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A-Rank Talent, Advanced Rank-1 (Part 1)

Fantasy city was located at the edge of the southwest, but the sky above it was unusually lively.

Blazing locusts circled in the sky, forming a red torrent that rhythmically hit the protective shield that enveloped the city.

Naturally, the protective measures of the city were not as passive as this. This could be seen from the azure energy that was constantly flashing on the protective barrier.

At first, it was just a flash, but soon, the blue energy formed a grid, and the burning locusts had no way to pass through the grid.

Countless locusts charged toward Fantasy city, but the unremarkable blue grid blocked them.

Like moths to a flame, a large number of deaths and injuries followed. However, the locusts did not give up. It was as if they were going to use the corpses to create a path of blood.

But it was a pity that despite the many locusts there were, they failed to penetrate the protective barrier. In fact, for hundreds of years, Fantasy city had experienced many beast tides.

Therefore, even though there seemed to be a lot of flying locusts this time, they were judged as low-level threats.

Because they had seen far too many attacks that were even more terrifying than this locust swarm!

[This time, the alien race is called the blazing flying locusts. There are many of them. I hope the public does their best to protect themselves.]

[The protective energy grid has been activated!]

[After inspection, the alien invasion has been determined as a low-level threat. The estimated time of the attack is within 12 hours. Please refrain from panicking.]

When the citizens saw this, they were terrified. However, when they heard the announcement that the siege this time was of a low level, they heaved a sigh of relief.

It turned out to be a paper tiger. The low-level foreign races were just there to be fertilizer. It was impossible to break through the protective energy grid of the fantasy city.

As for the foreign invasion, they had experienced it a lot. There would be a few times every year, and they had gradually gotten used to it, even though there was a trace of fear in their hearts.

However, if no aliens attacked the city in a year, they would feel a little strange.

The blazing locusts did not seem to care about their lives as they frantically crashed into the grid. One batch died but was soon followed by another batch. It was endless!

The current energy grid could even be described as a sea of fire, but it kept the blazing locusts outside, not allowing a single one to enter. 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚


The sound of the flying insects colliding with the grid sounded like a UV bug catcher swatting a mosquito to death on a small path at night.

Although it looked ferocious, the protective energy grid was not damaged at all. It had only consumed a small portion of energy.

The locusts did not know about this. They only knew that they would charge forward one by one and die.

Burning locusts’ corpses continued to pass through the nets and landed on the streets and roofs of the city.

When the cleaners in the city saw this, they headed there in a frenzy.

Even though the corpses of these blazing flying locusts were poisonous and inedible, they could be used as fertilizer if they were processed. It wasn’t very valuable, but there were a lot of them.

Slowly, more and more people joined in. After all, who would have a problem with money?

Perhaps the blazing locusts realized that attacking Fantasy city was not of much use, but they did not give up and split into two groups.

Some continued to attack the grid, while the others gave up on attacking and flew around.

These locusts ate everything. These locusts completely ate some of the trees and weeds that had just appeared. They even rushed into the forest in the distance.

Although the outskirts of Fantasy city was a wasteland, it was densely covered in trees. This was because some foreign races lived there. If they were not provoked, they would not attack.

The situation, however, soon changed. The flying locusts had almost turned the forest into a wasteland. The alien races were also disturbed, perhaps because of the large number of flying bugs.

those alien races didn’t choose to fight. instead, they fled in all directions.

Some headed in the direction of Fantasy City while others in another direction.

Even so, this group of aliens running towards Fantasy city was enough to make the awakened ones in the wilderness eat a pot of food.

As the alien races stomped on the ground, rumbling sounds echoed throughout the wilderness. The scene was simply spectacular. Tens of thousands of beasts galloped forward, and many awakened ones died under the stampede of these creatures.

Of course, if Ling Feng were standing in the city at this time, he would also have the same thought.

Ling Feng did not hesitate at all. His clone created a hole in the ground, about the width of a person and three meters deep. It was more than enough to carry him.

Ling Feng jumped in and hid inside, feeling a sense of security.

All he needed to do was to hide here. as for the matters above, he could leave them to his clone.

He then instructed the clone to find a lot of cover items and put them at the side of the cave entrance, blocking it. after that, he gave the order for the clone to kill the monsters.

After all, the combat experience of his clone was far more than his own. He mainly relied on the vision of his clone to observe the situation in the wild.

Despite his rich combat experience, the clone was still extremely cautious. It could be said that he had inherited Ling Feng’s communication skills.

The clone was good at picking on the weak. When it encountered the non-humans with low combat power, it killed them easily, as if cutting soft vegetables. Under the tang sword’s onslaught, the number of dead locusts increased rapidly.

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