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The Power Of Thunder

“Upgrade successful. The host’s current combat strength is at the early stage of the second rank!”

10,000 upgrade points disappeared from the system interface. However, Ling Feng did not feel any heartache because he had received his reward and had become stronger!

At this time, the cave was filled with golden light. If it was in the wilderness, it would definitely attract the attention of many foreign tribes. however, because of the current situation, it attracted none.

The golden light disappeared, and Ling Feng silently felt his body.

“So this is the perception of a 2nd rank?”

Ling Feng’s heart was filled with shock. his own perception had become very sharp. If he didn’t rely on the vision of his avatar, he would hide in the hole and carefully sense it.

He was able to form a blurry image of the ground in his mind.

Moreover, even if someone pointed a gun at him, he had full confidence that he could dodge it. This was the perception of a second rank, which was equivalent to a weaker version of divine sense!

Ling Feng clenched his fists. He was only at rank two, but he had already experienced such a huge change. If he reached rank nine, or even the domain of a God, that would be simply unimaginable!

One day, he would definitely reach that realm!

On the other side, Su Ranran’s Thunderlord apparition finally materialized. Her eyes constantly emitted electric currents, and the creature behind her was very majestic.

“Let’s go. We’ll kill all the flying locusts,” Su Ranran said indifferently.

the rest of the people were overjoyed.

If Su Ranran’s Thunderlord makes a move, she’ll definitely kill all the locusts!

“The Thunderlord that hasn’t been successfully condensed is already so powerful. I can’t believe that its power’s been successfully condensed! ”

“That’s right. No wonder she has an SS-level talent. We still have to rely on Su Ranran when necessary!”

Su Ranran’s face was expressionless as she listened to the flattery. However, she was quite happy deep down.

However, when they walked over, they found that the place was extremely quiet. There was not a single flying locust in the air. Instead, they were all lying on the ground.

At first, there wasn’t much, so everyone didn’t pay much attention to it. They just continued to go deeper.

However, the deeper he went, the more shocked his expression became.

“This is an elite flying locust! it was actually cut in half by a single sword!”

“Wow, he’s really too strong.”

this is definitely not something that a single person can do. A mysterious and powerful team must have saved us!

Su Ranran, on the other hand, frowned slightly and said, “Let’s continue.”

With Su Ranran as the center, the crowd naturally followed her as she walked.

Along the way, they did not see a single living flying locust, but they did see many dead bodies.

At this time, the clone had just killed the leader of the locusts and was not in the mood to chase. He took a skill crystal and returned to Ling Feng’s side.

After feeling it for a while, he was pleasantly surprised and quickly learned the skill.

The skill’s name was Flame Jet, and it released a fan-shaped flame. it was a pretty good aoe skill, and what he lacked the most right now was skills.

After testing it out, he found that the power was impressive. At the very least, it was much stronger than the energy slash!

Ling Feng recalled all of his clones. After all, his combat strength had increased to beginner Tier-2, while the combat strength of his clones was still at advanced Tier-1. It was time to let them synchronize with him.

Summoning again, the ten clones had the combat strength of a beginner Tier 2. At the same time, they had also learned how to shoot flames and energy slash, so their combat strength had increased again!

“Protect Su Ranran.”

Ling Feng gave an order to his clones, and they all nodded and left.

At this moment, Su Ranran looked depressed. The Thunderlord Phantom that she had condensed with great difficulty was just a formality.

Those flying locusts had all been exterminated. He felt very aggrieved!

However, the rest of the people did not have such thoughts. After all, escaping such a formation of flying locusts... it was good enough to be alive.

They didn’t even think about revenge.

that mysterious team is too good. If it weren’t for their help, we would have been dead!


“Damn Li Fang. he killed Wang Li and almost got us killed!”

At the mention of Li Fang’s name, everyone’s heart was filled with anger. Leaving aside the matter of escaping, they remembered that he had thrown Wang Li to the leader of the locusts without hesitation.

Everyone was furious!

“I’ll definitely teach him a lesson when we get back!”

“Right! it’s a waste of resources for him to live!”

Su Ranran was furious as well. Back then, Li Fang had shamelessly followed her out of the city to hunt down the alien races. She had initially disagreed, but Li Fang had brought up his mentor, so she had to give in.

In the end, not only did Li Fang kill Wang Li, but he also almost killed everyone!

Now that the crisis had been resolved, Li Fang was dead for sure!

When he returned to school, he was going to report Li Fang’s deeds to the principal. He was going to make Li Fang get what he deserved!

Su Ranran’s SS-rank talent had given her a high status in high school. In addition, she had been accepted by the Elemental Academy, one of the top ten schools, so no one dared to mess with her.

Even the principal would have to consider her request carefully.

At this thought, Su Ranran looked around again, but she still did not see a single locust. She felt very disappointed.

Forget it if he didn’t find the person who had saved him. The Thunderlord had been condensed, but it was just a formality. It was useless. This was really too depressing.

At this moment, ten identical people appeared in Su Ranran’s line of sight. The gloominess on her face disappeared instantly and was replaced with joy.


She waved at the person like a little girl.

“Hey, I’m here!”

Ling Feng’s clone quickly rushed over, and before he could speak, Su Ranran spoke.

“What are you doing here, Ling Feng?”

I went out to hunt for foreign races, but unfortunately, the locust wave broke out, so I couldn’t go back. What about you? Are you there too? ”

“That’s right. I’m telling you, if someone didn’t save us just now, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you!”

Su Ranran said with a smile.

Just as Ling Feng was about to speak, he was interrupted by a voice. A young man walked over and extended his hand toward Ling Feng.

“Su Ranran, who is this?”

I’m Ling Feng, Su Ranran’s deskmate. I’m Ranran.

Hello, I’m Zhao Xing, S-Rank Body Drill!


Ling Feng was speechless. Can you let me finish? However, this clone had the shadow of Li Feng. The two of them looked very similar. That’s right, they were both arrogant.

“Ling Feng, A-rank clone.”

Upon hearing this, the smile on the clone’s face disappeared. A mere A-rank was not worthy of chatting with him.

“I see. You guys chat first, I have something to do.”

After he finished speaking, he left the place. The rest of the people naturally heard Ling Feng’s words, and no one walked up to greet him.

However, the young man with the heavenly eye was different.

Hello, Lingfeng. I’m Bai Xiaosa, S-rank, Heavenly Eye!

Seeing someone approach to talk to him, Ling Feng was a little shocked. His first impression of Bai Xiaosa improved a lot. At least he was a little polite.

After shaking hands, Bai Xiaosa stepped back. He still had a good eye.

Su Ranran asked in surprise, “Ling Feng, has your talent evolved?”

“Yeah, like I said, as long as you work hard, you will definitely gain something. So, you must continue to work hard and be on par with Senior Sword Immortal!

“Yes, I will definitely work hard!”

Ling Feng said with a smile. The atmosphere between the two was very ambiguous. When the others saw this, they looked at Ling Feng with disdain.

She’s just an A-rank. How dare she try to claim connections with Su Ranran? ”

“What’s wrong with Su Ranran? Why is she talking to A-rank metahuman for so long? Isn’t she just wasting her time?”

“Maybe he’s on good terms with his deskmate.”

“That’s right. Why would Su Ranran be interested in a mere A-rank brat? You’re overthinking.”

Bai Xiaosa glanced at them and said, “Don’t underestimate others, you’ll be at a disadvantage.”

However, they didn’t care about Bai Xiaosa’s warning. What could an A-rank metahuman do to them?

However, at this moment, Bai Xiaosa’s expression suddenly turned serious. He looked into the distance and suddenly took a step back, shouting, “Not good, the locust swarm is here again! And this time, on a much larger scale!”

Upon hearing this, the first thought that came to everyone’s mind was to escape, but Bai Xiaosa’s next words dispelled that thought.

Don’t even think about running. Without the support of speed, you can’t outrun the flying locusts!

That’s right, he couldn’t escape. Since that was the case, he could only fight to the death!

Soon, a huge red cloud appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Such a formation made everyone feel a little suffocated. The leading locust was much larger than the one just now.

It was almost five meters long, and its body reflected a golden-red light. It was extremely dazzling, just like a small sun, and it seemed to have a strong defense.

Everyone felt even more hopeless.

It was obvious that they were facing a Rank-2 Flying Locust Leader!

Behind the Rank-2 leader were tens of thousands of locusts. Even if they were not even Rank-1, their numbers were simply too many.

“Ling Feng, hide behind me. I’ll protect you!”

Su Ranran shielded Ling Feng behind her, her face grave.

Ling Feng, on the other hand, felt a warm feeling in his heart. He did not insist and silently took a step back, his eyes focused on the flying locusts in the air.

He wanted to make sure that he could save Su Ranran in time if she was in danger.

As for the others, if they died, so be it.

He, Ling Feng, was indeed very strong, but not strong enough to save the world. All he could do now was to protect himself and the people important to him.

The only person who was important to him was Su Ranran.


Su Ranran pointed at the locust swarm.

The Thunderlord’s phantom behind him nodded slowly and walked into the swarm of flying locusts.

The Thunderlord’s body was very large, more than three meters tall. However, in the face of the tens of thousands of locusts and the nearly five-meter-tall leader of the locusts, it was not worth mentioning.

The Thunderlord slowly raised his right hand, and his index finger gently moved down.

The sky was instantly covered with dark clouds. Immediately after, several lightning bolts quickly fell on the swarm of flying locusts. Every lightning bolt would kill hundreds of flying locusts.

Perhaps it was a little slow, but the Thunderlord raised his right hand again.

In an instant, a thunderstorm swept up within a radius of 100 meters. The locusts were struck by the lightning, and all of them died.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes were filled with shock.

so this was the terror of an SS-rank talent?

Ling Feng also couldn’t close his mouth. this was really too overbearing. A phantom image alone almost destroyed tens of thousands of locusts.

However, because he had used up too much lightning, the Thunderlord’s shadow began to blur. when the last bolt of lightning landed on the flying locust’s leader, it dissipated.

Just as everyone heaved a sigh of relief, the lightning dissipated, and the flying locust leader flew in the air as if nothing had happened. the elites of the flying locusts turned into a red stream of light and fused into the leader’s body.

Under everyone’s gaze, the leader’s entire body was covered in armor. When the red light faded, it had turned into a human form, standing on the ground, fully armed.

“This is a fusion!”

“It has actually fused with the power of so many rank-1 elite flying locusts to forcibly increase its combat strength!”

“It has at least the combat power of a top-tier stage two! ”

At this moment, the Thunderlord had already dissipated, and everyone no longer had anyone to rely on. the hope in their eyes had disappeared, leaving only despair.

Oh no, it’s over.

ATen people suddenly appeared in front of everyone. these ten people’s figures could be said to be exactly the same. the only difference was the weapons in their hands.

The ten of them did not turn back to look at the crowd. They quickly rushed forward instead!

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