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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 10.1

Yu Yin slowly turned his head to see what he pulled off w.a.n.g Hong’s neck.

An amulet written in unknown language had shattered in his hand.

A terrible wail echoed in the toilet.

Lying on the ground, Yu Yin only felt weak and sore and his chest had a burning pain. He saw that hand grabbing on to w.a.n.g Hong’s head, smashing it against the gla.s.s furiously. After the gla.s.s had all shattered and fallen to the ground, the hand continued to smash w.a.n.g Hong’s head against the wall. The entire wall was splattered with blood, looking extremely terrifying.

That hand did not intend to stop.


Enduring the pain, Yu Yin yelled toward the ’person’.

The hand abruptly stopped, still grabbing onto w.a.n.g Hong’s head.

Yu Yin saw that w.a.n.g Hong was no longer moving or struggling. w.a.n.g Hong did not even let out a whimper, his eyeb.a.l.l.s had rolled over to the back of his head, seeming to have fainted. Gla.s.s pieces of various sizes stabbed into his head and face, and blood was everywhere.

The b.u.t.terfly knife fell to the ground, quietly lying in the pool of blood.

"Don’t kill him... otherwise, we won’t know the truth..." Coughing, Yu Yin took a deep breath before he continued, "If all the relevant people are dead, the police won’t be able to solve the case..."From the very beginning till the end, all the related people are dead, if w.a.n.g Hong is also dead, there will be one less evidence.

The white hand slowly let go, allowing w.a.n.g Hong to fall to the ground.

Just as Yu Yin let out a breath of relief, the originally lightened toilet suddenly went dark. ’Pi-pi-pa-pa’, all the toilet light bulbs short-circuited, leaving only the weak ray of light from outside as the source of light in the toilet.

Within the darkness, Yu Yin saw a person standing next to w.a.n.g Hong and a leopard cat was circling that person’s leg, letting out an eerie cry.

"You must be Lin Xiu Jing ba?"

At the same time Yu Yin finished his question, that person immediately disappeared, as if it was all his hallucination.

"I know you are Lin Xiu Jing, I also want to help you... So, please stop this..." He laid on the ground, staring at the dark ceiling, almost as if he was talking to himself, "My dad and second dad are policemen and they can help."

’Dong, dong’ the sound of footsteps resonated in the toilet, as if someone was pacing around while thinking.

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"So, let go ba."

The moment he finished speaking, Yu Yin heard a strange and sharp cry coming from a faraway place, lasting for quite a while before it abruptly ended.

Then, there was no sound or shadow anymore.

He tilted his head, in the darkness, he only saw w.a.n.g Hong’s fingers that were fidgeting.

Next, it was the police siren ringing.

After receiving a report, the nearby police station immediately sent out a group of police officers to the scene. Sealing off the area, a few policemen and specialists went into the scene.

This very quickly attracted the attention of the nearby civilians. They even gathered outside and gossiped about what might have happened inside.


"Student that got mauled, are you dead?"

The unexpected question came from inside the arcade and the tone was unlike the doubtful voices of the civilians outside, his tone makes one wonder if he was asking that question seriously.

Squatting on the floor to inspect Yu Yin’s condition, Yan Si, who had accompanied the group of policemen to the scene after receiving the report, rummaged through his emergency first aid-kid and took out a few bottles of medicines to help Yu Yin bandage his wounds.

Leaning against the wall to support himself in a sitting position, Yu Yin rolled his eyes at Yan Si and cursed, "To h.e.l.l with you." If not for the searing pain in his chest, he would have sent a middle finger to the other party as well.

"Since you are so energetic, it seems like you won’t die at the moment." Shrugging his shoulder, Yan Si glanced at the b.l.o.o.d.y scene next to them, "But the one that was just sent to the hospital might not be so energetic. His head was cut by the gla.s.s pieces and stabbed by many more, looks like this time the hospital will be busy."

They came here after receiving a call and the moment they arrive, they saw two bodies in the toilet, one was badly beaten up and the other had his head smashed into the mirror and lying in a pool of blood.

"Not that I want to suspect but student that got mauled, is it that you have a face that makes people want to beat you up? Why is it that everywhere you go, you get beaten up?" Yan Si very seriously asked the question that he had been pondering for the past few days. "So, after getting beaten up, is there any feeling that you want to share?"


"To h.e.l.l with you." With his whole body hurting, Yu Yin returned the same four words to Yan Si.

"How rude!"

As opposed to the two easy-going people who were engaged in a conversation, Yu Xia, who was in-charge of bringing a group of policemen to ’take down’ the shop was not so happy. After concluding the job at hand, he immediately went over to interrogate Yu Yin. "Ah Yin, you forgot what you promised me hor!"When that baby face was black with anger, it gave off a very intimidating aura.

The other colleagues who were gathering evidence nearby immediately moved as far as possible, afraid that if the father-and-son duo got into an argument, they would be caught in the crossfire.

>> >>

Having to be ordered around by the ’Demon G.o.d’ in the police station is already bad enough, they definitely don’t want to get involved with this, that would be super unlucky!

"Eh... I hurt my head so I’m more forgetful." Yu Yin scratched his chin and laughed sheepishly, "You have to know, people who hit their head have difficulty remembering things..."

"Yu Yin!" With a strong urge to run up to Yu Yin and kick him three times, and in fact, Yu Xia did just that, but the moment he rushed up, he was restrained by Yan Si. Hence, he could only try to kick the injured boy. "You disobedient brat! You dare to trick your second dad! Let’s see how I’m going to deal with you!" Unfilial brat! Truly an extremely unfilial brat!

"Alright, ok la, he is still an injured person leh." Acting out of his morals as a doctor and also to avoid more trouble, Yan Si used a great amount of strength to drag Yu Xia away. The other policemen nearby stared at him with respect and worship. "If you kick him, even if he doesn’t die, he will only be left with half a life." Based on his understanding towards the Yu family’s ’Demon G.o.d’, this is very possible.

"Kick him a few times, let him stay bedridden for three months, see if he will be more obedient!" Yu Xia glared at the brat who was sitting on the floor, wanting to kick him a few times and send him straight to heaven.

"Second dad, it won’t happen the next time la." Quickly begging for survival, Yu Yin let out a smile, hoping to get on his second dad’s good side.

"You still have the next time!"

"Don’t have la."

The father-and-son argument concluded.

"Lucky this time Little Yu reacted quickly, as soon as he heard noises from inside, he went to the nearby supermarket to make a police report. Otherwise, you could have died here and no one would know!" Huffing, Yu Xia thought back to the call he received while he was patrolling in another area.

Yu obviously could not talk, but he wrote on a piece of paper to get the shop helper to help him make the call. That’s how the police and ambulance arrived just in time to send the barely alive w.a.n.g Hong to the hospital.

Glancing at the toilet entrance where Yu was standing, Yu Yin stretched out a hand and waved towards him, "Thanks la."

Yu just looked at Yu Yin before ducking back outside.

<>>>> >

"Boss, the test shows blood reaction here!" Abruptly, the specialist from behind the door yelled. A few helpers immediately went over to the area nearby and conducted the test, "This side too..."

"The female watch next to the door also had traces of blood."

"Ok, turn over the entire shop and search every nook and cranny!" Yu Xia hollered at his team.

"Yes, sir!"

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