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The Undying Mecha Emperor

Chapter 307 Cornered

After devouring that first mothership earlier, it was as though a brand new world had opened up for me.

What was once impossible to detect even at close range became completely "visible" to me.

As soon as the first bits of my resonance brushed against it, I was able to detect the mothership in all of its entirety.

And it was not just any mothership.

It was abundantly clear from the monstrous amount of feedback I received as soon as I sent my full resonance smashing into it that it was countless times stronger than the previous mothership Arabella devoured.

For one thing, there were absolutely no blue mechas in that particular mothership.

Only whites and golds. ๐˜ช๐‘›๐“ƒ๐’“๐ž๐™–d. แด„๐’๐‘š

One hundred whites. Peak whites, by the way. In all sorts of strange shapes. Humanoids. Eagles. Bears. Elephants. And even aโ€ฆ Chicken.

Well, maybe the designers intended it to be something else more awe inspiring than a chicken. But it ended up being a chicken with fat legs and a slightly longer neck than usual.

Still, despite its utter failure in aesthetics, that long necked chicken was bristling with attack power. I doubt it would be able to defeat Chronos with my big bro piloting it, but it sure would push it to the extreme.

Those hundred peak whites were truly a force to be reckoned with, and if Arabella was awake, a whole lot of juicy, yummy food to be devoured.

There were also twenty four golds. The golds were more conservative in their design, and were all in humanoid form.

However, the aura they were giving out told me that they were wild beasts in human form. A deep sense of savagery which I had not felt in anything before emanated from them, and told me in no uncertain terms that they were killers, and killers right down to their very core.

But if the whites were ugly and the golds were savage, then their leader was definitely the source of inspiration for both traits. Right in the middle of the largest compartment of the mothership was one monstrously ugly dragon wanabe extra large gold mecha which could only be the fake ass Black Dragon's personal mecha.

I had no idea how Imperial Designers managed to make the design of a supremely cool creature such as a dragon to be so downright fugly, but they truly outdid themselves for that gold mecha.

It was still humanoid, but with a dragon's thick long neck and supposed-to-be-cool-but-ended-up-fugly dragon head.

Its body was muscular, but in all the wrong places, making it look like a grotesque monstrosity suffering from fourth stage cancer.

It was a pain to "look" at, and I was fervently wishing with all of my heart that Arabella was awake to devour it and then delete its design from her memory so that it would not ever see the light of day and curse us with its fugliness.

All in all, that mothership was only one thing to us.

Bad news.

"Hmmm?" I focused my resonance on the mothership's main gun and realized with yet another startling horror that it was making minute movements as though it was tracking something.

I instantly knew the final play that the damn fake ass Black Dragon was going for.

Royal Assassination!

It wanted to kill all of its potential challengers to the throne!

And all of the attempts to stop Prince Wilford from going back to the Estate were probably staged.

Even if he failed to reach home as fast as he did, I had a feeling that the "attack on the Wilford Estate" would still be going on.

It was an intricate, insidious and utterly ingenious plan that was rather unfortunate in its timing.

Of all the times he had to pick to carry out his assassination, he had to do it right when I was about to make my super grand entrance.

I would be damned if I allowed such a wonderful opportunity to get the coldest (literally) and most powerful Prince to owe me yet even more life debts pass me by!

"Arabella. Yoohoo. Wake up. Give me something." I said as I prodded my red mecha core with my bloodline energy.

She did not respond.

"Hey! I have the main gun of a supercharged turbocharged everythingcharged mothership to withstand! I need your help!" I shouted at her as I prodded her more powerfully.

She still did not respond.

"Arabella!!! Wake the hell up just slightly and give me a big fat shield or something! Or a- DAMN IT ARABELLA! THE MAIN GUN IS CHARGING UP! IT'S ABOUT TO FIRE!! WAKEEE UPPPPPP!!!" I screamed at the lazy bum of a mecha core.

At the same time, I charged towards Prince Wilford as quickly as I could while screaming at the top of my lungs.

"AMBUSH!!" I howled while unleashing my life imbued lightning energy in a wide ranging attack in his general direction. "DODGE!!"

He glanced at the no longer stealthed mothership and instantly understood that the trap to kill him had been sprung.

But Prince Wilford did not dodge.

Instead, he unleashed even more of his ice energy and condensed every ounce of it into an extremely thick dome shaped shield as he stood above a particular spot of the palace.

Only then did I realize the predicament he was in.

There was no way he could dodge the ambush.

If he moved away from the main gun's trajectory, the attack would hit the castle and kill his whole family.

"What a complete bastard!" I shouted loudly as I realized that the Black Dragon had Prince Wilford completely cornered.

And the worst thing was, even if the Black Dragon did that, he could simply claim that he was attacking the enemy and was simply trying to "rescue" Prince Wilford's family from the attack of the sea tribes!

It was a terrible situation for Prince Wilford where the potential murderer of his family might even get awarded medals for being a hero!

I was no hero, there was no bloody way I would sacrifice my life for anyone, much less some random Prince from an Empire that's about to invade the rest of the world.

But I was no heartless bystander as well. There was also no bloody way I would let a fugly bastard such as the fake ass Black Dragon kill the probable leader of the faction that was actively blocking him and his wild ambitions.

So I did the only thing I could do at that moment.

I attacked the damn mothership.


Pure whitelightning arcs burst into life all over my body and quickly increased in their intensity as I shot towards the mothership at high speed.

"Eat this!" I shouted and stretched my hand out grandly towards the big fat main turret of the big fat mothership.

The lightning attack I unleashed at that moment was truly the most powerful one that I was able to conjure up.

Dark, Life and Lightning energy all swirled into one corrosive, explosive and shocking blast which I dare say had surpassed Gold Grade and which was encroaching towards Platinum.


My powerful lightning blast smashed against an invisible barrier around the main turret for a brief second before the corrosive power of the Dark energy powered by the explosive nature of life energy ripped through it and proceeded straight into the nuzzle of the main turret!

Schleb. Schleb. Schleb. Schleb. Schleb.

Hatches opened and five monstrous golden mechas exited the mothership to deal with me.

At the same time, every single turret available to the mothership swiveled and opened fire at me!


Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

"F*** this shit! How many times have I been shot at by god damn giants in this past month?!" I shouted feeling completely pissed and indignant over my fate.

The idea to save Prince Wilford which seemed pretty spectacular a mere second ago started to turn really sour as the deluge of powerful and deadly attacks poured at me.

The five golden mechas were also spreading out to surround me completely.

"EAT THISSSSSSSSS!!!" I screamed with all of my strength and squeezed every single iota of energy out of my body and into the main turret of the mothership.

I guess I was hoping that by doing that, I would somehow ignite its ammunitions or its energy core amd cause it to blow up magnificently.

That was why I poured everything I had there.

Never in my wildest dream did I expect the entire main turret to simple detach itself from the mothershipโ€ฆ and allow a new and even more cruel looking turret to slowly come out of the mothership!

"WHAT THE BLEEDING F***?!?!?!" I shouted in horror as I turned off the energy tap for a moment before directing my lightning blast towards the new one.

But by then, the attacks from the many turrets of the mothership was beginning to hit home, and I was beginning to take damage.

Serious damage.

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