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Breaking Through To First Rank Of Combat Strength

From now on, he no longer had to come to school every day. Apart from the class meeting on Monday, Ling Feng was also much more relaxed.

However, there might be something important in the school. If that were the case, he would still have to come to school.

If it weren’t something particularly important, the teacher would only inform them in the group. This was the usual practice so that everyone could put more time into cultivation.

After all, with the invasion of the alien races, those cultural classes were no longer that important. He could basically pass all of them. The most important thing was his own combat power and talent!

Moreover, during the two years when his talent was awakened, he had learned all the knowledge he needed.

Now that he had awakened his talent, cultivation was his top priority.

This was good news for Ling Feng. He could finally start to improve himself.

Only by improving himself could he live a better life. No one knew what would happen in the future.

Therefore, he decided to go out of the city to hunt the alien races.

After leaving the school, Ling Feng headed straight for the city gate. Not long after, he saw the tall city walls and city gate of the fantasy city.

It looked a little old, but it was these old walls that had protected the illusory city for hundreds of years.

There weren’t any guards at the city gate either, as the entire city was controlled by a high-tech central AI.

Some people might think that it wasn’t very safe, but that wasn’t the case. Some people had tried to force their way in, but they were turned into ashes by high-energy rays of light and drifted away with the wind.

If they encountered a strong enemy that even the city wall could not deal with, then this news would quickly reach the city guards stationed not far away.

They would quickly move out and suppress the strong enemy.

These were the security measures of the illusory city.

Ling Feng walked to the front of the city gate and took out his student card. The city gate automatically shot out a scanning ray. After passing through the student card, a beep was heard.

[Identity normal. Ling Feng, a student at the third high school of Fantasy City. ]


[Hunt and kill alien races. Ling Feng’s tone was calm.]

[You have passed. You can leave the city now!]

[Gentle reminder: Be careful. Be sure to return to the city before nighttime!]

After that, a passage appeared in the middle of the city gate, allowing only one person to enter and exit.

Ling Feng walked out. The city walls were very thick, and after walking for a while, the wilderness came into his view.

Rather than calling it the wilderness, it was more like a desolate plain. There was not even a blade of grass, let alone a tree.

However, Ling Feng was well aware of this situation because some of the alien races would hide in the grass.

In addition, the wilderness was extremely dangerous. If there were overgrown weeds, the danger factor would rise sharply because it would block part of the vision.

Therefore, some of them would come to the outskirts of Fantasy City regularly to weed.

The location of the illusory city was not bad. On one side was a mountain, and on the other side was a river. Ling Feng’s destination this time was the Undead valley, ten miles to the west.

Compared to other places, the monsters there weren’t particularly strong, and Ling Feng could deal with them now.

Because his combat strength had been increased once before, he had good speed. In a short while, he arrived at Undead Valley.

Ling Feng looked at this place, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Undead Valley!”

This place was surrounded by mountains, and it was extremely dark. Sunlight couldn’t shine in, which led to the breeding of countless undead. The former landscape could be said to be filled with birds chirping and flowers.

However, due to the invasion of the foreign races, the death energy poured out, and because of geographical reasons, it created a Death Fog that never dispersed.

Fortunately, the death energy wasn’t very dense, so the creatures here weren’t very strong. Otherwise, Ling Feng wouldn’t have dared to come alone.

It was only slightly better than the wall of the undead mystic realm at school.

Thinking of this, Ling Feng turned his gaze to a big rock not far away. Then, he hid behind it and released his clone.

A white light flashed, and two Ling Fengs appeared in front of him.

“I’ll leave it to you, brothers!”

The two clones were expressionless as they nodded. They picked up the two bone knives and walked away.

Meanwhile, Ling Feng was sitting there, sharing the vision of his clone. He saw that they had stopped there and were not walking toward the depths of the Undead Valley. Instead, they were pacing back and forth.

He was also very careful with his steps, only attacking the undead that was left behind.

At this moment, a single undead appeared in their line of sight.

The first pretended to swagger around to attract the skeleton mage’s attention, while the second one quickly hid and slowly walked toward the skeleton mage.

A skeletal mage raised its scepter high, and just as it was chanting, No. 2 held a bone blade and ruthlessly struck the skeletal mage’s head. The skeletal head slowly turned around, as if it was wondering why there were two identical people.

Unfortunately, No. 2’s combat power was not very strong, and he did not kill the skeleton mage with one strike.

However, it also caused the skeleton mage to be momentarily dazed.

It was at this moment that number one quickly raised his bone blade and slashed at the skeleton mage’s neck.

The sound of bones breaking was heard.

The skeleton mage’s head rolled onto the ground, but the Soul Fire in the skull was still burning.

When the two clones saw this, they raised their bone sabers and ruthlessly hacked at the skulls on the ground until they turned into ashes and their soul flames were extinguished. Only then did they stop.

Ling Feng’s mind also rang with a notification:

[You have successfully killed a skeleton mage, level points +2.]


The massacre had just begun, and Ling Feng wasn’t about to give up so easily. Thus, he gave his clone a big order.

“Continue to kill!”

The clone nodded slowly and then cooperated with him. Once they found a single undead, number one would attract its attention, while number two would take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Taking advantage of that gap, he would attack from the front and back, using the bone knife to cut off the head, and finally work together to treat it as ashes, extinguish the Soul Fire, and get the upgrade points!

The corners of his mouth twitched. This was simply too skilled as if he had simulated it thousands of times.

At the same time, Ling Feng was also very surprised to see that his clones didn’t always use this method, but more like drawing inferences from one case.

Thinking of this, Ling Feng suddenly had a thought: Could it be that this clone could also learn? If that were the case, then it would be great.

‘Since my clone can learn and share my combat experience, does that mean I can share my experience with it?’

After the two clones killed another undead, Ling Feng summoned it back.

“Share your combat experience with me!”

Ling Feng’s tone was very excited.


Clone No. 1 was speechless.

The second clone was speechless.

“The host’s talent level is too low. He doesn’t have this ability.”

The system’s voice rang in Ling Feng’s mind.

Ling Feng was a little disappointed, but he quickly felt relieved. In that case, when he reached A-rank, would he be able to share his combat experience?

By then, he would be lying in bed with his own people, and his experience would skyrocket! It felt good just thinking about it.

“Could it be that when my talent reaches A-rank, I’ll be able to share the experience?”

Ling Feng wanted to confirm his thoughts.

“Yes, you can.”

Hearing this, Ling Feng was very excited. He quickly let his two doppelgangers continue to kill monsters and quickly obtain leveling points. This way, he would be able to mess up as soon as possible.

[You have successfully killed a skeleton mage, level points +2.]

[You have successfully killed a Skeleton Warrior, level points +2.]


The system continued to prompt Ling Feng, and soon, three hours had passed. Ling Feng had already killed more than 100 undead, and he had gained about 300 points.

But even so, it was still a drop in the bucket.

As the saying goes, wealth comes from danger. Ling Feng ordered his clones to go deep into Undead Valley. Just a little deeper, they encountered stronger dead souls.

These skeletal monsters were pitch-black. Even though there was no sunlight, their bodies still reflected and gleamed.

Ling Feng knew that these were all black iron skeleton warriors.

However, even the silver-tier skeletal warriors were no match for Ling Feng. The black-tier skeletal warriors were not worthy of his attention.

However, the two clones didn’t think so. It was still the sixth brother’s actions, completely pressing the intelligence of the black iron skeleton warrior to the ground and rubbing it.

Even if he wasn’t afraid of a head-on confrontation, it didn’t stop him from pushing his limits.

No. 1 attracted the black iron-skeleton warrior’s attention, and No. 2 took the opportunity to use his bone blade to ruthlessly slash at its head.

The skeletal warrior stood there in a daze as if it had been beaten silly. The weapon in its hand fell to the ground, but number one didn’t think so.

Another blade was ruthlessly swung over. The skull fell to the ground, and the Soul Fire dissipated. However, the two clones still held the bone blade and ruthlessly whipped the skull.

From start to finish, it only took a few dozen seconds.

From this, it could be seen that the clone was extremely stable, accurate, and ruthless. Not only that, but as the number of undead that the clones killed increased, their skills also improved significantly.

Obviously, not only could the clone share experience, but it could also grow!

[You have successfully killed a black iron Skeleton Warrior, level points +4.]

[You have successfully killed a black iron skeleton mage, level points +4.]


The undead constantly provided Ling Feng with leveling points. All he needed to do was hide behind a rock and wait for his clone to die before summoning another one.

Although there could only be two clones at one time, the next clone would still inherit the experience and abilities of the previous one.

This was an advantage he relied on.

The clone was a killing machine, the kind that got stronger the more it killed.

The sky was getting dark, and Ling Feng had accumulated 1000 upgrade points.

“I should be able to increase my combat level this time, right?”

He was a little excited.

[Consume 900 upgrade points to upgrade the combat level. Do you want to upgrade?”

“Let’s level up!”

Ling Feng had been waiting for this moment for a long time. A day of endless killing to save up these upgrade points, wasn’t it all for the sake of becoming stronger?

[Combat level is upgrading, Hum Hum Hum ...]

Instantly, with Ling Feng as the center, within a meter of his body, a golden light appeared. But fortunately, Ling Feng was very well hidden at this time. A warm current seemed to appear out of thin air and flowed through his entire body.

That comfortable feeling almost made him moan out loud.

He could only feel the cells in his body crazily absorbing that warm current, and the pleasure was getting stronger and stronger until he was unable to control himself.

“Argh! It’s so good!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the comfortable feeling stopped abruptly, and the golden light dissipated.

[Upgrade successful! Your current combat strength is at the beginning of stage one!]

“Eh? I haven’t had enough yet. Why are you so fast?”

Ling Feng stopped grumbling when the system stopped moving. No matter what, he had gained an advantage. After all, he had only used one day to enter the first stage of combat power. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

If it were someone else, not to mention talent, even if they were as talented as Ling Feng, they would need at least three months of cultivation time.

As for himself, he had only spent two days in total.

However, it was hard to tell who was faster when compared to Su Ranran. After all, the latter had an SS-rank talent.

Ling Feng stood up and clenched his fists, feeling the Tier-1 combat strength in his body. His eyes were burning.

“Is this the combat strength of a Tier-1? It’s so strong!”

At the same time, news came from the clone that had gone deep into the Undead Valley. He had found a cave.

Ling Feng’s eyes lit up, and he said excitedly, “I can try out my current stage 1 combat strength!”

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