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You Are Not That Simple, Young Man

The shop wasn’t very big, and there were all kinds of weapons hanging on the walls. There were hot weapons and cold weapons.

Not only did this era inherit the technology of the previous one, but it also combined the characteristics of the awakened to create a unique energy technology.

As a result, the types of weapons underwent a great change, especially their internal structure.

For example, the guns from the previous era could be used by the awakened in this era after some research and development. They were called the awakened guns.

The advantage of this gun was that it did not use metal bullets. There was an energy conversion array inside it that could condense the awakened’s own energy into bullets and fire them.

However, it also had an obvious weakness. It used the awakened’s own energy. If the energy were exhausted, the gun would be useless.

He looked at the price.

A hundred thousand!

Ling Feng decisively gave up, not because it was too expensive, but because it was unnecessary. His fighting style was different from others. He only needed to let his clone fight.

He was hiding at the side.

Moreover, there were many restrictions on this gun. It was only suitable for awakened rank one and below. Once you reach rank two, this gun would be useless.

It was true that one’s energy reserves would increase when one reached the second rank. Their perception would also increase, and they would be able to dodge bullets easily.

It could be said that the later the game progressed, the lower the combat power of firearms would be, and they would start to lean toward defense and support.

Therefore, in the early, middle, and late stages, the most lethal weapons were cold weapons!

Cold weapons were the true gods!

Ling Feng turned his gaze to the tang sword at the side and was tempted.

“Please give me three tang swords.”

As he spoke, Ling Feng took out a tang sword. It was indeed very sharp and easy to use.

“30000 star coins. How will you pay?”

The old man had a kind smile on his face.

“I’ll pay in cash.”

After saying that, Ling Feng took out 30000 star coins and handed them to the old man. The old man took it indifferently and put it aside. He then looked at Ling Feng.

“Not bad, young man, you’re not simple. stage one combat power? I believe your talent isn’t low.”

Hearing this, Ling Feng’s face immediately showed a trace of vigilance.

If he could see through his combat strength, then his combat strength must be at least two levels higher than his. Otherwise, he would definitely not be able to see through his combat strength.

In other words, this amiable-looking old man was at least a type-3 metahuman!

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. I’m not a bad person, little kid.”

The old man felt Ling Feng’s vigilance and quickly explained with a smile.

Ling Feng’s actions made the old man unconsciously think of the little girl he met the day before yesterday. The two’s reactions weren’t much different. they both thought that they were bad people, so they were very vigilant and very afraid.

Young people nowadays were too vigilant!

Hearing this, Ling Feng’s vigilance did not relax in the slightest. After all, in this day and age, many people died because of carelessness.

“I’m sorry, senior,”

Ling Feng forced a smile on his face.

“It’s nothing, I’m just a little curious. But looking at your age, you seem to be a third-year high school student, right? You’re able to reach stage one combat power in just three days?”

“I believe your talent should be very strong, or even stronger?”

Then, the old man thought for a while and continued, “In the fantasy city, from what I know, there are a total of 46 S-rank students. I wonder which one you are? ”

Hearing this, Ling Feng’s back was drenched in a cold sweat. He was at a loss.

“I hope senior won’t make things difficult for me. We’ll meet again if fate permits. Junior will take his leave!”

After saying that, Ling Feng picked up his things and left in a hurry, afraid that the old man would stop him and not let him leave.

Seeing Ling Feng leave in such a hurry, the old man felt helpless and quickly shouted, “Hey, young man, why are you running? tell me your name, and I can arrange something for you. Take it as an opportunity!”

However, how could Ling Feng still have the mind to listen to the old man’s words? He had long run away.

The old man just stood there, stroking his beard, and said with a smile, “This batch of students isn’t bad. I’ve seen all the students with grade S-rank, but I’ve never seen this kid. I think this kid’s cultivation talent is not bad, and his comprehension is not bad. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to cultivate so quickly!”

In Ling Feng’s eyes, this old man was only the owner of an equipment store. In fact, he had a higher status.

The old man walked out of the equipment store and closed it. He mumbled, “We will meet again, kid.”

After he finished speaking, he walked away.

At this time, Ling Feng had also returned home, panting heavily. He hurriedly looked downstairs a few times to make sure that no one had followed him. only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing that he had a deskmate who was good at being a teacher. He had been instilling the idea of “play safe and don’t be reckless” in him so that no matter what he encountered, he would be on guard at the first moment.

In addition, Ling Feng himself often hid his true strength. What he didn’t expect was that he would be seen through when he was buying things in an equipment store.

Thinking of this, an inexplicable sense of danger welled up in his heart again.

“No. I want to become stronger!”

After that, Ling Feng packed up, hung the tang sword at his waist, and headed to the city gate. It was past 10, but he wasn’t too late.

After scanning, the city gate opened, and Ling Feng walked out quickly. a white light flashed, and his clones appeared. He split the tang sword between the two clones and ran towards Undead Valley.

Because of the increase in his combat level, Ling Feng’s speed also increased a lot. It only took him five minutes to reach the valley.

Just like the previous time, there were not many awakened ones here. That was because the level of the undead here was generally low, and there was not much profit to be made. Naturally, it was not welcomed by awakened ones.


However, it was different for him.

Ling Feng still found a big rock and hid behind it. then, he gave an order to his two clones.

Because of the tang blades, the two clones’ combat power could be said to have skyrocketed. Compared to the bone blades, they paled in comparison.

The clone’s strategy was the same as last time. He used the sixth clone, with the first clone in charge of attracting attention and the second clone in charge of ambushing and beheading.

However, he didn’t need to use the last hit this time. The clone was much stronger than the last time, and with the help of the tang sword, it was simple.

“You have successfully killed a Silver Skeleton Mage, level points +20.”

“You have successfully killed a skeleton mage, level points +2.”

... 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

The system notifications kept on refreshing, and the clones were getting more familiar with the tang sword. They also realized that the monsters were getting weaker and weaker, so they gave up on fighting with the sixth boss.

He began to quickly adjust his tactics.

The two clones acted separately, and they specifically picked out the weak undead that was alone to kill. It was basically killing them with one strike.


No. 1 walked to the east while No. 2 walked to the west. They started their killing spree. When they saw weak undead, they would rush up and kill them. When they saw slightly stronger undead, they would just pass by sneakily and look for their next target.

The system’s beeps in his head never stopped. In a matter of hours, he had already gained over 1000 upgrade points. Ling Feng, who was hiding behind the rock, almost couldn’t hold back his laughter.

He was confident that he could get 10000 upgrade points today!

While the clone was killing, Ling Feng couldn’t stay idle either. Thus, Ling Feng sat there and began to surf the net. The clone didn’t need his attention anymore because the clone was more wretched than he was.

At this moment, a piece of news entered his vision.

“Eh? Big news?”

[A beast tide has broken out in Ying city. Countless awakened outside the city have been killed or injured!]

Ling Feng hurriedly clicked on it.

“This morning, a tide of blazing locusts broke out in Ying city. The number was extremely terrifying, in the hundreds of millions!

“According to incomplete statistics, the number of awakened ones who died in the locust wave is as high as 340!”

“Fortunately, the flying locusts were of low combat power, and even though they did not cause much impact on the city, they had already changed their direction!

“We are currently flying in the direction of Fantasy city. I hope that the awakened ones of Fantasy City will not go out today! I repeat, do not go out today!”

Seeing this, Ling Feng was a little helpless. “No way. I originally had a chance to get 10000 upgrade points today, but now I have no time for anything!”

“If I was given a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have left the city. Would it be too late for me to return now?”

Then, Ling Feng raised his head. The sky was nothing special, clear for thousands of miles. However, it was this strange calmness that unsettled him a little.

After all, as the saying went, it was the calm before the storm!

Ling Feng gritted his teeth and made a decision.

“We can’t fight anymore, let’s go home!”

Although the upgrade points were important, his life was more important!

He summoned his clone back and hung the tang sword at his waist. he then quickly ran in the direction of the fantasy city.

Five minutes later, the tall walls of Fantasy city finally appeared in his sight.

“It’s alright, just a little bit more.”

Without waiting for Ling Feng to finish his sentence, the gates of the illusory city closed quickly, followed by a deafening alarm.

[Inferno flying locusts are detected heading towards Fantasy City. Close the city gates! Activate the defenses!]

[Awakened ones outside the city, please find cover and protect yourself!]

[I repeat!]

[Awakened ones outside the city, please find cover and protect yourself!]

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