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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2976 Surgery completion rate 127.2%!

Chapter 2976 Surgery completion rate 127.2%!

“The population is getting older? They’re taking medical insurance, and it seems like the United Kingdom’s National Health System can’t take it anymore. “

Then, Su Yun took the opportunity to glance at professor Charles. The doctor’s expression was a bit gloomy and he didn’t speak.

“If it’s up to me, the advancement of technology has brought more trouble while bringing profits. As people’s lifespans get longer and longer, medical insurance will collapse if we wait for natural death. “

Professor Charles continued to remain silent.

“The capital can’t wait. You can understand it this way.” Su Yun tested the waters. The more she spoke, the faster she became. The more certain she became.”Doctor, I remember that the black doctor in Dr. House talked to an old black man about racial discrimination. He said that if you want to take revenge on white people, you have to live a few more years and enjoy the benefits. From your expression, do you think they’ve used up too many resources?”

Zheng Ren furrowed his brows. Su Yun’s statement was too inhumane, how could it be possible!

“The flu is still better. Every year, we will eliminate people with low immunity at a fixed time. Doctor, I like to read the CDC’s influenza analysis report the most. I read it every year. Do you know what I’m worried about?”

“I’m worried that the P4 laboratory will collapse and open Pandora’s box to release the real demon.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. ” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun was ‘chatting’ with Dr. Charles in English, and Zheng Ren could not bear to listen any longer.

According to Su Yun, this was an act against humanity. Once it was exposed, no one would be able to bear the consequences.

“It’s not nonsense, it’s normal. ” Su Yun said,”do you know what the deficit of the HS is? The group of politicians would do anything for the votes. Oh right, there’s an ancient legend that in the past, those who lived to 60 or 70 years old would be thrown into the mountains and let the old man die of natural causes. “

“That was an ancient time when resources were scarce.”

“Many countries have this tradition. The elderly are useless. They can’t work and will only consume their energy. In our eyes, it’s family love, but in the eyes of capitalists, other people’s family love will only consume a lot of wealth and is a useless resource. Yes, it’s not a person at all, it’s a number. “

“In terms of epidemic prevention, the United States is ranked first, the United Kingdom is second, and Sweden is seventh.” Zheng Ren retorted helplessly.

“The places...Other than the national football team’s ranking, which is more accurate, everything else is meaningless.” Su Yun nagged.

Zheng Ren frowned and started to speed up his hands.

Su Yun helplessly saw his boss’s hands speed up. He knew that his boss didn’t want him to talk about this topic anymore. This was a form of coercion. If he wasn’t focused, he definitely wouldn’t be able to keep up.

If that was the case, once the hemostatic forceps hit the radial styloid process ...

No! I can ‘t!

He definitely wouldn’t let Lin Yuan, Gu Xiaoran, and the others laugh at him.

Su Yun stopped chatting with Dr. Charles and focused on the surgery.

The process of total left lung resection was similar to that of right lung resection. There were some technical differences, but it would not become an insurmountable obstacle.

The cold lack of blood lasted for 1 hour, 45 minutes, and 22 seconds, including the lack of blood in the right lung. Dr. Charles looked at the surgery schedule and estimated the time of the left lung transplant. He was already mentally prepared, but he could not help but be surprised by the speed of the surgery.

As the left lung transplant surgery was completed, Zheng Ren finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“How much blood transfusion did you do?”


“Blood analysis.”

Old he immediately reported the most recent blood analysis data to Zheng Ren. The end-breath carbon dioxide pressure was 20 mm HCG, and the arterial oxygen pressure in the right radial artery was at least 82 mm HCG.

Even Zheng Ren was a little confused. This number was beyond his expectations. It was even better than what he had imagined.

He looked at the surgery completion rate given by the system. It was 94%, and this was without the completion rate given by the chest closure.

What if he added a 10% completion rate bonus?

This was the end of his stay in the system’s operating theater. This was because the system was very objective during surgery training. It would not give a 10% completion rate bonus, and the specialization in organ transplantation would not play a role. It was the same for luck and the like.

This was Zheng Ren’s first time facing such an ideal state for surgery. He felt extremely comfortable as he watched the numbers soar.

“Old he,” Zheng Ren said in a deep voice.

“Boss Zheng, what’s the matter?” Old he responded.

“The ECMO’s blood flow is decreasing. Do you think little stone can be offline within two hours?” Zheng Ren asked.


“Boss, we can’t be too aggressive.” Su Yun warned.

Even though the numbers were unbelievably good, he still wanted to be more conservative.

“Lower the flow and give it 1 L·mi 1·m 2.” Zheng Ren said firmly.

His hemorrhages were stable, and his blood oxygen saturation was 99%.

After half an hour of observation, it was still the same. The number on the monitor was so stable that Zheng Ren felt like he was dreaming. It was so perfect that he had the urge to remove the catheter and return it to the icu.

“Boss, it looks like everything’s fine.” Su Yun looked straight at the open chest on both sides, and the lungs that were constantly expanding and contracting as the ventilator operated, and said softly.

“There shouldn’t be a problem.” Zheng Ren hesitated for a few minutes and finally said,”take ECMO back. I’ll watch it for a few hours.”

“Okay, I’ll find a place to wait for you. If there’s a problem with the offline treatment, I’ll do the intubating. It won’t delay the treatment.” Su Yun said.

He knew what his boss was worried about.

She looked very beautiful, but the more she was like this, the more nervous she felt. He was afraid that all of this would burst like a soap bubble.

With little stone’s current physical condition, he really couldn’t take it.

If he wasn’t careful, he would be on the verge of death, and it would be difficult to pull him back.

After washing it with warm saline, Zheng Ren checked the location of the leak again as if he had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

He couldn’t repair it too much, because the needle holes themselves were wounds. They were densely packed with needle holes, which were sieves! In addition, absorbable sutures were also considered a type of foreign object, so it was not always better to suture more.

Fortunately, there was a lot of omentum. Zheng Ren checked through it and was satisfied. He started to insert the thoracotomy and closed the chest.

Zheng Ren and Gu Xiaoran closed their right chests, while Su Yun and Lin Yuan closed their left chests. They did it at the same time, and the final completion time was almost the same.

Su Yun might have paid more attention to who was faster, but Zheng Ren did not have any thoughts at all. His attention was focused on the surgery completion rate on the system interface. He watched the surgery progress climb up bit by bit from 94% to 96%, and then to 100%.




He had reached the peak of the surgery completion, but at this time, the chest closure had not been completed.

Zheng Ren was a little happy, and even his heart rate had unknowingly accelerated.

He should be able to see the data that exceeded the peak soon, but he did not know what would happen after the surgery completion rate exceeded 110%.

He was in a good mood, as if he was lucky.



The numbers were still jumping on the system panel.

After the final suture was completed, the surgery was officially completed. At that moment, the surgery completion rate on the system interface was fixed at 127.2%!

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