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I’ve Finally Arrived

Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, they could not stop the continuous attacks of the leader and the locusts.

“The leader of the flying locusts spat flames at Su Ranran, but no one had the time to interfere. At the critical moment, she opened her eyes, and Thunderlord, who was behind her, gently raised his finger.

The flames then dissipated in the air as if they had never existed.

From this, one could see the power of the Thunderlord. However, the next moment, the shadow dissipated a lot.

The flying locust leader had also experienced the Thunderlord’s ferocity. Even though its phantom image had become extremely blurry, it did not continue to attack. Instead, it commanded the flying locusts behind it to charge forward.

The flying locusts were all killed by the Thunderlord behind Su Ranran, and the speed at which the Thunderlord dissipated began to accelerate.

By the time the Thunderlord had completely dissipated, Su Ranran had also collapsed to the ground, exhausted. These proud sons of heaven from the three high schools were all in a sorry state at this time, and they no longer looked like proud sons of heaven.

“It’s over, there’s no saving this time,” One of the young men complained.

Despair appeared on everyone’s faces. There was no energy left in their bodies. Even standing up was already a luxury.

As the proud children of heaven, their lives had just begun. Was it going to end so soon?

When he thought of this, he felt a little unwilling.

Suddenly, a change occurred.

The flying locusts did not continue to attack him. Instead, they went to another place. It did not seem like they had left, but more like they were supporting him.

At the thought of this, everyone felt a glimmer of hope.

“There’s a battle over there. We’re saved!”

The heavenly-eyed young man used his ability again, but he was a little tired after that and almost couldn’t sit up.

Su Ranran gritted her teeth as she saw this, and she stood up again. At this moment, the young people’s hearts were lit with hope, and they stood up one by one.

Protect me! I’m going to form a Thunderlord!

“Alright!” Everyone shouted.

As for the person who came, it was naturally Ling Feng’s clone. However, he did not expect Su Ranran to provoke so many locusts. There was no end in sight, and there were at least tens of thousands!

Furthermore, the elder brother had the combat strength of a Tier-1 Demon Slayer among the dozens of flying locusts that had come to help, even though each of his clones had the strength of an Advanced Stage Tier-1 Demon Slayer.

But two fists were no match for four hands! Even an elephant could be eaten by ants, not to mention himself!

Even if he had the same combat power as the leader of the flying locusts, he would still be a difficult opponent.

Even so, Ling Feng was confident that he could stall for time for Su Ranran. Half an hour was not a problem for him. In that time, Su Ranran and the rest could safely retreat!

Moreover, this was only a clone of his. It didn’t matter if he died. It was enough as long as he could protect Su Ranran.


Ling Feng gave the order, and the clone moved at the same time.

No. 1 and No. 2 were the first to take the lead. they kept brandishing their tang swords. almost every time they brandished their swords, an elite flying locust would die. They were flying locusts with stage-one combat strength.

His level points were also increasing rapidly.

However, there were many places. Ling Feng also lost five avatars, but they were quickly replaced.

Ling Feng stabilized the number of clones at 10, while the number of locusts rapidly decreased. Ling Feng’s heart was also blooming with joy.

He had thought that he could only hold on for half an hour, but he had neglected the learning ability of this clone. the more he killed, the stronger it became, and the easier it became!

If that’s the case, then I, Ling Feng, will take all your lives!

Soon, it was almost half an hour.

“Haha, I have 10000 upgrade points again! Since that’s the case, let’s upgrade our combat strength!”

“It’ll be easier to upgrade to tier 2, right?”

“System, upgrade!”

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