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The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part2

I’m starving!

Dad that idiot! Second dad the even bigger idiot!

Leaving the house early in the morning to protest against his fathers, Yu Yin dashed to school on his beloved motorcycle. The first thing he did was to head for the school canteen to look for food as soon as he arrived. Holding a plate of food that did not smell pleasant or tasty, he kicked a chair and dumped the plate of food on the table, waves of anger rolled off him as he sat down on the chair. The commotion he caused immediately attracted the attention of the other students that were dining in the school canteen.

"What’s there to look at?" Glaring back at the curious gazes tossed his way, Yu Yin ruffled his head and demanded angrily.

Everyone around was familiar with Yu Yin and noticed that he was in a bad mood. No one came over to probe and everyone turned their attention back to their food.

Sometimes, when you see someone is angry, it is better not to be stupid and go over to court death.

"Early in the morning and you are already raging, you ate a bomb ah?" another student copied Yu Yin’s previous movements and dumped the plate of food at the empty s.p.a.ce in front of Yu Yin. The voice that entered Yu Yin’s ears was cute and sweet. The owner of the voice pulled the chair and took a seat across Yu Yin, "Mr Yu, it’s so rare to see you eating breakfast in the school canteen. Didn’t I hear you say your dad will make you breakfast with love every morning for you to eat your fill before you come to school? How come you are pitifully joining us to have fast food this morning?"

Everyone in the world knows that Yu Yin’s dad has great culinary skills and it is so good that this guy tends to be very picky with the food served in the school canteen, causing many students to want to beat him up. At the same time, he is so blessed to have warm, homemade breakfast every morning, making him the object of envy for the group of students living away from home.

It is so rare that Yu Yin did not have his usual homemade breakfast today, thus it is natural to tease him first otherwise who knows how long it will be before this chance will come again?

Glaring at the uninvited person in front of him, Yu Yin snorted coldly; "It’s none of your business."

"Aiyo, so fierce oh, people is just trying to be concern about you eh." One hand holding a small teaspoon to stir her cup of coffee, 李临玥 (Li Lin Yue) possesses a face that would make everyone in the world to look at her with envious gazes. She is a cla.s.smate of Yu Yin and also this year’s campus belle. Lifting the corner of her lips into a seductive smile, coupled with her sweet and innocent voice, making all the other boys around her table swoon, she asked: "Why, did you have a fight with your dad?"

Having known her for a long time, Yu Yin did not fall for her pretty tricks and huffed, "I’m going to be an older brother!" His tone was rather rude, very rude, inciting public anger from the people around him as they felt that he did not treat the beautiful lady before him in the way that she deserves. He should be nice and gentle towards this beauty before him!

"Oh, your dad and second dad are going to have a baby?" Li Lin Yue asked in a serious tone, but her question made Yu Yin, who was about to swallow a mouthful of juice, to spit out his juice.

"To h.e.l.l with you! What baby?" What kind of ridiculous notion is that?

How is his dad and second dad going to have a baby? Even if it’s a daydream, don’t say such ridiculous things!

Li Lin Yue squinted her eyes and looked at Yu Yin, and asked with a very confused tone: "How else are you going to be an older brother, huh? In those boy love stories, don’t they always come up with scenarios where the boy and boy couples will also give birth to babies...even though it doesn’t sound possible in reality, since you mentioned that you are going to be an older brother, of course, I will think that way ah!" Blinking her eyes innocently, Li Lin Yue shrugged her shoulders, "It’s your fault for not making things clear."

"More like you read too many novels until your brain is spoilt!" Yu Yin gave her a look of utter disdain, "Also, my dad and second dad are twins, even if it is possible to have babies, it will never be their turn to have one! Did you read some fantasy novels or thriller novels with some cell division scenario is it?" What novels talk about boy and boy couples still being able to give birth to children? What crazy talk.

Big beauty Li shrugged her shoulders and replied plainly: "Who knows if it is possible... I have never tested it." Before Yu Yin decides to smash the cup against her head, Li Lin Yue was smart enough to quickly change the topic: "You should be happy that you are going to be an older brother ah, why are you so pitifully eating breakfast in the school canteen by your lonesome self?"

Because she saw the pitiful scene of him eating alone looking rather depressed, looking like an old man eating a leftover cold meal, that is why she decided to be nice and come over to express her concern. If it was anyone else, no one would do this.

"That boy is not my real younger brother, what is there to be happy about?" Picking up a bread from his breakfast plate, Yu Yin and angrily stuffed the bread into his mouth as if venting his anger. Thinking back to the scenario that occurred this morning, Yu Yin felt his anger rising. "I don’t know what did my two old men promised the other, to think they brought back a high school brat to stay without discussing with me!" Urgh, why is this bread so dry and disgusting, is it some cheap goods or leftovers from yesterday ah?

"That house is also not owned by you, they can bring whoever they want back to stay, what’s there to be angry about?" Li Lin Yue look at him and felt that Yu Yin was making a commotion out of nothing: "Besides, both of your dads are police officers and they tend to bring people back to stay very often. You should have long been used to it already." As she spoke, Li Lin Yue patted Yu Yin’s shoulder.

After hearing her words, Yu Yin felt weird: "Last time, my two dads always bring people back to stay, but they have never adopted any. Not to mention, for some reason I don’t know why... but I feel that the brat that they are going to adopt feels a little weird." As he thought of the pair of purple eyes that held no emotions. Normally, anyone would be upset if someone points a finger at them and scolds them, but why did that little brat have no reaction at all?

"A little weird?" Taking a sip from her coffee, Li Lin Yue asked.

Yu Yin nodded his head: "He feels a little 阴 (yin).4"

Her lips arched into a grin as she giggled, Li Lin Yue ate the French toast in her hands, "It’s not like you never saw such things before, it can’t be that you are scared ah, Mr random third eye.5"

Furrowing his brow, Yu Yin complained: "Don’t give me weird nicknames! Who wants to be able to see those things for no reason ah? It’s very annoying!"

Hearing his words, Li Lin Yue covered her mouth as she giggled.

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Yu Yin has the third eye.

Many years ago, as an after-effect from a major car accident, the originally normal Yu Yin started his not-so-usual daily life. Rather than saying he has the third eye, he would refer to his eyes as a random third eye.

Unlike the normal third eye, Yu Yin sometimes will not see any ghosts for a whole month, then there will also be times when he is using the toilet where he will suddenly see half a face in the toilet bowl. If not, it would be halfway through his sleep where he would subconsciously wake up and see a pair of legs dangling from his window. All these unusual events have caused him to suffer from much inconvenience to the extent that he has become numb to all these occurrences.

In any case, even if he saw anything now, he will pretend that nothing is there. If he saw anything weird, he would pretend that there is a movie being filmed. This way, he will not mentally torture himself. This is the mindset that Yu Yin has adopted.

Character Introduction:

Female friend - Li Lin Yue (李临玥)

3: He meant to call his fathers ’混蛋’ which means b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, but I thought idiot would be more fitting in this case as he meant to imply that they were being ridiculous and not that they were being a.s.sholes.

4: 阴 (yin) from阴阳 (yin yang). It is said that every human possesses a certain amount of yin and yang. Those that have more yin are more likely to attract ghastly beings while those with more yang are less likely to. This is because ghastly beings are yin creatures and will be more comfortable around yin energy whereas yang is their complete opposite and is said to be harmful towards them, hence they will try to avoid places with strong yang energy.

5: 跳针大王 is the original text, basically it means that he occasionally can see ghosts so he does not have a fully opened third eye. There is no translation for this term so I decided to go with Mr random third eye since he has no control over his third eye and it will randomly allow him to see ghosts.

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