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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part3

"Ah Yin, want to go to Fengjia area to hang out after cla.s.s today?" As soon as afternoon ended, Yu Yin, who was packing up and thinking about where to go and hang out for a while, was called out by one of his ’bad company’ friends. "I heard there is a new karaoke bar that opened up recently, if you go there now there is a thirty percent discount on the bill!""Seriously? How come I am not aware of this?" Yu Yin, who tends to hang out a lot outside, racked his brain but could not remember any news regarding a new shop."It is true la, the shop is opened in an alley and the advertis.e.m.e.nt was not widely made. If not for 英仔 (Ying Zai) from the next cla.s.s, I also won’t be aware lo!" ’Bad company’ A, 阿关 (Ah Guan) patted his chest and said: "I also went to check yesterday, there is really a new KTV bar there! I just didn’t enter. So how about it? Are you going?""Nonsense! Of course, I’m going, let’s call up the rest as well." As soon as he said it, Yu Yin fished out his hand phone and ma.s.s-messaged his group of buddies that tend to hang out together. "Let’s go, I have already called the others, we’ll leave right now!" Coincidentally, he was in a bad mood today, Yu Yin decided to go out and play to vent his anger before thinking about anything else."Great! Let’s go!"Hastily stuffing his textbooks and other stationeries into his bag, Yu Yin swung his backpack onto his bag and put an arm over Ah Guan’s shoulder, then the two of them made their way to the car park.As they were approaching the school gate, Yu Yin was momentarily stunned.Noticing that Yu Yin has paused in his movement, Ah Guan stopped as well and sent a confused gaze at his friend: "What’s wrong?"Following his line of sight, Ah Guan saw that right next to the school gate in front of the security booth, there stood a young boy that did not look like a university student. G.o.d knows who the boy is waiting for."Is that your friend?" Ah Guan glanced at Yu Yin and back to the young boy.That’s weird, he did not remember seeing such a friend around Yu Yin before ah?"No" As soon as he saw the troublesome little melon appear at the school gate, Yu Yin’s originally improved mood immediately dropped again and he had the urge to pretend that the young boy is a stranger and just walk past the boy, as if he did not see the boy.And that is what he did.Yu Yin began to walk again, despite feeling his new younger brother’s pair of purple eyes on him, Yu Yin did not even tilt his head towards the boy. Walking straight past the security booth, Yu Yin headed outside the school.They only pa.s.sed by each other for two seconds.The purple-eyed boy did not call out to him, and did not take any action. He just stood silently and stared at him as he pa.s.sed by.Sensing that something is not right, Ah Guan quickly caught up to Yu Yin, glancing back at the young boy as he walked: "Ah Yin, you really don’t know the boy? That boy is staring at you oh?" What’s more, the boy is even using purple contact lenses! Are kids nowadays so ’strong’?

"Don’t know la, don’t know la! Who will know that kind of brat?" Taking a deep breath, Yu Yin knew that it must have been his dad that sent the brat here. With his anger boiling, Yu Yin said those words.Dad sent the boy here, the more Yu Yin will ignore the boy.Yu Yin wants to let his dad and second dad know that he is protesting!Seeing that Yu Yin’s reaction is not so mild, even if he felt that something is wrong, Ah Guan did not dare to bring up the young boy again.Leaving the school gate, without even looking back, Yu Yin quickly made his way to where his motorcycle is being parked. He was afraid that the moment he paused in his step, he would feel bad and turn to look at the young boy. Therefore, he decided to be stone-hearted and leave immediately. Since he is going to protest, then he must do it all the way! Otherwise, the adults will not take his words to heart!After finding his beloved motorcycle that was bought by his hard-earned money from his part-time job, Yu Yin let out a sigh of relieve. Digging for his keys from his bag, Yu Yin started his motorcycle. At his side, Ah Guan did the same motion and started his own motorcycle.Small and soft, just like a kitten’s cry.However, it was not like the usual kitten’s gentle cry. The sound was a little sharp and mournful, bringing a headache to whoever that heard the cry.It’s a very uncomfortable sound."Ah Yin, what’s wrong?" After putting on his safety helmet, Ah Guan turned to see Yu Yin staring into s.p.a.ce, hence he questioned."Did you hear a cat crying?" Yu Yin closed his eyes, trying to figure out where the soft sound is coming from.Looking left and right, Ah Guan shook his head: "I don’t hear any cat crying, you must be hallucinating la" Half-jokingly, Ah Guan replied as he patted Yu Yin’s shoulder.Ah Guan revved his motorcycle to life, the engine vroomed noisily.The weak mewling sound was immediately covered by the loud engine."I really heard it ah, I’m not lying!" Feeling that the mewling came too suddenly, Yu Yin turned his head in all directions, trying to figure out if there is a kitten hiding under any of the cars. After searching for a while and coming up with nothing, Yu Yin gave up.Maybe he really heard wrongly."Who cares if there is a cat or not, let’s go la, we will look bad if we are the last to arrive!" Ah Guan urged his engine a few times and drove off."Ah Guan, drive slower la! It’s the peak hour eh!" Seeing the motor dash out of the car park, Yu Yin hurriedly started his engine and chased after Ah Guan.The soft mewling cries reached his ears again.Looking through the transparent cover of his helmet, Yu Yin’s eyes widen with shock. His surrounding seemed to fade away and all he could hear was the wind in the air and the mournful mewling cries of the kitten.Where are the cries coming from?A red bus suddenly drove past him at a high speed, causing Yu Yin to subconsciously slow down. At that moment, he saw it -his surroundings distorted, in the back seat of Ah Guan’s motor, quite a distance away, sat a big cat.It didn’t look like any domestic cat but rather a wild cat. However, it seemed to be double the size of a wild cat and its features did not look similar to a wild cat...That cat was facing him as it mewed.In that moment, Yu Yin pulled the brakes and his motorcycle crashed into the metal railings on the pedestrian walkway. His motorcycle skid on the pedestrian path and he was lucky not to fall off his motorcycle. With his quick reflexes, Yu Yin steadied his motorcycle and managed to prevent any major accident from happening.Just as he was feeling grateful for avoiding an accident himself, an even louder screech came from behind him. The screeching sound from the brakes of the vehicle was unbelievably loud. A silver car skid right past him, barely touching his bag, and in a very weird way, crashed into the red bus in front. Suffering a heavy blow from behind, the red bus flipped forward.Yu Yin could only stare in shock as he saw his best friend, Ah Guan, who was unable to avoid the red bus in time, was sent flying from his motorcycle as the red bus crashed into him. Still wearing his safety helmet, Ah Guan’s body flew quite a distance and slammed into the telephone pole by the side of the road. Like a lifeless doll, he let out a few strangled cries before falling limply onto the ground.As the impact was too strong, the telephone pole shook violently and seemed to have bent a few degrees.Clashing with the peak hour where have just ended, people and cars stopped moving and a loud commotion ensued, filling Yu Yin’s ears.A female student that was closest to the telephone pole shrieked, her white skirt was stained with bright red blood, the spots looked like a beautiful red flower in full bloom.Ah Guan, who was slammed into the telephone pole and fell motionlessly onto the ground, was bleeding non-stop in every direction, his blood seeped out and seemed to form a giant, red web on the ground.Property of © ;"Someone’s been knocked dead!""Hurry and call the ambulance!"Chaos ensued, the students on the pedestrian walkway who did not dare to witness the b.l.o.o.d.y scene, covered their eyes while some other pedestrians decided to be nosy and surrounded the area.Breaking out from his shock due to the girl’s scream, Yu Yin immediately pulled out his keys as he cursed and threw his safety helmet to the side. The crowd around Ah Guan grew but no one dared to step forward and check on his condition.The vehicles on the road continued to drive on heartlessly, leaving Yu Yin no choice but to wait for the traffic to turn in his favor.As he raised his head in Ah Guan’s direction, Yu Yin saw a familiar figure on the pedestrian walk way.The boy that just became his younger brother today, stared emotionlessly at him across the road. The boy’s pale white face was stained with blood, and that eerie cat was seated not too far away from the boy’s feet."Idiot! Hurry and go check on Ah Guan ah!" Yu Yin’s anger broke past his breaking point as he started to shout at Shao Di Yu from across the road: "Don’t just stand there! Hurry up!"Purple eyes stared at Yu Yin as if he could not understand why Yu Yin would be so angry.

"Hurry and go check on Ah Guan!"In the next second, Yu drilled his way into the crowd.Yu Yin swiped away the cold sweat from his head.As soon as the traffic turned red, Yu Yin ran across the zebra crossing.Today is really the worse day!In that pool of red blood, Yu Yin only saw his friend lying on the ground. Somewhere in his trance, the noisy surrounding began to fade and he could somehow make out the sound of the police siren as well as some live reporters reporting on the accident nearby -.Character Introduction:’Bad company’ male buddy A- Ah Guan (阿关)**This is not his real name, his real name will be mentioned in the later chapters.

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