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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 10.2

The next time Yu Yin woke up, it was already noon the next day.

At this time, he was lying on a hospital bed, not knowing when he was sent back to the hospital. Probably he fainted in the ambulance since he had no recollection of getting off the ambulance. His entire person felt light-headed and giddy, as if he had taken drugs, he couldn’t remember the process of getting into the hospital bed.

When he was awake, he smelt the smell of antiseptic and some medicine. All around him was white wall... a single person ward, just like the one which he sneaked out of previously.

His chest was much more relaxed, and he could move slightly. Looks like it should not be any serious injury.

Yu Yin slightly tilted his head and saw the one who loves to follow, Yu, sleeping next to him. The surrounding was quiet, not a single sound could be heard.

He let out a breath as he looked at the white ceiling.

Finally, everything has come to an end.

Next to him, Yu stirred slightly, then he sat up, blinking his eyes.

"Sorry for waking you." Yu Yin smiled, then he looked left and right, there were only the two of them in the room.

Yu shook his head, then he got up and poured Yu Yin a cup of water, and handed him a few tablets of medicine.

While waiting, Yu Yin opened the bedside drawer and got out a remote controller. Turning on the hospital television, he skipped a few channels before stopping at the news channel.

"Next up, reporting the news. Yesterday, the police took down a large, illegal arcade, confiscating more than a hundred illegal gambling and s.e.xual game machines. Part of the workers of the arcade is also involved in a rape-and-murder case. Currently, the police are calling for related persons to give more insights and evidence into the case. If there are any updates, we will continue to bring you the latest news."

Half sitting up, Yu Yin placed a pillow behind his back. He watched the news as he took the medicines. "That said... Where did they throw Lin Xiu Jing’s body? Why can’t it be found until now?"

They went to the suburban area but they found Xie Li Yu’s body instead. In that case, where is Lin Xiu Jing’s body disposed at?

Sitting by the side, Yu wrote on a slip of paper and placed it before Yu Yin, "Yu Xia forbids you to step even one step out of the ward."

Yu Yin rolled his eyes, "I know la, I also don’t want to drag a body of injuries and run around ok."

Yu had a doubtful expression as he looked at Yu Yin.

"Don’t make me hit you oh!" Waving his fists to prove his point, Yu Yin turned the television to other news channels. Majority of the news is reporting on the arcade being taken down by the police, but regarding the murder case, it was barely mentioned. Looks like second dad and the others have yet to disclose the information to the media. Maybe they want to find the body first before coming to a conclusion ba?

Just as he was deep in thoughts, his stomach grumbled, causing Yu Yin to become embarra.s.sed. "Oh no, I’m hungry... Going out to buy food is not against the law ba?" He looked at the little supervisor sent by his second dad.

Shaking his head, Yu pointed to himself before walking out of the door, suggesting that he would go and buy food.

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Yu Yin shrugged his shoulder, he was lazy to get off the bed anyway.

After the door was shut, he changed the channels and continued to watch the television. Since the media reports are almost the same, there is no point in watching them. He would wait for his dad or second dad to return and ask them for more details.

If the body was not disposed on the hills...

No, it must have been disposed on the hills, otherwise, there would not be signs of people going up and down the hills.

But the problem is, why can’t they find the body even after they went up the hills?

Couldn’t be that they cut up the body ba...

No, based on his intuition, this doesn’t feel like the body has been cut up.

Thinking back to the start, if the body had been cut up, the timing would not have fit, and the taxi wouldn’t have delivered that kind of thing... More like, if they included the time taken to cut up the body, than it shouldn’t have been Lin Yu Da who had delivered the body.

Usually, people who cut up the body tends to dispose it in multiple areas.

Not to mention, w.a.n.g Hong previously mentioned about letting the two of them lie together, so Yu Yin believed that the body had not been cut up, but had been immediately disposed of.

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