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The Undying Mecha Emperor

Chapter 30 Bloody Freaking Idiot

The thing about heavy mechas is that they are extremely heavy.

Most of their weight comes from the multi-layered armor which covers their entire frame. These incredibly tough armor allows the heavy mecha to take a TON of beating before they have to retreat. And this is especially true if their enemies are non-heavy mechas.

In most cases, long before the heavy mecha had to beat a retreat, their non-heavy mecha enemies would either run out of ammunition first, or die a miserable death in the hands of the heavy mecha's own deadly weapons.

Unless of course, the heavy mechas were ridiculously outnumbered.

Then in that case, in addition to anticipating his victory, the enemy commander would do well to also prepare his heart to pay for a similarly ridiculous butcher's bill. It might just save him from suffering a heart attack when the smoke of the battle field finally clears and the battle (read: massacre) report reaches his hands.

A total victory by non-heavy mecha legions over a legion of heavy mechas would be a pyrrhic victory in the truest sense of the word.

Heavy mechas are the mainstays of all the armies of the world, and they are so because they truly deserved to be.

Not all of the heavy mecha's weight comes from their armor though.

A significant portion of the weight also comes from the heavy melee weapons that these mechas would typically wield. These weapons range from massive halberds to heaven-defyingly heavy war hammers which, when used skillfully, make the heavy mechas an absolute terror at melee range.

Finally, the last bit of their weight comes from their twin shoulder-mounted long-range laser cannons which could deal certain death to their non-heavy mecha enemies from a respectable distance.

The Chinese heavy mechas, or at least the ones that the old man fielded as his own personal guards, were typical heavy lancers with minor modifications. In true believer of 'the best defense is a good offense' fashion, the old man had reduced the armor covering the rear of his mechas, and opted instead to strengthen the frontal armor.

These modified lancers would be nigh impenetrable in frontal defence, and absolutely unstoppable in their offensive charges.

Additionally, the old man's heavy lancers were not only absolute monsters in battle, they were also a sight to behold.

Their mecha armor was designed in such a way so as to resemble ancient Chinese armor, and all of the old man's heavy lancers looked like legendary Chinese heroes of old.

Black demon-mask visages complemented their red-yellow armor spectacularly, giving all who saw the scene a deeply chilling sensation. It was as though the army of hell had been deployed and was about to reap the lives of the devil king's designated enemies.

A short moment after Ajax made his move, the thousand heavy lancers fired their mid range heavy cannons as well as their shoulder-mounted laser cannons at the remaining two white mechas.


A barrage of powerful laser beams riddled the huge white mechas with holes.

Surprise attacked by five hundred heavy laser cannons and a thousand shoulder-mounted laser cannons each, the two white mechas never stood a chance.


They exploded a mere second after their glorious General Charles did.

They were faithful retainers when they were alive, and they displayed their faithfulness even in death by following him quickly into the underworld so that he would not be lonely.

Not that they were given any choice in the matter, though.

With the three white mechas out of the way, the remaining five mecha battalions were as good as dead. They were, afterall, tragically unmobilized.

Of course, there were some stellar minds among the European pilots who had thought that the Chinese were totally out of character that day, and had stood at the ready by their mechas.

'Just in case.'

Unfortunately, these smarter-than-General-Charles-Leon members of the European Embassy were too few in number and far too hopelessly low in authority to make much of a difference.

They had merely added a hundred and fifty mechas to the hundred and twenty mechas who were already in active duty patrolling the Embassy grounds.

In total, the European Embassy had two hundred and seventy mechas as their combat-ready force when all hell finally broke loose.

They never stood a chance.

"Destroy them." Ajax's cool voice sounded. "No prisoners. No mercy."

The thousand Chinese mechas immediately let out a roar filled with battle fury and charged at the European mechas in a mighty air.


The Chinese mechas unleashed a volley of heavy laser cannon fire at the European mechas even as they ate up the distance between them at a frightening pace.


Many of the Europeans managed to raise their shields to block the laser cannon volley, but not all managed to do that. Those that didn't simply ate the laser cannon attack and exploded into pieces.

"Steady pace!" Ajax barked at his men. "Stay together!"

A few overeager mechas who were already pulling ahead slowed down slightly to stay with their comrades. Some, though, ignored Ajax completely.

"Hold the line! HOLD THE LINE D*** IT!" Ajax roared angrily.

One particular Chinese mecha was so excited that he shot into the European line much faster than the rest of his comrades.

With his heavy lance braced solidly against its body in an underarm grip, he charged at the lead European mecha at full speed.

The lead European mecha who was carrying a huge tower shield, skillfully adjusted his shield at the last second and deflected the lance charge instead of meeting it head on.


Taken by surprise, the Chinese mecha could not adjust his lance in time and merely scraped the European Mecha's shield instead of smashing into it and blowing the European mecha away. Instead, it was him who blew right by the European Mecha and exposed his lightly-armored back.

"Bloody idiot." Ajax muttered. "I told him many times not to break formation. Old man, I'm not taking responsibility if he gets himself killed today. His skull is as thick and as empty as yours when you were his age. Maybe even thicker. Not emptier though. Can't get emptier than empty. Bloody freaking idiot."

Despite the gravity of the situation, I swear I could see a gleam of mirth flash briefly in the old man's eyes.

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