the time la, remember to eat more fruits and vegetables to get sufficient nutrients." After making sure that both boys are seated, the taxi driver then took off. "The one next to you is your younger brother oh? Not bad-looking but a little too skinny. Nowadays, the little children are all so skinny, you have to eat more to be healthier."

Yu Yin replied with a smile but said nothing more.

The taxi drove slowly as it left the hospital’s premises. Late into the night, there were not a single vehicle or person on the road. As the sky was still dark, the streetlamps and the taxi’s headlights served as the only sources of light that broke the suffocating darkness.

"It sure is strange tonight, not a single car in sight. Usually, at this timing, there would still be two or three cars on the road." The taxi driver turned the steering wheel as he spoke, breaking the silence in the taxi.

Glancing at his watch, it was past 3 a.m., Yu Yin raised his head to look at the driver: "Maybe people are sleeping in due to the cold weather." Yu Yin casually replied and joined into the conversation: "Uncle, you wait outside the hospital every day to pick up customers ah?"

"Yeah! We still need to register the taxi company leh, otherwise, the hospital won’t let us wait outside." Glancing at Yu Yin from the back mirror, the driver replied: "I happened to get the midnight shift. Every day I treat it like a part-time job, sleep a little lesser to earn a little more, just earn as much as I can. The economy is not doing so well now, even taxi drivers are having a hard time. I still have many mouths to feed at home."

"That’s true..."

Looking out of the taxi window, Yu Yin started to go into a daze.

Realizing that Yu Yin did not intend to continue the conversation, the taxi driver did not speak any further.

"Yu, which set meal do you want to eat?" Breaking out of his daze upon seeing the yellow signboard not too far away, Yu Yin nudged his new younger brother, who was looking out from the other taxi window.

Yu turned his head over then shook his head.

"You don’t want to eat dinner?" Yu Yin raised an eyebrow, not too happy. "If you don’t eat, I will be scolded again. Since you can’t decide, then I will just randomly order something for you lo."

Staring at him for a moment, Yu slowly nodded his head.

The taxi fell back to its previous silence.

"Let’s turn on the radio." Probably finding the silence a little uncomfortable, the taxi driver turned on the radio, the radio channel was currently playing an old song that Yu Yin has never heard before, but the taxi driver was humming along to the song.

A few minutes later the song ended. Yu Yin suddenly felt something pressing against him and he turned his head to look at the source. Not knowing when, Yu has already fallen into a deep sleep, leaning his head against Yu Yin’s shoulder.

To be honest, he doesn’t look as annoying when he is asleep.

But when he is awake, that pair of purple eyes which holds no feelings looks rather creepy and made people feel uncomfortable.

"Boy oh, we have arrived." Looking at the signboard that is always lightened up, the taxi driver drove into the entrance lane. The intern standing next to the window immediately smiled as he stretched his head out of the window.

"Good evening, welcome to 得来速 (Delights) 4. May I take your order?"

Yu Yin rolled down the taxi window, after gently shifting Yu to lean on the chair to sleep instead, he then stretched his head out of the open window: "I want one fried chicken bucket, two hamburgers a la carte and two apple pies. Also, give me a cup of hot coffee."

The Intern swiftly recorded the orders into the computer. "Is that all?"

"Yes," Yu Yin nodded his head.

"Alright, then please wait for a moment to collect your orders."

The intern’s movements were smooth and fast, after a few minutes, he packed the orders and pa.s.sed it over to Yu Yin. "Please check if your orders are all in."

Yu Yin briefly scanned the bag before he paid for the food.

"Thank you for patronizing Delights, please be careful on the road."

After leaving the entrance lane, the taxi was filled with the aroma of delicious food.

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"Uncle, this is for you." Yu Yin took out the cup of hot coffee and placed it on the drink holder next to the driver’s seat.

"You are too kind, but how can I accept this?" Still keeping his eyes on the road, the taxi driver gently rejected.

"It’s ok la, it is already so late and we still made you run this trip, drink a little something to raise your spirits is also a good thing." Yu Yin smiled as he replied.

"In that case, thank you la." The taxi driver accepted the drink easily.

Just as Yu Yin was about to sit back into the back seat5, he realized that Yu, who was sleeping on the chair, fell over and took up most of the s.p.a.ce in the back seat, leaving no s.p.a.ce for Yu Yin to sit.

Yu Yin rolled his eyes at the sight, placing the paper bag on the carpet of the taxi, he said, "Uncle, sorry ah, but I will have to sit next to you." With that, he slowly and carefully, climbed over to the front seat next to the driver.

Looking at the rear view mirror and learning of the situation, the taxi driver slowed down the taxi, allowing Yu Yin to safely climb into the seat next to him.

"Your brother must be very tired oh, after going back, get a good night sleep so that he will have energy tomorrow oh." The kind-hearted taxi driver changed the radio channel. The radio played a more soothing music, filling the taxi with its beautiful melody.

"Ok." Yu Yin estimated the taxi fare. As his house is located outside the city area, so the taxi would have to cut through the city area before it reaches his home. Looks like it would take another ten minutes of ride.

"The weather is cold, there is a jacket behind the car seat, see if you want to use that and cover your brother. Otherwise, it would be bad if he catches a cold." The taxi driver glanced at the rear view mirror again and said.

"Oh, ok, thank you" Yu Yin took the jacket off the seat and placed it over Yu.

The moment he turned his head back to the front, Yu Yin was stunned.

Looking at the rear view mirror in front of him, he saw a cat.

Early in the morning, past three a.m., the loud screeching sound of the brakes broke the silence in the city area.

A few nosy residents immediately turned on the lights in their houses, intending to stretch their heads out to see what is going on.

5: I am a.s.suming that when Yu Yin placed the cup of coffee at the cup holder next to the driver’s seat, he ’stood up’ to reach forward, and at that moment, Yu fell over and took up the s.p.a.ce in the back seat. (After looking at a few pictures from Google, the taxi in Taiwan seems to be rather s.p.a.cious.)

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