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You Created Your Own Level To Lie, System

Ding! “Congratulations to the host for upgrading Clone to B-rank. You can now create two clones at once. The clones can inherit 50% of the host’s combat strength.”

Hearing the system’s words, Ling Feng was dumbfounded. He immediately asked, “System, there’s no such thing as “B” in this world. Are you sure you’re not wrong?”

“Host, this is the level that the system has customized for you. Your current ability is too low. Only the extremely divided ranks can allow you to better increase your strength.”

“Are you sure you’re not trying to fool me?” Ling Feng felt like he was about to explode from anger. Didn’t they say that the system of transmigrators was very powerful? Why did his system start to trick people on the first try?”

The system completely ignored Ling Feng, who was about to explode from anger, and insisted that it was for his own good, “Not only did the system create B+ ranks for you, but it also created A+, S+, SS+, SSS+, SSSS+. These are the ranks that the system has created so you can have better combat power.”

“As long as you reach the level that the system has subdivided, you will be half a level higher than the awakened ones of the same level. With such a combat level, those of the same level will definitely not be able to beat you.”

After hearing the system’s explanation, Ling Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. It seemed that he had wrongly blamed the system.

Indeed, if it was just a major realm, those of the same level of strength were about equal, but if one’s battle prowess was half a level higher than theirs, there were many opportunities to catch the other party by surprise.

“Since the system is bound to the host, it will naturally do everything for its benefit. It will never deceive the host.”

“I know, I know. This is the first time we’ve met, so don’t you understand?” Ling Feng immediately found an excuse for his actions. This was his first time meeting the system, and he had yet to fully understand it.

Who asked him to create a level that didn’t exist in this world? He was so much like a liar.

“Host, the system is doing this for your own good.”

The system said again, but Ling Feng was not in the mood to discuss it with the system. Because the ice beauty was walking towards him, he immediately closed the system.

If it were just a minute ago, he would have been full of envy when he saw Su Ranran. But now, he no longer felt any envy for her. So what if she had an SS-rank ability? His future achievements were also fixed, but he had the golden finger of the system. His ability could be upgraded infinitely, which meant his future achievements were limitless.

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, Su Ranran’s eyes met his. “Why do you keep staring at me?”

“You’re the only one who has awakened an SS-rank ability. I’m just a little envious,” Ling Feng said. What he said earlier was right, but he no longer felt envious.

Su Ranran nodded. After all, she had already seen too many envious gazes today. When Ling Feng said that he was envious of her, she naturally took it seriously.

She looked at Ling Feng seriously and finally remembered a saying. She then said, “In this world, there are no useless abilities, only useless people. It’s considered a low-rank ability, but through hard work, it can transform into a high-rank ability.”

This was something that everyone knew, but at the same time, it was something nobody thought was possible.

This was because the possibility of one’s ability to turn the tide was too small. When one’s combat strength broke through, one’s ability could undergo a certain degree of transformation. However, some failed to break through even with ability. Hence, how could one say that their ability would change during the transformation?

“Yea yea, you’re right,” Ling Feng replied perfunctorily.

Even though Su Ranran was an ice queen in the eyes of the public, only Ling Feng knew that this woman was a master of positive energy. Not only did she like positive energy, but she also especially liked positive energy from classic examples.

In front of him, she was still a pro who likened herself to a teacher.

He had heard this sort of positivity before and naturally knew how to deal with it. He knew she thought she was a good teacher, so he agreed with her a lot. He did not deny her and gave her affirmation every time.

‘You like to be a teacher, don’t you? Let’s see how long you can lecture me.’

As this happened more and more often, their relationship slowly became more harmonious. They no longer quarreled as frequently as before.

However, Ling Feng had to deal with another problem.

Later on, not only did her habit of being a teacher not decrease, but it also became even more addictive. Not only did she educate him verbally, but she even got physical. Ling Feng couldn’t argue with her, nor could he beat her.

Seeing that Su Ranran was about to lecture him again, Ling Feng quickly said, “Congratulations on awakening an SS-rank ability, but I have something to do now, so I’ll leave first.”

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“Let’s go to the mystic realm and see our strength.”

“Oh, alright!”

Hearing that Ling Feng was in a hurry to leave for the mystic realm, Su Ranran did not stop him. After they had awakened their innate ability, there were not many people left in the class. They had all gone to the realm for training.

After all, the students who had just awakened their abilities were like children with new toys. Everyone was extremely excited, wishing they could immediately teleport into the mystic realm to face the monsters there. They wanted to study how to play with this toy.

Ling Feng strode out of the classroom and walked along the stone road toward the school’s mystic realm building.

This predecessor was an orphan and had an unsociable personality. Even if this cold beauty was a teacher in front of him, they were acquaintances at best.

Other than meeting in class, they had never met each other in private. They could be considered ordinary friends, or perhaps closer, but Ling Feng should not be concerned about them now.

He had to go to the mystic realm building immediately.

Very quickly, Ling Feng arrived at the darkest building in the academy. The building in front of him had a total of three floors and looked extremely majestic. Moreover, the black building constantly reflected a dazzling light, making it difficult for people to approach it easily.

Ling Feng didn’t spend too much time studying the building’s appearance. He walked straight to the entrance of the mystic realm building and showed his student card on the machine.

Test subject: Ling Feng. Let him in.

The mystic realms were all products of the previous invasion of the various realms. Due to the collision of different races when they invaded the Blue Star, many spatial energies fused, forming countless independent spaces of different sizes in various worlds. Those were the mystic realms he had mentioned.

The three high schools of the fantasy city that he was in also had a mystic realm specially allocated for teaching. Students who had just awakened their abilities could come here to train.

The mystic realm building had a total of three floors. The first floor was naturally the entrance to the mystic realm, while the second and third floors were the offices of the mystic realm’s managers.

It was actually very simple to enter the mystic realm for experience training. There was no need to trouble the staff at all. One only needed to place their student card on the jade in the hall on the first floor.

In terms of technology, Ling Feng felt that it was at least a hundred years more advanced than before he had transmigrated.

Ling Feng scanned his student card on the jade, and immediately, a mechanical sound rang out from the hall on the first floor.

“Student Ling Feng, from now on, you have half an hour to train in the mystic realm. Once the time is up, please leave the mystic realm as soon as possible. You mustn’t stay as you might affect the other students’ training.”

Although the technology of this era was extremely advanced, it was not enough to deal with those powerful things. Therefore, ability and combat power were the most important in this world.

Ling Feng nodded. He would definitely abide by these rules.

After confirming the things to take note of, the entrance of the mystic realm opened automatically, and Ling Feng walked in with big steps.

After he passed through a ball of purple light, the scene in front of him immediately changed.

“So this is the legendary mystical realm.”

As far as he could see, it was a desolate place. There was no sun or moon, only a gray sky. Bones were everywhere on the ground, broken and gloomy. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m


The scene in front of them was a mystic realm of the undead.

“As expected of the Academy’s mystical realm. A monster of this level can definitely help everyone test out their innate abilities.”

Staring at the undead creature that appeared in front of him, Ling Feng immediately began to use his innate ability.


It was not complicated to use an ability. As long as its ability was awakened, it would be as natural as blinking. They could use it however they wanted, and it was completely convenient.

After he used it, two white lights immediately flashed in front of him, then dissipated very quickly. Two figures that looked exactly like Ling Feng appeared.

That was his clone.

“Let’s go!”

Ling Feng looked at his clone and immediately gave an order, pointing to the skeleton monster not far away.

When the clone first heard Ling Feng’s order, his reaction was obviously a little sluggish. However, they immediately reacted, picked up the bones on the ground, and rushed over.

It was the first time that he had summoned his clones. They did not have any fancy postures, and their movements were clean and neat. They picked up the bone sticks and hit the heads of the little skeleton monsters.


Clunk! Clunk!

A crisp sound was heard. The little skeleton monster was angry after being beaten up. It wanted to fight back, but then another crisp sound was heard. It was another clone who was attacking with a bone stick.

The combined attack of the two clones was not something that the little skeleton could withstand alone.

Ling Feng only heard the series of bangs. Very quickly, he saw the little skeleton monster in front of him. Its bones were scattered on the ground, and its Soul Fire was also extinguished.

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +1.”

The system resounded in his ears. Ling Feng’s eyes lit up, and he immediately controlled his clone to the other skeleton monsters.

This gave him level-up points, so he had to hurry up and kill those things.

“Continue.” Ling Feng immediately ordered.

The clone heard Ling Feng’s words and quickly rushed over. Apart from 100% obedience to Ling Feng’s orders, they had no other human emotions. Therefore, in their world, they did not know about death, and naturally, they did not fear it. This was undoubtedly the best tool in Ling Feng’s hands.

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +1..”

“You have successfully killed a Skeleton Monster. Upgrade points +1..”

Under Ling Feng’s control, skeleton monsters were continuously killed, and the system’s announcement continued to ring.

Ling Feng was becoming more and more familiar with the command of his clones. This mystic realm wasn’t very big. It was no bigger than a football field, but it was filled with countless corpses, and the air was filled with a putrid odor.

He didn’t want to stay in such a place for too long, so when Ling Feng figured out how to use his ability, he frantically gave orders to his clones, wanting to obtain upgrade points as soon as possible and then leave this place.

However, it would be too slow to give orders one by one. It would be great if there were a way to solve this problem quickly. Just as Ling Feng was thinking about this, an idea suddenly flashed through his mind. He immediately gave the order to his clones to attack freely.

“You have successfully killed two Skeleton Monsters. Upgrade points +2.”

Hearing the system’s announcement, Ling Feng’s eyes lit up. If he let them attack freely, they would attack two skeletons at once.?This was much more efficient than him ordering them around one by one.

After he was free to attack, he stood where he was and rested. Meanwhile, the system’s notifications kept ringing in his mind.

“You have successfully killed three skeleton monsters. Upgrade points +3.”

“You have successfully killed three skeleton monsters. Upgrade points +2.”

“You have successfully killed three skeleton monsters. Upgrade points +2.”

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