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The Campus Belle Accepted In Advance By The Top Ten Famous Schools

When class was over, Ling Feng didn’t stay in school for long and went straight home.

The house wasn’t very big, and could even be considered simple and crude. It was only about ten square meters, with the bathroom and bedroom completely divided, and no kitchen at all.

After all, he was an orphan who had grown up in a welfare home. He had no parents and no income.

It was already very difficult to just maintain their living expenses, but fortunately, they could receive a subsidy every month. This was exclusive to orphans, and cost only 300 star coins. However, it solved their urgent needs.

Sitting on the only chair in the bedroom, Ling Feng was a little tired. He immediately raised his arm and turned on his watch, and a light screen appeared in front of him.

This watch was given to them by the country for free. Every citizen living here had one. In some ways, it could be considered a high-end mobile phone.

The most important thing was that it did not need to be charged. It could be fully charged by solar power. Otherwise, maintaining the power of the watch would be another expense.

At this moment, a message popped up. 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

[You have a new message.]

Ling Feng clicked on it, and an email immediately popped up.

He could check his mail!

[Congratulations, Ling Feng, for becoming a B-rank metahuman.]

[As your talent is B-rank, 1000 star coins will be transferred to your account every month as a subsidy. This month’s subsidy has been transferred, please check it.]

[In three months, each university will conduct an admission assessment. Please be fully prepared and sign up for the university you like.]

[I hope Ling Feng can be an eagle and soar in the sky to his heart’s content!]

The message was official.

Having said that, Ling Feng also understood that every awakened would receive a similar email with the same content after awakening.

However, due to the different levels of talent seen by the awakened, the subsidies were different, and naturally, the contents were different.

The higher the rank of the talent, the more the subsidy, and vice versa.

No one dared to have any objections. After all, the entire human race was facing the danger of an invasion from other species. Those with higher talent levels would naturally rush to the front, and the human race was very united.

In this era where everyone was awakened, even if an awakener did not do anything, they could barely make ends meet by relying on the subsidies given to them.

However, if she wanted to live a better life, she would have to work hard. After all, no woman would be willing to marry someone who had nothing to do all day.

Not to mention true love, he couldn’t even afford to raise a child, so there was no need to mention anything else.

Awakened ones had two sources of income.

One of that was work, which was the source of income most people chose.

Teachers in schools or civil servants in certain companies would choose this method because it was safe.

After all, they didn’t have to fight against the alien races. The only shortcoming was that their income wasn’t high. However, this was enough to satisfy the lives of a small number of people.

The other was to resist the alien races and accept some tasks, but they had to leave their homes and go to the wilderness, where they were unfamiliar. If they were not careful, they would die on the spot.

However, this method had the highest income, but it was also the most dangerous. After all, the higher the risk, the higher the income.

However, there would always be some awakened ones who liked to lick the blood off of their blades. It was also because of their existence that humans were able to stand firm in this chaotic world invaded by foreign races.

Speaking of which, Ling Feng opened his bank balance and indeed had an extra 1000 star coins. The officials probably wouldn’t be short of such an amount.

At the thought of this, Ling Feng couldn’t help but smile and turn off his watch.


Ling Feng’s stomach began to growl. With the allowance, there was no linger any need to be so calculative. Thus, he went downstairs to buy some food.

However, because he had been poor before, he was not used to a rich life, even though he was not rich now. He just had a simple meal and went to bed.

The next day, Ling Feng arrived at school early. Because of yesterday’s incident, school today was even livelier.

“It’s just a rumor. I heard that our school’s beauty queen was actually accepted by one of the top ten famous schools, Elemental College!”

“With an SS-rank talent, it’s reasonable that he’s be accepted.”

“You can’t say that. The SS-rank metahuman from the second high school next door really wasn’t recruited in advance. It must be because the school Belle is more talented!


When Ling Feng returned to class, he happened to hear these discussions and felt a little emotional.

Some people were born to work hard, while some people were born to stand at the end of the former. It could be said that fate made a fool of people.

Some people tried their best to get it, while others got it easily by stretching out their hands. For example, people like Su Ranran were the pride of the heavens that looked after her.

However, the dangers and obstacles she would face in the future were not something that others could imagine. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. If everything went smoothly, Su Ranran would be someone to be looked up to in the future.

Ling Feng was also happy for Su Ranran for being admitted to the Elemental Academy in advance. His thoughts were simply rants, and he was not envious.

With the system’s assistance, was he still afraid that he would die halfway?

Ling Feng’s goal wasn’t just this small piece of land but an even higher place.

At this moment, the campus belle, Su Ranran, arrived at the classroom. Her face was as calm as an ice lake, allowing no one to approach her.

When they saw her, the voices of the students who were discussing became softer.

However, this was not the case in Ling Feng’s eyes. He was somewhat helpless.

Su Ranran plopped down on her seat and turned around to look at Ling Feng. The look of a teacher instantly appeared on her face.

“I’m telling you, don’t be like them. You have to talk about it in the open. Only the weak would talk about it behind their backs. We have to be gentlemen. We have to be open and honest!”

Hearing this, Ling Feng’s expression quickly turned into that of a good student as he nodded his head repeatedly.

“Yes, you’re absolutely right!”


After spending so much time together, Ling Feng had gained the ability to hear things through one ear and out the other.

“Congratulations on being accepted by the Elemental Academy.”

Ling Feng changed the topic.

“Thank you,” he said.

He was not used to Su Ranran’s reticence, but the teacher coughed from the podium and attracted the students ‘attention.

“Class is starting!”

A thousand years ago, when the alien races invaded, animals evolved in order to survive.

“It’s a good thing that we’ve started the era of National Awakening. However, the powerhouses of the alien races are far ahead of us, and they’re stronger than us, so our living space is constantly shrinking.

“After a thousand years of hard work, the seniors of the human race used their blood to help us gain a firm foothold. However, compared to the Blue Planet a thousand years ago...

“Back then, humans were the rulers of the Blue Planet, but that’s not the case now.

“Humans only have 300 cities, occupying less than one-ten-thousandth of this world’s surface!


“Those alien races and the monsters that evolved from animals occupy most of the area.

“I’m asking you, do you hate him?”

“This is the tragedy of mankind! It’s our shame! We can’t do anything as we watch those monsters take over our homes!”

“Therefore, I hope that everyone can work hard to cultivate and recover the lost land!

“I also hope to see that day.”

“In addition, because of the invasion of the alien races, the Blue Planet has now become a transit point for the alien races. They can go to any of their bases through it.

“So, the Blue Planet has also become a place to fight for.

“There are too many otherworldly creatures in our world, but for some reason, those god-like strong people can’t come in.”

For this history class, Ling Feng didn’t pay much attention. He had already understood this from the original owner’s memory, and his knowledge was even more detailed than the teacher’s explanation.

Thus, he didn’t pay much attention.

The Blue Planet had become a transit point, a place where alien races fought over. All kinds of alien races had invaded the Blue Planet, and although there were no gods interfering, the survival of mankind was still threatened.

They might be able to sit here and listen to the class now, but it was possible that a war would break out in the next moment, and any city could be destroyed directly!

A sense of crisis surrounded Ling Feng. He didn’t like to be led by the nose, so he wanted to fight against the alien race and upgrade his talent level and combat strength as soon as possible.

Only by becoming stronger would he be able to reduce the sense of danger in his heart.

As the class was about to end, the teacher no longer told the students about the past. Instead, he smiled.

Oh, right. Class is ending soon, so I won’t continue. I have an announcement to make.

“Congratulations, Su Ranran. Student Su has been admitted to one of the top ten famous schools in advance, the Elemental Academy!

After saying that, the teacher’s smile grew even wider.

Ling Feng’s eyes unconsciously looked at Su Ranran, who was at the side. The densely packed notebooks, compared to his own, could be said to be very clean, without even a trace.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A loud round of applause ensued.

“Let’s be quiet for a while. Now that everyone knows what kind of talent they have awakened, it’s time to prepare for university.”

“Every university has its own unique examination, and it corresponds to the talent of the person you’re looking for. You must register as soon as possible and prepare well for the rest of the time.

“I recommend those students with A-rank talent to sign up for the top 100 schools and take a gamble.

“As for those students below A-rank, I won’t make such a recommendation because it’s really difficult. Also, you don’t have to come to school anymore.

“In order not to take up your cultivation time and to prevent you from falling apart, we will hold a class meeting every week. Other than that, you will be free to cultivate!

“Class Dismissed!”

After that, the teacher called Su Ranran and left with her.

The class was very lively because they would be free from now on. However, there was also a group of people who were worried about their future.

However, Ling Feng didn’t join them. He just sat there silently, absent-minded, no different from usual.

Since the teacher had called Su Ranran out, he finally had some peace and quiet.

A few hours later, the school bell rang.

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