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The Unrivaled Tang Sect

Chapter 5.4: First Glimpse Through The Gate

Chapter 5.4: First Glimpse Through The Gate

Tang Ya softly said, “Thanks.”

Bei Bei couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Just what’s gotten into you? Normally, you’d never say thanks to me. Could it be because of my junior brother? I won’t stand for a rival in love.”

Tang Ya punched him unhappily and said, “You know what I’m thanking you for, stop acting stupid.”

Bei Bei gently moved his arm, leisurely pulling Tang Ya into his embrace. “Xiao Ya, I’ll admit it. The reason that I agreed to join the Tang Sect in the first place was because I’d fallen for you, because I fell in love at first sight. But as I cultivated the Tang Sect’s techniques, I realised more and more just how deep our Tang Sect is. Although the Tang Sect has declined, wouldn’t it be interesting if we were able to redevelop it, and bring it to great heights? Therefore, I’m already not just doing things for the Tang Sect solely because of you, but also because of the Tang Sect in and of itself.”

Tang Ya blinked her large eyes and said, “Does that mean that you’ll still work hard for the future of the Tang Sect, even if I don’t like you?”

Bei Bei’s expression immediately changed as he spoke with a slightly exasperated tone, “Be a bit more normal please.”

“Heehee.” Tang Ya smiled. “I just love seeing you reveal your true colours. You normally have such a dignified look, aren’t you tired of it?”

Bei Bei flicked her forehead. “That’s called being civilised. Don’t think that everyone’s like you! You’re always revealing your thoughts on your face.”

Tang Ya grabbed his wrist and spoke with a wronged expression, “I’m not allowing you to flick my forehead anymore, this is offending your teacher. Right, do you think that little Yuhao will be able to last at the academy?”

Bei Bei shook his head and said, “It’s hard to say; it’ll depend on his will. All I can say is that, if he can really manage to last there, and stay for the full twelve years, then his future accomplishments might be even higher than mine.”

Tang Ya was startled. “I didn’t think that you’d have such a high evaluation of him.”

Bei Bei smiled slightly and replied, “My junior brother’s mutated martial soul is extraordinary. You’ll understand when I give you an example. There’s already been a slight difference between the first and second time that he used his Spiritual Detection Sharing. This means that his mastery of the skill isn’t that high, yet it’s already amplified our powers by an enormous amount. Furthermore, if what he’s said is true, it seems that this skill can still evolve. If his future soul skills are all like this, he’ll definitely reach the pinnacle of spiritual control system soul masters.”

Tang Ya said. “It’s just that, his self-defense skills are lacking. It’ll remain like until he reaches a certain level of cultivation, too.”

Bei Bei replied, “No, you’re wrong. He won’t need to protect himself, because, even if he merely has the skill that he just used, he’s destined to have no lack of companions beside him.”

Huo Yuhao’s cultivation period lasted even longer than Tang Ya and Bei Bei expected. His cultivation unexpectedly lasted all the way until noon. During this period of time, Bei Bei went over to him a few times to check on the circulation paths of the Mysterious Heaven Technique, which he found to have no deviations at all. It could be said that Huo Yuhao had truly entered the Tang Sect after his cultivation this time.

After Huo Yuhao awakened from his cultivation, he ate some food. Then, the three of them headed towards the east.

The majority of the Great Star Dou Forest lay within the territory of the Star Luo Empire, only a small portion of it lay within the Tian Hun Empire. On the other hand, Shrek Academy was located to the northeast of the Great Star Dou Forest, so the distance between the two wasn’t considered too far.

The reason that Tang Ya and Bei Bei had entered the Great Star Dou Forest from the south was because the surrounding area had a relatively low number of strong soul beasts.

Because Shrek Academy frequently had students who’d enter the Great Star Dou Forest to kill soul beasts, they were utterly hated by the expert soul beasts within. So much so, that a large number of soul beasts had charged out of the forest, creating a major event known as a ‘beast wave’, which had gone towards Shrek Academy.

Because of this, every single person within the academy below the Soul King rank was prohibited from entering the Great Star Dou Forest from the entrance closest to the academy. Even if one were a Soul King expert, he’d still need a teacher guiding him to be able to enter.

The three of them hurried towards Shrek Academy, but the speed of their advance wasn’t considered quick, since they had to circle around the Great Star Dou Forest. Thus, they had to travel nearly a thousand miles.

During their journey, Tang Ya and Bei Bei imparted the absolute techniques of the Tang Sect to him. Of them, the techniques that Huo Yuhao comprehended the most where the Mysterious Heaven Technique and the Purple Demon Eyes. As for the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Tracks, and Mysterious Jade Hands techniques, he’d only just taken his first glimpse through the gate.

Huo Yuhao’s diligence had deeply stunned Tang Ya and Bei Bei. He, who was only eleven, didn’t forget to cultivate even as they travelled. When Bei Bei told him that he could slightly increase his soulforce by continuously using his soul skills, Huo Yuhao unceasingly used his Spiritual Detection Sharing as long as he could. And the second that he started to rest, he’d immediately start cultivating the Mysterious Heaven Technique. As they continued on with their journey, he even split his attention, releasing his soul skills while simultaneously pondering the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Tracks, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, and Mysterious Jade Hands.

Because Huo Yuhao took a long time to cultivate the Mysterious Heaven Technique, their speed towards Shrek Academy was slowed down. However, Bei Bei and Tang Ya didn’t rush him; they even increased their cultivation time under his impetus.

“Xiao Ya, with your talent, if you had even half of my junior brother’s diligence, I predict that you would’ve long surpassed me.” Bei Bei said as he looked towards Huo Yuhao, who was currently sitting cross-legged under a large tree, his attention focused on cultivating.

Tang Ya curled her lips and said, “Are even you that diligent? It’s not like even you can compare with little Yuhao. However, he seems to be hiding something within his heart. It’s this secret that pushes him to be so hard working. However, I don’t know if that’s a good or thing, a bad thing.”

Bei Bei smiled slightly as he stated, “Having a target is never a bad thing. Furthermore, he’s still young, so his heart will eventually open up as we secretly influence him. Currently, the most important thing for him is breaking through to rank thirty before the age of twenty.”

At this moment, Huo Yuhao had awakened from his meditation. A faint white stream of air swirled around his mouth and nose, and a golden light flickered through his clear eyes the instant he opened them. His Spirit Eyes seemed to have become even more penetrating.

Admittedly, the reason that Huo Yuhao diligently cultivated was to become an outstanding person. However, the most important thing for him right now was to comprehend the new experiences he’d acquired from switching to the Mysterious Heaven Technique.

With Bei Bei and Tang Ya’s help, his physique had improved by a certain amount. The Mysterious Heaven Technique was truly a considerably outstanding technique; they’d already been travelling for four days straight, thus the total amount of time that he’d cultivated the Mysterious Heaven Technique was also four days long. During the past four days, the soulforce in his body had already transformed into the soulforce cultivated by the Mysterious Heaven Technique. The impure and chaotic soulforce in his body was gradually purified during the transformation process. Every time he finished cultivating, his entire body would experience a warm feeling that led to an unspeakable amount of comfort; its recovery effects were even better than that of sleeping.

Although his total amount of soulforce hadn’t increased by much, Huo Yuhao could clearly feel the changes that had occurred in his body, as well as the qualitative change his soulforce had gone through after transforming into the pure soulforce of the Mysterious Heaven Technique.

This was the first time in his life of cultivation that such a clear improvement had occurred, so how could he not be assiduous and diligent?

“Little Yuhao, you can’t always be working so hard. You should take a rest when you need to. If not, won’t you become a blockhead after a while?” Tang Ya said seriously.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Yes, Teacher Xiao Ya.”

Tang Ya giggled as she said, “Don’t be so honest and obedient, okay? It’s really boring. Alright, let’s go, we’ve almost reached the academy. You’ve been immersed in cultivation the past few days, so I didn’t get the chance to tell you about some things that you need to pay attention to inside of the academy. You’ve taken a break at just the right time, so relax your mind for a bit and listen.”

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