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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2975 I am not prepared to leave 912.

Chapter 2975 I am not prepared to leave 912.

Ninety-five minutes after the start of dialysis, Zheng Ren gave an order to change the mode.

The blood flow was adjusted to 110mL/min, and the blood separation speed was 25mL/min.

At the same time, the results of old he’s monitoring were also quite satisfactory. Little Rock’s total bile level did not continue to rise. Under the effect of liver dialysis and the absorption of bile, the value dropped steadily. The control was perfect.

The surgery was completed, Dr. Charles had his own judgment in his heart.

They had originally come to watch the surgery because it was a “special” surgery, which was a 3d printed organ transplant.

If he succeeded, would he be able to get a brand new heart ten years later before it lost its vitality?

Dr. Charles had to take care of his body. After all, the passage of time had taken away his health and vitality. This was the objective law of nature, and no one could go against it.

However, after coming here and witnessing the surgery, Dr. Charles didn’t care about the 3d printed organs at all.

58 minutes of cold hypoxia, the extremely delicate surgical process, and the ability to control the whole scene from a high position. None of these did not surprise Dr. Charles.

The young doctor Who came to Maio’s clinic for consultation this year had performed a surgery that could only be described as eye-opening. Professor Charles didn’t expect that in just half a year, this young man and his team had improved to this extent.

The right lung transplant was completed without any flaws. It was like a piece of art, which people could not bear to part with.

Dr. Charles was even sure that he would have to watch the live surgery over and over again in the next few days. This was the most precious treasure in the world!

“Zheng, how did you determine that liver failure would occur during the surgery?” Professor Charles finally found an opportunity to ask.

“It’s because of Xiao Shi ... The patient has undergone two interventional embolism surgeries for liver cancer before the surgery, and his liver function has not fully recovered. So, I reckon that the probability of problems occurring in his liver is very high. ” Zheng Ren replied,”it’s just a precaution. It’s a matter of probability.”

Su Yun chuckled. Sometimes, her boss’s judgment based on instinct was ridiculously accurate.

Professor Charles accepted the explanation. After all, it was the only reasonable explanation.

“Zheng, I’m very happy to see the success of the 3d printed organ transplant.”

“Doctor, the surgery is only half done.” Zheng Ren began to cut the skin and chatted with Dr. Charles with a smile. It was time to relax. It was not too late to be nervous when the whole left lung was removed and the donor lung was transplanted.

“Zheng, I’m very happy to be able to witness a top-notch surgery.” Professor Charles said,”I’ve brought flowers and roses this time. I was a little hesitant before. You know that arrogance is an original sin, and it’s hard to convince those old fogeys to accept an Easterner. “

“Hehe.” Zheng Ren gave a dry smile to show his courtesy.

“The conditions here are so bad that it’ll affect the surgery.” Dr. Charles looked at the mottled machine and said,”Zheng, I sincerely invite you to Maio. You can fully utilize your abilities here!”

Lin GE’s heart went cold from his chest to his feet when he heard Dr. Charles ‘words.

He could understand the meaning of the doctor’s words, and he could imagine what he meant. If it were him, he would’ve followed Dr. Charles to Maio clinic without a second’s delay after the surgery.

“Doctor, thank you.” Zheng Ren said calmly.

“When I think about how I can watch you perform surgery on the spot and see me ...”

“Doctor, I’m not planning to leave 912.” Zheng Ren said to Dr. Charles while performing the surgery,”it’s good here. Thank you for the invitation.”

Professor Charles was stunned. He did not expect anyone to reject his invitation and Mayo’s invitation.

No, it must be that I didn’t express myself clearly.

“Zheng, I fought for tenured professor Maio. When you come to Mayo, you can perform to your heart’s content in the world’s top operating theater. “

“Doctor, the purpose of the surgery is to cure the disease and save people. I don’t think this place is bad.” With Su Yun’s cooperation, Zheng Ren opened the left chest and instructed old he to perform single-chamber ventilation, the ventilator, and the micro pump.

“Zheng, do you not understand what I mean?” Dr. Charles was a little puzzled. He still didn’t believe that anyone could refuse the call of the world’s top hospital.”Oh, do you want to take your entire team? This is inevitable, you don’t have to worry. “

Old he’s hands began to tremble when he heard Dr. Charles ‘words.

F * ck ... I can go to work at Mayo myself?

“Old he, focus.” Zheng Ren’s voice was a little cold, then he said to the doctor,”doctor, I don’t have any plans to go abroad for the time being.”

“Zheng ...”

Zheng Ren rejected the doctor’s invitation and continued to focus on the surgery. The situation was a little awkward.

“Professor, Maio’s scientific research level is very high, but the recent research progress of some projects ...” Su Yun hesitated, but in the end, she said,”I feel that you’re slacking off.”

“Su, that is indeed the case.” Dr. Charles was a little depressed.”The dividend effect of the drug’s patent period has subsided. The key is that we have done our job too well. The aging population is serious. If this continues, the whole earth will explode.”

“That’s why you’re stopping the development of new drugs and new technologies? Using this to solve the problem of the aging population?” Su Yun chuckled and asked.

He had wanted to explain it to Zheng Ren from a different perspective so that Dr. Charles would not mind. But he heard the shadow of other gossip from the doctor’s words and suddenly became alert.

“No, you guys won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Biology. Do you know why you didn’t even win the Nobel Prize for organ transplantation?” Professor Charles asked.


“Su, you’re still too young.” Professor Charles said,”that’s the will of capital.”

“Capital? Yes, it’s capital!” Su Yun immediately understood.

“How much profit can an organ transplant bring to the capital? The profits brought by a breakthrough in the field of biology and the development of a new drug could not be compared at all. Because of the attention of the capitalists, all resources moved and gathered in the places they paid attention to. This is a pair of invisible hands. Although they can’t be seen, they are the most powerful in the world. “

“Doctor, don’t scare me, I’m timid.” Su Yun laughed.

“In the first 50 years, how many new drugs for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases were released on the market? how many capital groups made huge profits while treating diseases? Su, do you think an organ transplant is useless?”

“It’ll definitely be useful. If we can fully implement it, I think we can save a lot of people.”

“Yes, but this part of the profit will be diluted. The Capital Group has an actuary working on the overall calculation. I think that the numerical analysis is correct.”

“Doctor, don’t tell me you’re saying that the world’s population is aging seriously and that they’ve stopped researching new drugs?” Su Yun asked.

“I’m still studying it. ” Dr. Charles was obviously a little depressed. He didn’t want to continue, but as a doctor, he still couldn’t get rid of the obsession that was rooted in his bones.

Su Yun sensed that something was wrong. She asked while cooperating with Zheng Ren,”doctor, what do you want to say?”

“No, I didn ‘t,” Dr. Charles sighed, and the dull emotions in his words were already overflowing.

Zheng Ren’s hand paused for a moment. This was the only delay in the process of the surgery.

Dr. Charles’s tone was so strange, as if he knew a big secret, but he kept his mouth shut.

“Doctor, look at you. You’re just chit-chatting in the operating room. Why don’t you talk when you’re operating on Maio?” Su Yun smiled.”I’ve also considered this problem. Under normal circumstances, a war can only solve the problem of the aging population. We praise the great nuclear physicists for protecting the peace of the world. “

Professor Charles was silent. He did not answer Su Yun’s question.

“I’ve seen a movie called the population clearing plan. It’s said that there’s a day every year when it’s legal to kill people on a day, and it’s used to clear out the poor. Doctor, don’t tell me you’ve already started taking action. Do you have any news? can you tell me?”

Su Yun was just telling a joke out of habit, intentionally and unintentionally. This was a huge piece of gossip, and he was even more interested in it than performing surgery.

However, Dr. Charles’s expression was a little ugly beyond his hat and mask, and the corners of his eyes kept twitching.

As professor Charles was standing behind Zheng Ren, Zheng Ren could not see him, but Su Yun could see him clearly. He was stunned for a moment, and his hands stopped moving. From Dr. Charles’s expression, it seemed that his thoughts were a lot more conservative.

“Pa~” the hemostatic forceps in Su Yun’s hand was hit, and it let out a clear sound of metal colliding.

“We’re in the middle of a surgery, don’t be in a daze. ” Zheng Ren said,”the cold blood deficiency can’t last for too long. Be more serious.”

Su Yun did not refute. He lowered his head and cooperated with Zheng Ren’s surgery.

A few seconds later, Su Yun whispered,”doctor, did you know that when I was a master’s student, I had already tried to clone the appropriate tissues with autologous stem cells on white mice and 3d printed hearts for transplantation?”

His words didn’t match, and Dr. Charles was a little confused.

“At that time, I had an idea. After the advent of cloning technology, it would not be that difficult to print 3d organs ... Or rather, the emergence of cloning technology had swept away all obstacles. However, there hasn’t been much progress since the emergence of cloned sheep in the 1990s. It’s as if your medical and biology circles are waiting for something. “

Professor, are you listing this as black technology, or is my feeling right? are you really waiting for something?”

Su Yun skillfully cooperated with Zheng Ren as he performed the surgery, but her mouth was not idle. She asked a question that had been bothering her for a long time.

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