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My Deskmate Who Loves Positive Energy

30 minutes passed quickly. Ling Feng didn’t dare to stay any longer. He immediately recalled his clone and headed to the entrance of the mystic realm.

He placed his student card on the mystic realm’s divine stone, and the intelligent management system of the mystic realm immediately appeared.

30 minutes have passed. Open the gate to the mystic realm. I will leave immediately. The realm management system sounded, and then a door of light appeared in front of Ling Feng. He stepped forward and left the mystic realm, appearing on the first floor of the mystic realm building.

There were already other people gathered on the first floor of the mystic realm building. Not long after Ling Feng came out, other people also came out.

“Damn it, not only did I not kill a single monster, I almost died inside just now.

“It is! Wasn’t this some new student training section? Why is the difficulty so high?”

“Fellow student, I’ll give you a serious warning here. Those who want to go to the primeval forest realm, please pay attention. The poisonous insects and fierce beasts inside are simply impossible to guard against. It’s fatal.”

“Let’s all go there to gain experience. It’ll be very gentle, and you might even get a full body massage.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be chopped into minced meat, as you said!”


On the first floor of the hall, there were people who had just come out of the mystic realm. Some of them were happy, while others were sad. There were very few people who could stay there for half an hour. If it weren’t for the novice protection period, most of them would have been dead.

However, there were also powerful students with high talent levels. Not only did they stay in the realm for half an hour, but they even began to kill indiscriminately. After they came out, they were full of pride and even crazily boasted about their experience.

Naturally, there were also many people like Ling Feng who chose to leave quietly and completely become invisible.

But no matter what, after this experience in the mystic realm, everyone knew the importance of talent.

In the past, even if poor students did not do well, they would just hold their papers and cry. But now, it was completely different. Those with poor talent might even lose their lives.

There was also another type of people who were very loud, but they were often the best in their exams and had the best experience. Ling Feng hated those scheming b*tches the most and didn’t want to hear their voices. He strode out in frustration.

Just as he was about to walk out of the door, a cute-looking plump man quickly approached Ling Feng, ignoring the voices of those people.

“Student, can we have a chat?”

Hearing this, Ling Feng stopped in his tracks, but he felt a little strange. The original owner of this body was a very introverted person. Other than Su Ranran and the teacher, this was probably the first person who had spoken to him.

“Student, did you pick up a skill crystal from the secret dungeon? ”

“Yes.” Ling Feng nodded but then said, “But I’ve already used it.

“F*ck! That’s worth 100000 yuan. You actually used it up?”

Now, Ling Feng roughly understood that he was here to buy skill crystals. However, these things were extremely rare, and even if he stayed here for a full month, he might not even come across one.

Wasn’t this a pure waste of time?

If you really want it, you can go to the black market. It’s much better than the academy.

The plump guy quickly adjusted his mood and continued with a smile, “Fellow student, with the way you’re dressed, I’m sure you’re from a poor family, right?”

Ling Feng didn’t care much about his family’s financial situation, so he had never thought of avoiding it in front of others. After the fatty asked, he nodded his head and answered.

“What do you think? If you become my follower, I will give you 4000 star coins a month!”

Under normal circumstances, 4000 star coins was a month’s salary for a salaryman. To be able to make such a request, the fat guy showed his sincerity and wealth.

But no matter what, Ling Feng was a time traveler. He had worked so hard to travel to this world and even had the golden finger of the system. In the end, he was only a subordinate that received that meager monthly salary. Wouldn’t the great time travelers laugh at him?

“I’m sorry. I don’t know how to work for others.”

Seeing Ling Feng’s confidence, the guy was not surprised at all. They were all people who had just awakened their talents, it was normal to be a little arrogant.

He smiled, not at all embarrassed about being rejected. “It’s okay if you don’t want to. I’ll give you a business card. If you want to work in the future, come to me. My door is definitely open for you. Also, if you find any skill crystals, you can consider selling them to me. I’ll give you an absolutely fair price.

The fat guy chuckled as he took out his name card and handed it to Ling Feng.

With such skilled speech and actions, it was obvious that this was not the first time he had done something like this. However, Ling Feng did not mind. He took the name card and glanced at it casually. Other than the name and phone number, there was no other information.

Keeping the business card, Ling Feng said goodbye and left.

He did not want to waste any more time.

Quite a number of students witnessed the scene just now and were now discussing it everywhere.

“This damn fatso, he’s starting to recruit followers again!”

“Though he’s a piece of trash who awakened a trashy talent, he has a good father who’s a bit wealthy. If you guys had a father like him, you guys would be like him too.”

“Pfft, who wants to become like him? He’s just a piece of trash who has only awakened his D-rank talent, hair proliferation. If not for his father’s support, he would probably be selling wigs.”

“Hahaha. You’re right, how can hair be used in a battle? you’re smart enough to know that there’s a way to sell fake hair.”

The surrounding people laughed at him, which made Li Tian jump in anger. “All of you, shut up!”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left. Beside him was the follower he had called over earlier. He stared fiercely at the few students who were the most enthusiastic in their conversation.

These lackeys had been carefully selected by Li Tian. Not only were they talented, but they were also very good-looking. Their aura shocked the surrounding students, and they subconsciously lowered their voices. There were also many people who had already shut up.

“Follow me,” Li Tian walked out as he called for his followers.


Ling Feng had just returned to the classroom when he was spotted by Su Ranran. She immediately walked up to him and asked curiously, “Which mystic realm did you enter?”

“The undead realm.”

“Didn’t they say that that was the realm that had the worst smell? Quickly tell me if it’s true.” Hearing that it was the mystic realm of the undead, Su Ranran immediately became interested and quickly asked.

“It’s really unpleasant. I don’t want to smell it a second time. Speaking of the undead mystic realm’s taste, even Ling Feng, who was a loner, couldn’t help but complain.

“Then when I go, I’ll definitely avoid it,” Su Ranran said.

“Actually, there’s no need. With your talent level, it’s the same no matter where you go. The bosses there can’t beat you.”

Su Ranran smiled. you can’t put it that way. Although my talent level is high, a genius who hasn’t grown up is not a real genius.


It was as if Ling Feng’s words had turned on Su Ranran’s positive energy again. After saying this, she immediately went back to being a teacher. “Let me tell you, you have to be careful when dealing with people. In this world, there is always someone better than you. No matter what your talent level is, it’s always prudent to be more careful.

“Although I’m more talented than you, I’m also in more danger than you. You just need to believe in your own strength and keep moving forward. Maybe you can develop better than me!”

Su Ranran even made a cheering gesture as she spoke.

Putting everything else aside, just from the way she spoke with such high morale, Ling Feng felt that she was really suited to be a teacher!

If there were such a bright teacher, there wouldn’t be so many students with low self-esteem in this world. After all, in Su Ranran’s eyes, this world was incomparably pure. There seemed to be no darkness at all. No matter what the situation was, she could always find words that could inspire people.

However, that was for others. For Ling Feng, it was completely like the wind passing by his ear. “For an SS-rank talent to say to a B-rank talent that you can surpass me as long as you work hard, isn’t that as pure as a dream?”

Although he felt this way in his heart, on the surface, Ling Feng still nodded very seriously, trying his best to maintain his image.

“You’re right. As long as I believe in myself, I’ll definitely succeed!”

Hearing this, Su Ranran was very pleased. She patted Ling Feng’s shoulder and said, “Let’s work hard together. We can witness the future of the world together!

“We’ll annihilate demons from the other world and suppress the gods! We’ll give the Blue Star a bright future!!!” The more Su Ranran spoke, the more excited she became. Her delicate and lovely face was filled with a high fighting spirit.

Ling Feng could only nod his head repeatedly under her gaze. “You’re right! It’s like this!”


Su Ranran, who had received Ling Feng’s support, had no intention of stopping. She continued talking non-stop, and the more she talked, the more energetic she became. She looked as if she was going to talk for three days and three nights.

This time, her soul was like that of a teacher’s. She seemed to be starting to break through. It was as if, from this moment on, she could become a motivational speaker.

In the past, she only taught others, encouraged others, and created goals for them. But now, it was not just others. Ever since she awakened her talent, she had actually encouraged herself.

She was particularly energetic when she yelled, “The future will be glorious!!!”

At this moment, a slightly irritable face appeared outside the door.

“Su Ranran, come out for a moment.”

Su Ranran heard her form teacher’s voice and immediately stopped the topic at hand. She turned to Ling Feng and said seriously, “You must do your best!”

After that, she hopped out of the classroom and followed the grumpy teacher out.

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