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Flashy Clones, A Great Team-Up

Although listening to the system’s announcement was satisfying, he couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. It was too boring.

His upgrade points kept increasing. It was time to rank up, right?

“System, please increase my ability’s rank.”

“The host doesn’t have enough upgrade points at the moment, so you can’t upgrade your ability.”

“How much more?”

“You’re still 8931 monsters away from upgrading your ability.”

Ling Feng nodded in understanding. After all, ability was such an important thing. It was normal to need more points.

“What about the combat strength?”

“You can upgrade it, but because you don’t have enough upgrade points at the moment, the combat strength you can upgrade is limited, and you can’t break through.”

“What do you mean? Can’t break through?”

“It’s just that there’s no way to break through to Tier-0, but I can be a little higher than tier-0 and strengthen my combat power.”

“Alright, let’s upgrade it.” This was better than nothing.


“After consuming 200 upgrade points, the host’s strength has increased to Intermediate Tier-0.”

After hearing the system’s words, Ling Feng immediately felt it. Indeed, he felt that his abilities had increased. He muttered to himself, “It seems to be twice as strong as before.”

However, what the hell was the Intermediate stage?

“System, you’ve divided the levels again.”

the combat strength is divided into three stages, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This is to allow the host to grow better!

“Alright, alright. Since you’ve already done it, what can I do?” Ling Feng was speechless, but he had no choice.

He could already feel that his strength was starting to grow. Although his rationality told him that he was still a very weak person, the increase in his strength always made his self-confidence swell a little.

He felt that his entire body was filled with strength, as if he could shatter this world with a single punch. However, that was impossible. The reason why he had such a feeling was completely due to his first experience of increasing his strength.

After understanding this point, Ling Feng felt the boiling power in his blood decreasing a little. That boundless confidence began to slowly fade away, allowing him to gradually return to a kind of calmness.

He looked at the clone in front of him, who was still fighting according to his free command, and a wild thought appeared in his mind.

If there was a day in the future when he could raise his talent and combat power to a powerful level, he could summon countless clones with a wave of his hand.

One person was an entire army. When the time came, as long as he wanted to, he could be everywhere. As long as he gave the order, he could summon tens of thousands of clones. The scene of them charging toward the enemy without fear of danger was just a simple fantasy, but it boiled blood.

At that time, he alone would be the nightmare of ten thousand people.

Under a fire-at-will command, the clone had already killed most of the monsters around it. There were not many monsters around now. If the clone wanted to continue killing, it would have to search the surroundings.

“It’s time to change locations.”

It wasn’t just their school that had an undead mystic realm. On this planet, almost every school had an undead mystic realm.

Because this was a special existence, even if the skeleton monsters were dead, as long as the mystic realm’s energy was still present and given enough time, they could be quickly bred.

This was a highly efficient and recyclable resource.

Therefore, Ling Feng didn’t show any mercy when commanding his clone.

He quickly moved to another location while controlling his clone. As long as there were monsters, he would charge at them.

“Kids, show me your full strength, and let me increase my combat power again.”

Following Ling Feng’s orders, the clone carried the bone stick and charged forward continuously. Ling Feng hid behind him seriously, waving flags and shouting.

“Charge! Charge! Charge!”

The more the clone killed, the more ferocious he became. The system’s voice kept ringing in his mind.

His clone was in front, charging with a bone club, while he hid behind, waving flags and shouting.

The clone was as brave as ever, and the system’s notifications rang in his ears from time to time.

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +1.”

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +3.”

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +2.”

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +2.”


In such a high-intensity atmosphere of killing, Ling Feng also discovered that with the improvement of his strength, the clones were more flexible than before. Not only was the speed of killing monsters faster and faster, but even the cooperation gradually became more tacit.

The first clone took the lead, and the second clone immediately followed. The first clone defended, and the second attacked when the opportunity presented itself.

Their combo was like that of twin brothers.

With such cooperation, monsters in the new place where Ling Feng came from were all killed in less than five minutes.

Ling Feng’s eyes lit up, and he immediately brought his clone to the next place.

Very quickly, the time for the mystic realm training was almost used up. Ling Feng had already been here for 26 minutes, and he was only 4 minutes away from the 30 minutes he had been instructed.

“Little ones, hurry up. We’ll be able to leave after killing a little more.” Ling Feng’s mood was extremely good. Just as he was about to turn around, he did not expect an accident to happen.

Not far away from him, a silver-white Skeleton that seemed to be the height of a small building was dragging a big rusty sword.

He didn’t seem fast, but the aura he exuded made people’s hearts tighten.

“This is the boss-level monster of the undead mystic realm, the silver-tier Skeleton Warrior.”


He knew that there was such a powerful boss in the undead mystic realm, but it wouldn’t appear easily. Could it be that he had killed too many monsters since he came in, and this one was alerted?

“A target with unknown attributes has been detected. Do you wish to spend one upgrade point to view the target’s attributes?”

The system’s voice quickly sounded, and Ling Feng immediately said, “System, you’re still thinking of collecting money?”

“Host, checking the target’s attributes will cost the system. Do you want to pay with upgrade points, or do you want to give up?”

“I’ll pay!”

Ding! “Level-1!”

Following the system’s notification, data immediately appeared in Ling Feng’s mind.

Silver Skeleton Warrior

[Combat strength: Advanced Tier 0]

[Skills: Swing, Energy Slash]

“There’s so little information?”


“Host, this is the lowest-level mystic realm. Even the boss of a mystic realm can’t be that powerful. For a comparison, you can check your own information. It might be less. ”

“So you think I’m weak?”

“Host, I don’t THINK you’re weak. You ARE weak.”

Ling Feng was speechless.

This system was simply there to make things difficult for him.

Ling Feng stopped his conversation with the system and looked at the Silver Skeleton Warrior sharply.

“Although Advanced Tier-0 monsters are stronger than me, I have clones, so I should still have an advantage in numbers.”

After seeing the situation clearly, Ling Feng immediately commanded his clone to attack Silver Skeleton Warrior.

The two clones had been training with Ling Feng in the mystic realm for 26 minutes and were now very experienced. Not only that, but they had also exchanged the bone sticks they had picked up at the beginning for two rusty bone knives.

At Ling Feng’s command, the first clone was the first to attack. He quickly dashed before the monster, raised his bone knife, and slashed down.

The Silver Skeleton Warrior was not to be trifled with. When the first clone rushed over, it raised the weapon in its hand and slashed at the first clone.

Meanwhile, the second clone seized the opportunity to slash at the monster’s thigh while the first clone was fighting with the Silver Skeleton Warrior.


The Silver Skeleton Warrior roared in pain. The first clone took the opportunity and slashed at the same spot as the second.

With a crack, the Silver Skeleton Warrior seemed to have lost its balance. It swayed a few times and became a little sluggish.

The second clone jumped up from the back of the sSilver Skeleton Warrior and targeted its head, while the first clone continued to attack the place where it had been.

The places where the two clones attacked had cracks of different degrees. Ling Feng could see the soul fire in the body of the Silver Skeleton Warrior from afar.

“Amazing cooperation!” Ling Feng couldn’t help but praise from the side. This clone was too awesome.

The battle was not over yet. The two clones had a tacit understanding and attacked crazily, directly shattering the bones of the sSilver Skeleton Warrior. The soul fire that Ling Feng had just seen through the broken bones also gradually showed signs of extinguishing.

“Decisive in killing and excellent cooperation. My clone is too powerful.”

When the Silver Skeleton Warrior ignored Ling Feng’s clone for the first time, it was already at a disadvantage. Now, even if it was still breathing, it was just an arrow at the end of its flight. Sure enough, in less than a minute, the soul fire of the Silver Skeleton Warrior was extinguished, and it was dead.

“Congratulations on killing a Silver Skeleton Warrior. You have gained 30 evolution points.”

The system mechanically reported the situation, but Ling Feng’s eyes were attracted to the place where the monster died. There seemed to be a light flashing there.

He immediately walked over to check on the situation. When he saw the thing on the ground, he was overjoyed and immediately picked it up.

“It’s a skill crystal.”

The skill crystal, as the name suggested, was a stone that allowed one to learn a skill directly.

Although there was a chance of obtaining such an item while killing monsters, the chances were extremely low. It was a rare item. He had not expected his luck to be so good.

As long as he absorbed the skill crystal, he would instantly learn a new skill.

I wonder which skill of the Skeleton Warrior is this?” Ling Feng muttered to himself as he clutched the skill crystal.

“Absorb and check.”

Ling Feng held the skill crystal in his palm and absorbed it seriously. Suddenly, a stream of information flowed into his mind.

Skill: Energy Slash!

“Isn’t this a stroke of luck? I’m lacking in skills now, and this Energy Slash is much better than my normal slash attack, which can barely cut anything.”

Ling Feng was very excited at this moment and had forgotten about his clones. With a thought, he raised his arm, and gradually, a quarter of the energy in his body began to condense in his palm. After about a second, a blade-shaped slash appeared in his palm and was spinning.

Go! He waved his arm forward.

A 15-centimeter-long slash immediately flew out of Ling Feng’s palm and broke through the air. The sound of wind breaking could be heard all around, and that attack only stopped after flying ten meters forward.

Bang! Bang!

The energy slash followed Ling Feng’s direction and directly left a one-meter-deep hole in the ground. It exploded in the distance.

There seemed to be a stone blocking it, which caused his skill to explode ten meters away, leaving a meter-deep hole.

“If it weren’t for that rock blocking, perhaps it could have gone even further.”

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