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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere

Chapter 113 - 113 Defensive Battle

113 Defensive Battle

Everyone had something on their minds, and their emotions were in turmoil.

However, in terms of unity, no one declined. They had all firmly chosen to stand together to protect their homeland and defeat the invaders.

If one side fell, the others would be affected and become food for the beasts.

Fiery King expressed his stand. “Our Elemental Academy will send 1000 people to join the war. This is also a chance for the students to train.

Fuyao Zi: “Our Kuxu Academy is also willing to take responsibility. We are also willing to send 1000 students.

“Alright!” Imperial Shadow got up. Imperial Shadow Academy will follow closely behind everyone.”

“The Vajra Academy has never had many students. We can only send 100 people at most this time. I hope everyone doesn’t take it to heart,” the divine monk said.

The other colleges responded to the call as well. There were only 100 people from Vajra Academy, while the other colleges sent over 1000 people.

The chairman of the technology department also helped by opening a special train to be in charge of transportation and support. They provided food and weapons for the war.

The librarian said, “I’ll leave the task of transferring soldiers to you, great general! The other city lords need not participate in the battle. You just need to protect the cities you’re in charge of and prevent the outsiders from taking advantage of the situation to cause chaos.”

“As for the others, you can encourage adventurers to participate in this war. When the time comes, we will open the battle achievement mall. Everything in the mall is provided by the cabinet, and everyone can redeem prizes based on their battle achievements.

“All the hermits present are powerhouses of our human race. I’m very pleased that you can participate in internal affairs. I hope everyone can contribute to resisting our enemies and protecting our homeland.”

Everyone was extremely excited when they heard this and vowed to do their best.

“The meeting is over. Next, I’ll give everyone a document related to this battle. After reading it, you can assign your tasks. I believe that as long as we work together, we can defend against the enemy.”

After the meeting, only five or six people were left in the conference room. Because the others were just projections, they disappeared.

When Ling Feng opened his eyes the next morning, he saw extremely big news.

After the cabinet’s discussion, preparations were made to resist foreign enemies. All the universities, anonymous adventurers, technology departments, civilian hermits, and the military are ready to fight the enemy together in the void and prepare for the invasion of the other world.]

[We also encourage everyone to take the initiative to join the war this time and open up the war points exchange function. Everyone can use their own war points to exchange for things in the war points store. The cabinet provides all the items in the store.]

[The skytrain has opened an exclusive route. Volunteers can form their own teams and take the train to the void]

“It’s only been one night, and you’ve already made such thorough arrangements.”

Ling Feng was a little shocked. He had slept very early last night, but he didn’t expect them to meet overnight to formulate a strategy. Furthermore, they announced the progress and news early in the morning. This was quite fast.

It seemed that when Sword God reorganized the politics, many people had an epiphany.

Ling Feng muttered, “This war doesn’t seem to be a bad thing. If I don’t go out and just stay in the base, can I control my clone to participate in the battle?”

Ling Feng tried to think about whether this distance could be achieved.

After a while…

He was too lazy to think about it.

Outside, the sun was already up.

After reading the news, he could guess what would happen in the next few days.

After leaving home, he went straight to the library and recalled all of his clones. He also received the results of the clones’ reading last night.

He meditated cross-legged and absorbed all the information in the book.

A long time passed.

When he opened his eyes, he felt more confident.

His watch rang.

It was eldest senior brother.

He picked up.

“Where are you now?” Eldest brother asked.

Ling Feng was stunned.

“The library. What’s wrong?”

“The skytrain is about to arrive, and the first batch of support organizations will be here soon. You don’t even know this? Didn’t you see the news on the forum? The news of the war has spread.”

Ling Feng rubbed his head.

“I was distracted from reading and ignored the news. I’ll come now.”

“Don’t be too nervous,” the senior said. “There’ll be an oath-taking session in a while. It’ll be in the conference room. You may come and take a look. Just show your face.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll go and see what’s going on.”

After hanging up the phone.

Ling Feng opened the forum and saw that the discussions were all about the defensive battle.

In fact, he only read the news in the past. As for the forum, he would not read it if he could, because it was really chaotic and could easily affect his mood.

At this moment.

There were all kinds of posts.

He opened a few of them.

“Dear netizens, I’m the editor this time. What do we want to discuss this time?”

“I won’t tease anymore. Let’s get to the main topic. I believe everyone should have a better understanding of the void incident.

“When one side is in trouble, all four sides will provide assistance, but it’s not as if everyone doesn’t know how dangerous the sinkhole is. The events that happened not long ago are still fresh in my mind.”

“As for this defensive battle, the editor-in-chief expressed his understanding. In the face of the invasion of the other world, if we act rashly and don’t understand the other party’s background, we will be disadvantaged. That’s why we say that defense is the first.

“The void doesn’t just accommodate us, humans. It’s also the home of other races. We’ll all work together to fight against the other world and defend our homes, so there’s no need to worry too much.


“The technology department has opened a special route for the transportation of reinforcements. The Skytrain has also been set off.

“I’m on the train right now. I’ll be live-streaming the entire process. If you want to see the follow-up, please follow me.

After that, this person sent a link to his live broadcast room.

Ling Feng sighed, then opened other livestreams, which were basically the same.

In the end, Ling Feng still clicked on the livestream of the person before him.

The scene appeared before his eyes.

This editor was dressed gorgeously and carried a rather exaggerated short sword. He walked in the crowd in a flashy manner.

He held his phone and explained to everyone as he walked, “I believe many of you have not seen the Supreme Academy before. We’re already inside the building. It isn’t very big, but its architectural style is very beautiful and very unique. It’s unforgettable.

“The conference room is up ahead. Today, we’ll be holding an oath-taking ceremony here. The first batch of volunteers will be attending. After that, we’ll go to the defense line of the ultimate to set up the scene.

“According to the information I got, among the first group of people who came with me, there were many array masters, architects, and Feng Shui talisman masters. These people are all from the Defense Department.

“After that, we’ll carry out some defensive modifications. At that time, the editor will continue to broadcast live. Everyone can watch the masters’ technical abilities through the live broadcast room.


“The morale-boosting rally is about to begin. The official platform will also be broadcasting it live. You should all watch it.

“I’m going to attend it now. It won’t be convenient to broadcast the pledge ceremony live. After all, it’s a grand occasion. Goodbye, everyone!”

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